Morning Shots: Helms And Segel Team Up, Banned Words, And Smelly Books

cup of coffee.

It's a short roundup today; I nudged Betty White to her own post (OBVIOUSLY), and there's not too much going on, but that doesn't mean there's not ... stoner comedy news.

• Love Jason Segel, love Ed Helms, find that I automatically recoil at the idea of the two of them winding up in a stoner comedy. I have nothing against stoner comedies per se, but I find that they absorb a lot of energy from actors I would rather watch doing something else.

• I am torn between finding this memo preposterous and kind of agreeing with it. But in any event, the Wait Wait blog has the final word. Well, words. All of them, specifically.

• You know the people who always tell you that they love what books smell like? Well, they're right, kind of, although as with most things, that's seemingly truer of aged books. Meaning it doesn't necessarily make a huge difference whether you're reading a new book on paper or on your Kindle. Juuust saying.

• Please enjoy the Mad Men Barbie dolls. I can't even bother to be bothered about Joanie's tiny torso, I don't think — the men have identical bodies also, I think.



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