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Frontiers of Race, Culture and Ethnicity

This photograph of Native Hawaiians with a European lay worker was taken in 1892. By 1920, the remaining population of Native Hawaiians was just 24,000 people, according to some estimates. Print Collector/Getty Images hide caption

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Lauren Lattimore (left), Wi-Moto Nyoka, Edmund Alyn Jones and Courtney Harge rehearse a scene from Blue-Eyed Black Boy, a play about lynching that was written around 1930. Hansi Lo Wang/NPR hide caption

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This watercolor scene at a mess hall in Wyoming's Heart Mountain internment camp was painted by Estelle Peck Ishigo, a white woman who voluntarily followed her Japanese-American husband into internment camps. Courtesy of Rago Arts and Auction Center hide caption

itoggle caption Courtesy of Rago Arts and Auction Center

Makeshift memorials to Walter Scott sprouted up at the scene of his fatal encounter with Michael Slager, the police officer who shot him in the back as he ran away following a routine traffic stop. David Goldman/AP hide caption

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Each of the 60 paintings in Jacob Lawrence's Great Migration series is accompanied with a caption. For this panel, he wrote in 1941: "In every town Negroes were leaving by the hundreds to go North and enter into Northern industry." Courtesy of The Phillips Collection hide caption

itoggle caption Courtesy of The Phillips Collection

Misty Copeland (left) and Brooklyn Mack play Odette/Odile and Prince Siegfried in this year's Washington Ballet production of Swan Lake. It is the first time that two black dancers star in Swan Lake in a major American production. Emily Jan/NPR hide caption

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Martin Luther King Jr. delivers his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech in Norway in 1964. In King's hometown of Atlanta, social conservatives at first refused to attend an integrated dinner in his honor. AP hide caption

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Entrance into the city's specialized high schools is entirely dependent on a 2 1/2-hour standardized test. Critics, including the mayor, want to change the admissions process to boost numbers of blacks and Latinos. Orin Hassan/Flickr hide caption

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