It's Barry Williams' Birthday! Let's All Put On Jumpsuits And Croon!

Greg has nothing but bad things to say about women drivers. Who even knew women could drive, Greg, amirite?

Greg Brady is 57 years old today.

Well, more specifically, his portrayer, Barry Williams, is 57 years old. Happy birthday, you attic-hogging, sister-flirting, bet-losing, freezer-bound goon! My childhood would not have been the same without you. And now, some of Greg's greatest hits.

Tragically, that woman eyeballing Greg wants to make him into cookie-cutter star "Johnny Bravo," but only because he "fits the suit." Poor Greg, never to be understood in his own time. Or anyone else's.

Frankly, this is a catchy song. You can say whatever you want. It is a catchy song. SO THERE.

If there's one thing we all learned over time, it's that it's wrong to deny boys the things they want, especially if you are a girl and they want to get into student government.



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