Blagojevich Dresses Up As A 'Harry Potter' Character, Bores Polite Children

I'm just going to predict this is going to be the weirdest thing you'll see today that involves Goldberg, the professional wrestler, dressed up as a tree, trying to throw his voice to a Sorting Hat being held by former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich.

What has, I have to admit, been hilarious about watching Blagojevich on this season of Celebrity Apprentice is that he's so socially awkward and so completely out of his depth — this is what I am saying, is that he appears out of his depth while appearing on Celebrity Apprentice with Bret Michaels.

He can't really use a computer, he stopped in the middle of running a diner for charity to tell the patrons that he was totally not guilty of anything he was accused of doing — in fact, he stops in the middle of almost everything, including walking down the street, to shake hands and tell people that he was totally not guilty of anything he was accused of doing. And also: he was a great governor. Seriously, enjoy the pure, delicious, non-sequitur-osity of this Blagojevich transition from discussing who should be the celebrity spokesperson for a challenge involving Norton software to ... well, you'll see.

I'm actually surprised that he didn't stop in the middle of the demonstration in the top clip, where he's showing off an "interactive display" in support of the new Harry Potter attraction at Universal Orlando, to tell this kid that he was set up by his political enemies.

If, by the way, it occurs to you that he is referring to "classes" where he should be referring to "houses," you can rest assured that Donald Trump yelled at him about this later. YES, REALLY.



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