Too Beautiful to Live

I Made You A Tape

You know when you're miserable or happy, every song sounds like it was written about you? I've spent a lot of time in my record collection since NPR told me it wanted to just be friends last week, and I'm finding every song has a little something to say about it.

This made doing my Best Song in the World Today pretty hard. There were a lot of contenders that didn't make the cut. I pulled a few aside, and here you go: a tiny breakup mixtape.



1)As Long as You Tell Him — Faces
2)I'd Rather Go Blind — Etta James
3)It's Raining — Irma Thomas
4)Only Love Can Break Your Heart — Neal Young

What's your sad song?



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BPP Haiku for the Depression stage of Grief:

Bleak on-line content,
Plathering blogs of ennui,
Pulling off-line now.

And, since the time difference will probably keep me from posting before the staff turns off the light to the news room (ala "Mary Tyler Moore"), I give you:

BPP Haiku for the Acceptance stage of Grief:

Blog stays up for now.
Pashman will still have his Cubs.
Perchance, soon, we will...

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone of you. Even on those days where I couldn't disagree with the show, the host, the guests, and the commenters more if I tried, the BPP has always been a blessing in my life. Since I am a religious man, I don't throw that term around flippantly.

I've signed up on the diner. Tell your friends, maybe even tell your enemies ;-). I'll be checking in with everyone.

@Allison, our son Roy, then five months old, flew with us from San Diego to Chicago. My wife was worried to the point of agoraphobia. Believe or not, most of your fellow passengers are not sitting in judgement of you when your son fusses; more likely, they're sympathetic for the little guy in this strange place and are not thinking bad things about the parents. Roy did fuss a bit on our flights, but, when he did, I walked him in the back gallery. He, with his big toothless smile, was an instant hit with the flight attendants. When we got home to San Diego, my wife was more comfortable with the idea of us flying to Nairobi to show off Roy to the family. The first flight will be the toughest for you, but, once that's over with, Isaac will be an old salt at flying.

Sent by Matthew C. Scallon @mattsteady | 1:01 PM | 7-24-2008

Thanks for the mixed tape, Ian! It had a true bluesy feel. The Etta James one has always been one of my favs (great for wallowing).

As I was driving into work today, a song played that took me back:

"Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us" by Robert Plant & Alison Krauss.

I heard it first on the BPP on a New Music Tuesday way back when. And, yes, I ended up downloading the CD. Thanks BPP, we'll always have music to keep us together.

"I know I loved you too much
I'll go alone to get through" (Plant, Krauss)

Best of luck to all!

Sent by Sandra Y. | 1:37 PM | 7-24-2008

"I Just Don't Know What to Do with Myself" by Dusty Springfield. I just posted it over at the Diner. 'Cause I'm so lonesome for the BPP, it's a crime.

Sent by Sky Bluesky | 1:53 PM | 7-24-2008

My great depression song? "Ashokan Farewell" played by Mark O'Connor. It was part of the Ken Burns Civil War series soundtrack.

Sent by Susie @rangersusie | 2:08 PM | 7-24-2008

"He Ain't Coming Home No More" by Nina Simone. cause, "I'm all choked up ... inside me
Try'na hold back my tears
You know ... I just can't GET USED
I just can't USED TO this loneliness
How AM I gonna face the empty years.

@Alison, I agree with Matthew most people are sympathizing and some of us, like me, on the rare time we get to fly on our own, are really sympathetic and grateful it is not us this time around. A neat trick that will work when they can no longer nurse when the plane is landing and their little ears can't handle the pressure. Ask the stewardess to give you 2 cups with napkins soaked in hot water (not dripping wet) and put it over their ears, like dixie cup ear muffs. Flight staff are not supposed to do it but it is hard to say no when you have a screaming child in pain. Good luck on your flight.

Sent by robin | 3:19 PM | 7-24-2008

Anything and everything by Sarah McLachlan. Girl needs to write some happy songs.

Sent by Andrew Jones | 3:32 PM | 7-24-2008

you'll hate this one:
exit music (for a film) - radiohead

saddest song evah.

also, any excuse to listen to willy & merle doing poncho & lefty's worth seizing.

Sent by matty | 3:51 PM | 7-24-2008

I'm a 39 year old over-the-road truck driver (isn't that the BPP demographic?) and every morning I forget my homesickness by listening to you guys. When I heard Ian and Alison talking about the best song in the world, I cried.

Sent by Dave Morrison | 4:11 PM | 7-24-2008

for serious, i just now put my ipod on shuffle, and the first song it played was neil young "only love can break your heart". cue eerie music. ian, get out of my ipod.

Sent by ashley l | 4:47 PM | 7-24-2008

@Dave Morrison: "I'm a 39 year old over-the-road truck driver (isn't that the BPP demographic?)..."

Thank you! See, NPR? There is a "Public" beyond the usual "Public Radio" audience. Quit narrow-casting.

Sent by Matthew C. Scallon @mattsteady | 7:40 PM | 7-24-2008

Well first of all I have to second Matty on "Exit Music (for a Film)" And here are a few of my additions:

Ben Folds - "Fred Jones, Pt. 2"

Charlie Chaplin - "Smile" (I know this one is intended to make sad people feel beter, but somehow it always makes me feel more sad instead)

Feist - "Let It Die"

Seu Jorge - "Bola de meia"

Billy Strayhorn - "Lush Life"

Claude Debussy - "Il pleure dans mon coeur"

Sent by Carey | 9:09 PM | 7-24-2008