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Your Turn: Eloise

From the Eloise books by Kay Thompson
Nominated by Elaine Wrubel

The indomitable spirit of Eloise is as relevant and recognizable today as it was in 1955 when first published. Reading about her when I was a young girl in the Midwest made me yearn to see The Plaza up close, to experience the same rooms and staff that she knew so well.

Eloise was charming, bold, endearing and oh so lucky! She had no restrictive parents and had so much time to explore that grand hotel. I loved her rambling thoughts, her freedom to explore, and her companionship with Nanny.

Her innocence shone through, yet she was wise about the workings of The Plaza. Eloise's vocabulary, with her wonderful new "S" words, totally delighted me. Creative uses of everyday items showed her resourcefulness and her ability to entertain herself.

I hear her voice in many 6-year-old girls I encounter today in my job as a children's librarian.



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Oh, Eloise! Eloise has always been my favorite. I love, love, love Eloise and Nanny, of course! :)

Sent by Jamie Wheeler | 1:45 PM | 1-27-2008

Many decades after first encountering Eloise, at the Plaza, in ooooooo! Paris and spy-ridden Moscow, I gave birth to a little girl. I was beaucoup middle-aged and should have known better, but I named my little baby after Eloise, spirited model of my youth. My Eloise has passed the age of her namesake by a year, but oh my lord, I do believe Kay Thompson was on to something! IS POSSIBLE TO SEE ELOISE IS ETERNAL, NO?

Sent by Teresa Mueller | 1:48 AM | 1-29-2008