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This post has nothing to do with the fact that we're being run out of the building.


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One thing we didn't get the chance to air is Mike Pesca's interview with U.S. Olympic Steeplechaser Anthony Famiglietti. Fam, as he's known, is a real running hero of mine. He always seems to run with real guts; he goes as fast as he can regardless of what everybody else on the track is doing. That's what he did at the Olympic Trials in Oregon a few weeks back, and he won the race by a ridiculous margin. Here's Mike's interview:





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This is an awesome interview w/a really interesting athlete. So good I'm actually going to try to watch him in Olympics, and usually I don't even watch the Olympics. See what you did NPR! Now you've cut me off from fresh interviews when I need them most!

Sent by T. Weiss | 12:32 PM | 7-25-2008

Wow what an inspiring athlete! Good for him. I hope he takes it all at Beijing.

Sent by Carey | 3:25 PM | 7-26-2008

Fam is the man - make sure you watch him.

Sent by Shawn | 12:56 AM | 7-27-2008

Very good interview. Keep your eye on this guy. He is going to shock the world!! Why should Fam not call out doping? Other sports certainly are doing it!!

Sent by Jim Famiglietti | 4:47 PM | 7-27-2008

"Steeple is the Nascar of Track". Is that trademarked yet?

Sent by Randy | 10:00 PM | 7-28-2008

Thanks for the interview NPR! I saw some of Fam's 'looks' at It's a good place to get to know more about him. Tear it up in Beijing Fam!!

Sent by Clayton Wiggins | 3:57 PM | 7-29-2008