Morning Shots: Media Consolidation, Gabby Sidibe, And An Unexpected 'Idol' Theme

cup of coffee.

• John Wells — once a giant at NBC as the creator of ER and the guy who took over The West Wing from Aaron Sorkin — testified before Congress on Thursday with major concerns about the proposed Comcast takeover of NBC and about media consolidation in general. You'll recall that NBC pre-canceled Wells' Southland before beginning to air its second season; the show is now on TNT.

• Interesting piece about the future of Gabby Sidibe and how her appearance will affect her future.

• Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman in a body-switch movie about an irresponsible bachelor and a family man? Sounds like the stupidest movie I will ever see on the day it's released!

Superhero problems, the Rolling Stones, and Heigl makes her escape, after the jump.

• Sci-fi site io9 has a thoughtful piece about what it calls "superhero tragedy porn," and why it's bad for comics.

• Among the tidbits dropped on last night's American Idol was that the show will be doing a Rolling Stones theme night. Is nothing sacred? (The answer to this question, you probably know by now, is "No, not to American Idol.")

• It looks like celebrity-watcher punching-bag Katherine Heigl may finally be leaving Grey's Anatomy. I'm not sure which would be more welcome: the end of Heigl's character on the show, who's been utterly destroyed over the past two to three seasons, or the end of over-the-top Heigl-hating press items. Perhaps this can bring an end to both.

• It's hard to find discussions of e-Books and pricing and bookstores and Amazon that don't devolve into one side or the other insisting that either (1) paper books are dead, so deal with it; or (2) e-Books will never last because you can't hug a Kindle. This piece from Lynn Neary, from today's Morning Edition, is the rare and refreshing exception.



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