Summer's Over, Slackers. Back To School.

New students sit and wait to be welcomed
Torsten Silz/DDP/AFP/Getty Images

We got all excited about school starting up again. So we reached out to a bunch of econ profs and asked them to give us their best stuff — the stories they tell to try to hook their students on economics.

On today's Planet Money, we bring you a few of our favorites.

There's the one about the brilliant economist who figured out how to get sea captains to stop killing their passengers. (For the full story, read our post from this morning.)

There's the story of Mexico City's effort to fight pollution by keeping private cars off the street one day a week. It was something along the lines of: If your license plate number ends in five or six, you can't drive on Monday; seven or eight, you can't drive on Tuesday; etc. It didn't work out so well.

And there's the economist who kept losing his slippers, and paid his 7-year-old son $1 every time he found them. Pretty soon, the kid started hiding the slippers and making easy money.

What is it with these economists and their kids, anyway?

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