Pop Culture Happy Hour

Pop Culture Happy Hour: Early Oscar Thoughts, 'Idol' Chatter, Party Season

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We're on our 26th episode of Pop Culture Happy Hour, by my count, and this is the first time we've devoted a segment to American Idol, which makes us very light on coverage, compared to many.

But with the show back on the air, and with Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez trying to figure out how to be judges when they can't stand ... you know, judging anyone, we have a little chat about whether and how to go on without the original cast, and whether or not Randy Jackson could be replaced by an item you might find in your very own home.

We also take our first early look at the Oscar nominations (now with more happy surprises and mild disappointments!) and take bets on Stephen's ambitious project to increase his nominated-movie exposure in the next few days.

And finally, we consider the matter of the pop-culture viewing party. Is the Oscar pool necessary? What about latecomers? Plus, a brief (we promise) history of the greatest combination Super Bowl party and eating contest that 75 percent of the panelists have personally attended.

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(Also: Go Pack Go.)

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Cowell's eyes make dollar signs at 3:24



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