What Simon Said

The Hillary people should read this.

I did, and I've been talking to everybody at NPR West about Relentless: How Barack Obama Outsmarted Hillary Clinton by Roger Stone. He's the chief political columnist at Politico.com, a long-time reporter with Chicago roots. (Click over to his bio and check out the last line on where he's going to be buried.)

For Relentless, Simon talked to two-dozen top people from both campaigns. It feels very thorough and revealing—the best summation coverage I've seen on how Barack won, and why she lost. I've been trying to get an interview with Roger on the show since I read Relentless on Monday, but we couldn't catch up with him in Denver until late yesterday. I'm really glad we got this on today; given news cycles, this is probably the last day we could run it. The interview I did with him is good; you can listen to a longer version of our conversation using the audio link above. But his full pieces are better.

What say you, though? What's your take on Simon's analysis—and the larger question of how Obama won?



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I think I can safely say that after listening to both Clinton speaches at the DNC and to Joe Biden's speach, its quite apparent that Obama missed out big time on the proper VP selection. Whatever went wrong for Hillary, Barack now made it worse for himself. The country missed out on a dream team ticket. His first big decision as Commander in Chief was selecting a running mate. His decision was weak and not in the best interest of the country. I guess we will see more of barack's weak and selfish decisions in the comming future.

Sent by JP | 3:51 PM | 8-28-2008

I guess it seems Politically incorrect to mention the Obvious, and that is, with 90% of blacks behind him, and with 30% of the Dems black, with two large pro Hillary states (FL amd Mi) out of the game, all he really had to do was to exert greater focus on caucuses and slide by a hair. That's how he lost the popular vote in Tx but won the delegates. Hillary was the better candidate and despite all media bias agaist her, Bill and Hillary were magnanimous and gracious in defeat in the end.
This tells me that Obama is more politically astute, who exploits every politcal advantage regardless of morality. Take race for example, Obama was successful in painting Bill Clinton as racist, wherein fact Obama's campaign used race to its advantage.

Sent by sz | 4:35 PM | 8-28-2008

From everything I've seen, his analysis was excellent. I began as a supporter of neither Obama nor Clinton, but over time have become more and more impressed with Obama's performance under pressure. The level of personal anger that many Democrats are displaying is puzzling to me. Democrats have lost TWO elections in a row that we should have won, thereby giving the impression that it's the party of nice guys who can't tie their shoes. Having a candidate who can analyze a situation, come up with winning strategies and then make it happen is key to both winning this election and getting the nation out of the hole G.W. Bush and his compatriots have gotten us into. Simon's analysis shows us why for these times, Obama was a better choice--he out-thought and out-organized his competition. It leaves me hopeful that we won't see a repeat of Things as Usual, or what Colbert terms: "Democralypse Now!"

Sent by Lola | 8:59 PM | 8-28-2008

Wow, just wow. Thanks D2D, for pointing me towards this series. I was intrigued because I don't usually hear you guys (um, Alex) crow on-air about others' reporting, and I just spent the evening reading the whole thing, totally entranced. It is an amazing story that seems to undermine the PUMA crowd claims - already on flimsy logical ground - that the election was somehow stolen from Hillary by the party. Whether or not Hillary was the victim of sexism is a totally different claim, but if Clinton had been elected, many people would undoubtedly be making similar racism claims. "Whining babies," Clintonites. Your own campaign said it.

Sent by Mike Nutt | 9:42 PM | 8-28-2008