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Never miss a chance to simultaneously impress and show up your smarty-pants brother-in-law or boss. With that in mind...

The Pew Research Center has come up with a 12-question online science quiz. (Relax. It's all True/False or Multiple Choice. No essays.)

For example:

— How are stem cells different from other cells?

— What did scientists recently discover on Mars?

— Is all radioactivity man-made?

The quiz, which is part of a nationwide poll and report on Americans' knowledge of science, also lets you check your score against those surveyed. (Here's a freebie: Fifty-six percent of Americans incorrectly believe that antibiotics kill viruses as well as bacteria).

The Pew's report offers insights into how much Americans trust science and scientists. Only 49 percent of those surveyed said they believe the earth is getting warmer because of human activity. (Eighty-four percent of scientists said they agree).

Only 32 percent of Americans queried said "humans and other living things have evolved over time" and "evolution is the result of natural processes such as natural selection." Eighty-seven percent of scientists agreed. (What's up with the other 13 percent?)

The pollsters also asked Americans to say "yes" if they agree that the following professions "contribute a lot to society's well being."

(Read after the jump to see how your profession rates)

Scientists may like this one, but I was a little hurt:

Members of military 84
Teachers 77
Scientists 70
Medical doctors 69
Engineers 64
Clergy 40
Journalists 38
Artists 31
Lawyers 23
Business executives 21

I'm guessing Bernie Madoff pulled down the average.

So take the test already.
And tell us. How did you do?



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