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Fingerprint Follow-Up: Your Theories

Hey—There's a great debate continuing in the comments following my post last week on the origin of fingerprints. Thanks to all those weighing in!

Kathryn Olszowy (katiemego) reminds us there may be no "purpose" to fingerprints at all:

Evolution is not purpose driven; it's the result of random mutations, and sometimes those mutations are beneficial and selected for in a population, and sometimes they are neutral and stick around for eons.

Excellent point. Check the full discussion here.

Other ideas? And while you're at it, let us know if you think NPR's Dick Knox was right on Saturday to forego a costly trip to the hospital for X-rays when he fell from a ladder.

Sometimes the debate on the cost of health care gets personal. Where do you draw the line in judging when to seek emergency care?



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