Pop Culture Happy Hour

Pop Culture Happy Hour: A PSA About Not Dating That Ethan Hawke Guy

two splashing glasses i
two splashing glasses

We return this week, welcoming Stephen and Mike back from South By Southwest, where they heard some great tunes and seemingly brought back at least one chest cold. But no matter!

We round up some of the news that happened while they were gone — including, inevitably, Rebecca Black's "Friday" — and then move on to some deep cuts from the Elizabeth Taylor catalog in recognition of the Dame's passing this week.

Then, we move on to I'm All Out Of Love, a segment suggested on our Facebook page, where we admit to some of the things we once felt passionate about, but no longer can bring ourselves to fully support. From my strong (ahem) entreaties to get over Ethan Hawke Guy to Stephen's surprising recollections of being charmed by the women of the American South, we've got the whole list of abandoned passions.

Finally, it's What's Making Us Happy This Week — including but not limited to being back here with all of you.

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