Preparing Stories for Broadcast

We've spent the past few days in Chengdu, putting together the stories that you're going to hear this coming week. I have to get back to the tape momentarily (actually, it's not tape anymore but wav files!), but I wanted to give you a short preview of the stories we'll be airing Monday.

beichuan flowers

Visitors leave flowers at a spot on a hillside overlooking the ruined Beichuan County seat. Andrea Hsu/NPR hide caption

itoggle caption Andrea Hsu/NPR

First off, we head to Beichuan County - one of the places worst hit by the earthquake. Anthony Kuhn went there a few days after the quake, traveling by motorcycle and foot to reach the county seat. It's since been fenced off and we could only view it from a spot on a hillside. The aerial view of the destruction is pretty unsettling. Our story this year talks about plans for the new Beichuan county seat, which is being built 15 miles south. A county official tells us of the pressures he's under, saying Beichuan is no longer just Sichuan's Beichuan, it's China's Beichuan, and even the world's Beichuan.

meihua in room

12 year old Huang Meihua Andrea Hsu/NPR hide caption

itoggle caption Andrea Hsu/NPR

Our second story on Monday is a profile of a remarkable 12 year old from a mountain village in Beichuan, and the challenges she's facing post-earthquake. I'll leave it at that for now. Do tune in if you can, or listen online.



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