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The Ramble! The Second Hour!



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On this morning's show, Matt Martinez revealed what happened to the Ramble and the show's second hour. One of them is coming back; the other he explains — just press play.

Meanwhile, for those of you determined to consider resurrecting the Bryant Park Project, I give you new media guru/BPP friend Rob Paterson. He's at least having fun with the exercise.



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Thanks, Laura for the link.
A copy of my comment on Rob's blog:
The need for a new funding-hybrid-model IS all important. I am one of those who are e-mailing, commenting, contacting, etc. to help save BPP in some form. My last effort goes out tomorrow - snail-mail to NPR CEO and Executives, etc., cc'd to The New York Times.
My main point in the letter will be to encourage vision - to adopt - quickly - this newer web-based model. The show, and by extension NPR, are showing rare creativity; I haven't seen this kind of community from MTV, VHS-1, Rolling Stone, other "youth-oriented" media. Yet, here it is at NPR. They just need to catch the wave and hang on.
Or, as you say, perhaps BPP will go independent and viral.

Sent by Glenn Wonacott | 8:53 PM | 7-16-2008