Obama 60 Percent Approval Rating Good News For Him But Likely Fleeting

For President Obama, that new AP-GfK poll that shows him with the highest approval rating, 60 percent, in two years is certainly good news. But it also doesn't really mean much.

It's obviously better from the White House's point of view to have a solid majority approving how he's handling his job. And it appears he had a slight majority of the respondents saying he deserves re-election.

He also had a bare majority of those surveyed, 52 percent, who said they approved of his handling of the economy which they identified as an extremely important or most important issue to them.

Also, while the president gets high ratings, Congress gets relatively low ones, 30 percent, while Republicans, who control the House, get a 32 percent rating. That theoretically should give the president somewhat more leverage in his negotiations with Congress.

But while Obama has gotten a post-Osama bin Laden boost, that will fade. And the economy, jobs and high gas prices will continue to cloud many voters' minds.

And when voters aren't happy, they tend to want to take it out on someone and a sitting president is as good as anyone. Just ask George H.W. Bush. So while the 60 percent snapshot is interesting, it's still just a snapshot.



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