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Today, we're beginning the first in our series of Patron Profiles, the feature where we highlight fun facts about our patrons and how they use the library. Please allow me to introduce Gwen Outen. She's the director of NPR's Talk of The Nation, affectionately known around the office as TOTN (TOTE-n). It takes an ultra-cool demeanor, mad planning skills and insane music knowledge to direct a live, two-hour radio show and lucky for us Gwen has those qualities in spades.

To keep the show flowing, Gwen uses music to fill breaks and end segments. She often flexes her considerable music knowledge muscle to select songs that will fit seamlessly with the various topics being covered on TOTN. So, where does she get that music from? From the broadcast library's music collection, of course! Gwen likes to mix it up so she selects a variety of genres to fill in the gaps including folk, electronica, pop and classical. When a topic is particularly perplexing, she works with our music librarian, Robert Goldstein, to select the perfect cut.

If Gwen had to pick one genre of music over all others, she admits it would be jazz. She also cites the incomperable Michelle N'degeocello as one of her musical inspirations. A little known fact about Gwen: she's an amazing bass guitarist who gets together with other NPR musicians to entertain her fellow staffers at various functions. Above is a pic of Gwen playing the bass during a lunch time jazz music gathering. It's patrons like Gwen who make working at the NPR library one of the best jobs in the world.

Gwen and Robert hanging out in the stacks

Gwen with our music librarian, Robert Goldstein, picking just the right song for that oh-so-hard topic Maureen Clements hide caption

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