Pop Culture Happy Hour

Pop Culture Happy Hour: Homebound Culture And Quitting To Win

two splashing glasses i
two splashing glasses

This week on the podcast, we sorely miss our pal Stephen Thompson, but we happily welcome back our pal Barrie Hardymon, who has been gone for way too long having a baby. (WHATEVER.) Barrie gives us the baby update, which takes us directly to the our first topic: What do you watch and read and listen to when you find yourself with a lot of unstructured (not idle! just unstructured!) time at home? It could be a baby, it could be an injury, it could be the need to take care of domestic chores — when you're stuck at home a lot, what do you turn to?

After that, we turn our attention to an entirely different matter: quitting. Specifically, what does it take to make you quit a book? What does it take to make you walk out of a movie theater? What does it take to make you walk out on a live performance? And will Trey ever be forgiven for his story of surrender? (There is much gasping.)

Finally, as always, we talk about what's making us happy this week, from surprising Twitter responses to Christina Aguilera.

You can, of course, find all of us on Twitter: me, Trey, Glen, Barrie, and even Stephen, if you miss him. You can follow our esteemed producer Mike Katzif, but we also had help this week from our esteemed substitute producer, Jess Gitner. (Thanks, Jess!) You should also come like us on Facebook, because we would be so grateful.



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