Hey, We Got a Graphic

Nothing like a pretty picture to help liven things up. Thanks to NPR Digital Media designer Lindsay Mangum for the composite header atop the blog.

More housekeeping: A small flood of nominations this morning, from Superman to Mary Tyler Moore to Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Eeyore. (Who's not, gloomy as we are to point it out, a product of American pop culture.) Elizabeth Blair and I are reading your essays now, and we'll try to get one of 'em up on the blog later today.

And yes — you knew it was only a matter of time — the dread name of Joseph Campbell has been invoked. (And not for the last time, I imagine.)



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I give up! What time of day is the "In Character" segment being broadcast. I cannot find any time listed on my local NPR station nor on the NPR web site. Can you help us out? I am particularly interested in the Lone Ranger segment, when it comes day & time for it to be broadcast.

Sent by Mike | 6:20 PM | 1-7-2008

Hi, Mike --

Over the next six months, In Character segments will be airing on almost all of the NPR News shows: Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Weekend Edition, Day to Day, News & Notes, Tell Me More, The Bryant Park Project ...

Because those shows are broadcast (and re-broadcast) at different times in different markets, it's impossible for us to tell you with any certainty when you might hear a segment.

And the fact is that we don't know for certain: We've got a rough schedule, but these things are subject to fine-tuning.

The good news: Starting tomorrow, we'll have a single page here at where you'll be able to find all the stories (after they've aired), queue them up in our player, and listen to them on your own schedule.

Ain't the Web grand?

Sent by Trey Graham | 7:46 PM | 1-7-2008