Pay To Play The Health Care Way


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If you've ever wondered how much pay it takes to play in Washington's health care debate, check out the Center for Responsive Politics post today on how much the pharmaceutical, insurance and health professional lobbying groups have paid.

Some eye-opening excerpts:

The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, which represents the drug industry, has spent $27.2 million since last year on lobbying.

The senior citizen advocacy group AARP? They've spent $31 million on lobbyists.

And the American Medical Association has spent $24.9 million, followed closely by the American Hospital Association at $23.8 million.

That's a lot of loafers.

So what are they getting in return? Check out NPR's series called Dollar Politics, which follows the money and influence trail, and our coverage here on what the dealmaking means to you.

Thanks to NPR's Power, Money and Influence Correspondent (his real title!) Peter Overby for the tip.



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