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Targeting Women: Sarah Haskins Joins The BPP

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Listen to Mike's interview with Sarah Haskins

Current TV's Sarah Haskins joined the BPP today to talk about some of the ham-fisted ways that candidates and corporations market themselves to women. She's a writer and commentator on Current's show "Infomania," and contributes a regular segment called "Target: Women." Here's some of her best work...

Check out "Target: Women" gems on yogurt and the election.



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ugh. I hate those yogurt commercials with the two women who expound that their froofy flavored yogurt is better than puppies, kitties, and sex ... combined! "It's stuck upside down on a roller coaster when the safety bar isn't tight enough good." gag.

And if candidates really want my "lady vote," they should have Batman tell me to vote. Even Batzarro would work.

Sent by Sarah Lee | 10:23 AM | 7-2-2008

BPP, thanks for introducing me to Sarah Haskins! This little feminist finds her to be increadibly witty, insightful, and entertaining. I've watched as many You Tube clips with her as I can find, and I highly recommend the segment on "women's suffrage"!

Sent by Lauren A. | 10:26 AM | 7-2-2008

I love this woman. I also like the one she does about youghurt. The one on Botox is good too. Ok they're all pretty great. Did you see the one about the candidates? Hilarious.

Sent by Nathan in Holland | 11:02 AM | 7-2-2008

I second what Lauren A. says...Sarah Haskins is brilliant! I will be sharing her gems with all of my lady friends.

Sent by Jessica | 1:55 PM | 7-2-2008

Finally, some bonafide feminism on Current TV that is actually fun to watch (Don't get me wrong. The almost three-year-old cable channel has also featured more serious pieces on abortion, GLBT issues, sex workers in China, female genital mutilation, and breast ironing in Africa that are all worth viewing)! Sarah Haskins rocks and hopefully we'll be seeing more features from her in the time to come.

Sent by Lauren | 3:40 AM | 7-3-2008


Sent by Jack | 10:11 PM | 7-3-2008