Sock Puppet Lieberman Wants A Pony For Health Vote

Don't read our posting of this video from MoveOn.org, a liberal advocacy group, as an endorsement of anything but humor.

Independent Sen. Joe Lieberman grabbed the spotlight early in the week by saying he couldn't vote for a health bill that included a Medicare buy-in despite having supported the idea as recently as three months ago. Democrats scrambled to appease him.

But what does he really want? A sock puppet playing Lieberman has some ideas, starting with, "I would rather see all health care reform die than cave to the demands of my constituents." What could win the puppet Lieberman's support? Try being named a senator for life and getting a pony.

We tip our hat to Jonathan Cohn at the New Republic for bringing the video to our attention.

For some unintentional real-life Lieberman humor, check out funnyman-turned-senator Al Franken denying his esteemed colleague from Connecticut an extra minute to finish up a speech on health care.

Supposedly Franken's move was procedural and not personal, Politico reported. We think Lieberman put it best with his shocked look and plaintive, "Reeealy?" after being shut down.



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