Morning Shots: Bristol Palin Acts, Kardashians Rule, And Your Glasses Are Dirty

cup of coffee.

• Interesting piece on how things are going at Lifetime, which hasn't gotten quite what it was hoping for out of the Project Runway deal.

• I'm not sure how much of a call there actually was for potential guests to boycott Jay Leno's new-old The Tonight Show, but if there was one, it's not happening.

• It turns out that the Italian Health Ministry is concerned that your 3D glasses might be dirty. Just like with Halloween candy, I would think you should never use 3D glasses that don't come to you wrapped in plastic.

Kardashians and Bristol Palin, after the jump...

• Almost five million people watched Keeping Up With The Kardashians on Sunday night. As you know, I enjoy a good silly show as much as anyone, but nevertheless, let me quote my id for a moment: "Bleeeaarrrgh."

• It's always fun when The New York Times weighs in on American Idol.

• Bristol Palin is going to be appearing on Secret Life Of The American Teenager. I have no idea what to make of this.



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