During our discussion today, we talked about how we can incorporate "NPR-ness" to our website, via blogs, audio slideshows, galleries, etc.
...Inspired by fellow Knight-in-training Ned Wharton, who tweeted about this idea, I also asked my facebook friends what 3 qualities of NPRness they could describe. This is what they wrote:


*journalistic fairness, intelligent broadcast scripting, demanding production values, sonic quality. Oh, that was four wasn't it?

*depth of reporting, breadth of subjects reported on, diverse methods used to get story across

*Humane reporting, thorough, and intimate

*Long-form storytelling, depth, timeliness.

*Respect for the intelligence of our audience, a clear desire to fully understand the stories we tell before we tell them and we're not trying to sell you Ovaltine at the same time.

*Urbane, intimate - NPRness also embodies that "public square" feeling. It's the idea or trope that there is an "America" to which we all belong.


*1.- News stories, not news reports.
2.- Clear, well defined angle/point of view/philosophy (To the left, to the left—with more facts and less whining, as opposed to Pacifica Radio)
3.- Highbrow, not necessarily accessible those without a college degree.

*Integrity - Relevant - Spirit (NPR stories frequently touch my Spirit)
Mandalit del Barco/ NPR/ Knight training/ summer '09



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