Morning Shots: Hey, All The Pretty Brides Are Famous! That's Shocking!

Kim Kardashian made the cover of People magazine.

Kim Kardashian made the cover of People magazine. AP Photo/People hide caption

itoggle caption AP Photo/People

Nobody ever said it had to be boring when you're promoting something: The Village Voice has a report on a vintage New York subway train being put back into service to talk up the new season of HBO's Boardwalk Empire.

"Grow up," says Entertainment Weekly's Darren Franich to Star Wars fans angry at George Lucas. "This is us egging your car," say the Star Wars fans in my mind to Darren Franich.

I have a remarkable coincidence to report: According to E!, the five most beautiful brides of summer happen to all be famous people. See it for yourself, and be amazed.

Marketers are experimenting, The New York Times notes, with 9/11-related advertising and promotion. My advice: Don't.

Discovery reports on studies that show that creativity isn't something we always greet with as much openness as we think we do.

And finally: Vulture has a good summary of a troubling case in which two works from street artist Banksy are now for sale in the Hamptons.



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