Hear: Fed Goes Low

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Fifth one from the left (click to enlarge). Courtesy of Tom Dautel hide caption

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Fifth one from the left (click to enlarge).

Courtesy of Tom Dautel



Today on Planet Money:

As we published this podcast, the government announced it was lending insurer AIG another $37.8 billion — on top of the $85 billion it loaned the firm last month. Listener Tom Youngs, whose question is in this episode, will be interested to hear it.

— The U.S. is so busy trying to fix the credit crunch that it's ignoring a drastic drop-off in consumer spending. That's the word fromAmir Sufi of the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business.

Simon Johnson of Baseline Scenario talks about his thumper in the Financial Times, Why Doesn't Continental Europe Get It?

Adam Davidson answers a question from Tom Youngs about U.S. control of AIG — and by extension, our perhaps more socialized future.

Tom Dautel recognized his old classmate, Neel Kashkari, after Kashkari was named boss of the $700 billion bailout. Dautel gives David Kestenbaum the big picture (and the small one above).

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