Open Questions

Open Questions: What Puts You To Sleep (In A Good Way)?

When I can't go to sleep, I listen to Your Favorite Music, a 1999 Clem Snide record that I discovered in early 2005 while experiencing a bout of insomnia. That always sounds like an insult — "This puts me to sleep!" — but it emphatically isn't. Trains, planes, horrible days; if I desperately need to get some sleep and can't, this is how I settle my brain. It seems to resonate on the same frequency as something buried deep in my cerebral cortex, like I can plug it directly into a jack in my head instead of having to run it past my pedestrian ears.

So I'm curious: Do other people have things like this? A record especially for sleeping? Do you use Letterman as your soother? Something that thrums along with your internal tuning fork?



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