Morning Shots: Apatow And Pee-wee, Aretha And Condoleezza, And Meryl Streep

a cup of coffee

Not only is there a new Pee-wee Herman movie on the horizon, but it's being headed up by Judd Apatow. Every now and then, you learn that movie news can still surprise you.

There are also reports that Meryl Streep may appear in a Margaret Thatcher biopic. Eventually, you know, she's going to play every famous woman there ever was. And she's going to wear every wig.

Interesting piece on the position of Iranians in American pop culture. Killer line: "Does it all amount to a Persian Snooki?"

You know, you might not think it was obvious that Aretha Franklin and Condoleezza Rice should appear together with Rice on the piano. But that's only because you have a limited imagination.

Roger Ebert made a very controversial statement a while ago that video games could never be art. He hasn't taken it back, but in a display of the kind of level-headedness that has made him so popular lately, he's admitted that he believes in principle and by definition that they can't be, but should have kept that to himself, since he doesn't actually play them and can't expect anyone who does to take his word for it. Can you imagine? It's essentially, "Yes, this is what I think, but I didn't need to express it and don't blame people who took me to task." We could use more people like this.

I have good news for everyone who has been waiting for a stage adaptation of Elf.



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