Pop Culture Happy Hour

Pop Culture Happy Hour: The Movies Of 2011 And The Wisdom Of Favre

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First things first: If you haven't yet, make sure to visit PCHH on Facebook, where we're talking to listeners, asking what's making you happy this week, and asking you to suggest future topics to cover. (Do it! Do it, or Stephen and I will talk about The Bachelor again! Do it!) It's very difficult to come out and say, literally, "LIKE US PLEASE LIKE US," but there you go.

On with the show! This week, we talk about the movies we're anticipating with glee, dread, or simple curiosity for 2011. Glen has noted a glut of superhero films — perhaps you've heard of some of them! — while some of the rest of us just don't want to see any more movies where Jennifer Aniston meets some loser or finds herself humiliated.

After that, we play a rousing game called "Phil, Favre, or Fortune Cookie," which you will simply have to hear for yourself. Team PCHH performed well, but sometimes, you just don't know which font of wisdom is responsible for a particular pithy nugget.

Finally, we'll talk about what's making us happy this week, and with any luck, you'll tell us what's making you happy, too.

In addition to joining us on Facebook, you can follow me, Stephen, Trey, Glen and Mike on Twitter, where we will do our best to distinguish ourselves from fortune cookies.

Glen explains the difference between Green Hornet and Green Lantern

Glen thinks Thor is a jerk

I tell you how hot it would have to be before I'd see Grown Ups for the air conditioning

Fortune Cookies automatically generated for you!



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