Beating The Afternoon Lull: The 10-Year-Old Of The Day

I love a cute kid, and a happy kid, and a talented kid, and a kid with a feel for music, and here, you have all those things in one ten-year-old, performing the opening number of the Tony-Award-winning In The Heights.

(Be sure to check out the comment from Lin-Manuel Miranda, who wrote the show. Sure, it could be a fake, but anybody who went to the trouble to fake that comment would do something a little more attention-seeking — that low-key high-five has the ring of truth to me.)



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A question from the technology-impaired: I enjoyed watching this and wanted to read the comment from LMM that you mention. Is there a simple way I could have found that? What I did was open a new page, navigate to YouTube, search "in the heights," and find this on the second page. But I suspect that I'm rather stupid about this stuff.

Sent by Rinaldo | 7:28 PM | 8-25-2008

No, no, good question. If, while it's playing embedded on another page, you click on the YouTube video itself -- right on the screen -- it will take you to the YouTube page of the video. Then you can page through the comments and find the one, which has LMM's name right on it.

Sent by Linda Holmes | 7:41 PM | 8-25-2008

Trying it out, I find that I have to click right on the YouTube lettering, or it doesn't do that. But I should have discovered it on my own by now. Thanks!

Even though I'm pretty sure this isn't my kind of show, I've developed a lot of admiration for LMM. He seems like a real mensch, and he gave one of the all-time classic Tony acceptance speeches.

Sent by Rinaldo | 10:45 PM | 8-25-2008