How To Make It In The Food Truck Business

In New York City, roughly 3,000 food trucks and carts compete for the business of hungry office workers. Being in the right spot means the difference between fortune and ruin.

There are many rules to finding that perfect parking space. Here are six of them:

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    Watch the flow of foot traffic. Some streets naturally channel people to one side or the other.
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    Look for office buildings. Office workers are great customers because they are usually hungry and have money. But not all offices are created equal. Creative workers are more adventurous eaters.
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    You don't want any other restaurants on the block.
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    You should be located in an area with fewer food carts. If there are others, they should be complementary carts rather than competitors.
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    Park near bushes, trees and benches. Street greenery and places to sit down encourage people eat.
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    Being on the sunny side of the street encourages people to linger. Wide sidewalks also make lines less intrusive.

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On today's show Robert Smith rides along in the Rickshaw Dumpling truck, driving from deep within Brooklyn to the heart of Manhattan in search of hungry customers.

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