Being the One In Need

There are times when I hope I am able to give support and counsel to those of you who need it.

There are other times, like now, when I am the one in need.

And I'll be honest, I don't really like being the one who needs the help.

But that pride seems silly now. A relic of my pre-cancer life.

I have no problem asking for help these days. What's amazing is that I don't even have to ask any more.

I need help right now, serious help. And, without asking, I already feel the cushion of all of your good wishes ... and your strength.

It's an amazing feeling, unlike anything else in the world.

I feel that, and I feel fortunate.



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Every word is so precious, give so much to all of us, even in your time of need...

We are at your service, friend...

Peace and comfort to all of my blog friends...

Sent by Faun | 7:39 AM | 11-2-2007

We are so fortunate to have you! I totally understand what you mean about asking for help. I was also one who would rather give than receive, but I'm finding it's okay to ask and it's okay to receive. Always sending positive energy to you and Laurie. Take care. Sandy Lathe

Sent by Sandy Lathe | 7:48 AM | 11-2-2007

You hang in there! On Halloween I listened to your Talk of the Nation broadcast. You were strong and I could tell your frank conversation was helping people all over the world!

Your brave face despite daily challenges is inspirational to people all over the world. So we are happy to oblige when you need it from us, your readers!

So now we all send you our love and support. As a relatively new reader your blog touches me every day and has been since I found you this summer!

And, if you need tangible proof of my support (see previous posting), I'd be happy to ship you some cookies! Made real butter, real sugar and with love.

Sent by Liz L. | 7:54 AM | 11-2-2007

Dear Leroy ??? You???re getting now (our prayers and good wishes), but also giving. What you gave me when I just read this morning???s post was a sense of the essential. You???re not your ???normal??? self in the sense of zipping around and doing the things you want to do. And yet, essentially, you are your regular self, just with a lot of outer layers peeled away. And I know, for me, how painful that peeling is. And the best thing is that you write about it for us. I???m off for another chest x-ray to see what this shortness of breath is about, and I???ll be taking some of your courage and honesty with me.

Sent by Ana | 8:03 AM | 11-2-2007

Dear Leroy,

Generosity is giving more than you can, pride is taking less than you need and you have given so much of yourself.......sit back and enjoy the love, prayers and good wishes that are coming your way. Let this be our chance to say "Thank you Leroy"

Sent by sasha | 8:03 AM | 11-2-2007

You provide support and strength to more of us out here than you will every know. Take this time to let us give it back to you. Sending many prayers of encouragement to you during this difficult recovery period.

Sent by Merin | 8:11 AM | 11-2-2007

I hope the weekend brings you peace and comfort and a break in the routine of things. There will be some good sports on and hopefully the comfort of friends checking in. As always the blog support will there waiting for you on Monday! Maybe it won't be one of your best weekends ever but hopefully it will be the best since the surgery. Peace

Sent by Dona | 8:15 AM | 11-2-2007

With you, Leroy. I will be away from communicating directly for a few days but I will take thoughts of you with me and continue to send good healing energy. While I am away I will be seeing some people, one of whom had just lost another lung lobe to cancer, and I will ask them to include you in their prayers - they are much holier than me!
Have a healing day today - one minute at a time.

Sent by Judy | 8:21 AM | 11-2-2007

Never lose sight of all of us out here, holding you dearly in our hearts and in our prayers. I've been pretty much a silent member of this wonderful group of people who surround you but I can't be silent anymore. Every one of us will do everything we can to be there for you.

Sent by Gail | 8:23 AM | 11-2-2007

Happy Friday Leroy,

Of course we are all here to support you and each other. Rest, continue to heal, and take care of yourself.

Sent by Sue Chap | 8:23 AM | 11-2-2007

Thinking about you, praying for you. Someone sent me a card that quoted R.W. Emerson saying- "The wounded oyster mends itself with the pearl." I think those who help us our some of our pearls. Easy does it today.

Sent by Rebecca Hawkins | 8:23 AM | 11-2-2007

Each of us has a time when we're the helper, and a time when we're the helped. It's what gets us through the days. It's humbling to learn to accept assistance with grace, but we all get there sooner or later.

Best wishes for a comfortable, relatively stress-free weekend to you, Leroy, and to all the blog family.

Sent by Bruce | 8:26 AM | 11-2-2007

This is my first time posting. I read your blog everyday and I think of you often through out the day. Your stength and candor are what we should all strive for... You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Sent by Shannon | 8:28 AM | 11-2-2007

Hang in there!

Sent by Mary Beth | 8:35 AM | 11-2-2007

Leroy, I have been reading your blog for a long time now and wrote once before, now I am moved to write again to assure you that every good thought and prayer I can muster over here in Ireland is being directed your way. I am a five year veteran of esophageal cancer, the operation was a bitch etc.; my wife wonders if this reading of your blog is depressing, of course it is but as a brother it is necessary, I wish I could put my hand on your shoulder and say "everything will be ok".

Sent by Jim Street | 8:42 AM | 11-2-2007


We all do need help from time to time. There is nothing wrong with asking for it... it is NOT sign of weakness to do so!

YOU have helped COUNTLESS people! You have made such huge differences in so many lives with this blog and your openness and in your BC life as well!

I am sure I speak for multitudes here...

All you need do is ask and we (collectively) will do absolutely ANYTHING we possibly can for you as we all have a debt to you we can never possibly repay!!

If nothing else, you are in my thoughts and prayers daily!!


Sent by Ron Bye (NH) | 8:42 AM | 11-2-2007

Dear Leroy,

I am not surprised that so many of us have come to love you, pray for you and support one another. For all the cruelty and sadness in this world I still believe that there is more good than bad. When I was going thru my worst times I was amazed how wonderful people were. I am so happy that our messages to u are helping, I think it's as much for us as it is for u.
Be well, speedy recovery, and more good days than bad,


Sent by Lianne Friedman | 8:43 AM | 11-2-2007

Hi, Mr. sievers. This is the first time I 've read your blog, but it definitely is NOT the last.
I'm a diabetic who has has some really bad problems, but not cancer. I have spent some time in a hospital almost every year of my life ( I should be a doc by now, I figure, with that amount of "education"!). I have been on IV's every time, etc. so I really empathize with the "inconvenience" feeling. I know it's exhausting. I promise that it WILL end, and you will be free, untethered and growing ever stronger very soon - as soon as your body is ready. Freaking patience with the process is very hard,
but for me, I took it as a gift. With just enough of the edge off of the pain, it's amazing what you can learn, or see, or listen to, or dream.This is YOUR time, YOUR life, one IV-filled day at a time.
I am not a gifted writer, but I hope that you will take strength and encouragement from the prayers and good thoughts I am sending you...I found that life was un-covered as I recovered.
As you probably already know, it is easier when the pain coverage is constant, so don't be a hero or worried about dependence - this is EXACTLY what these drugs were made for.
I promise you, it will get easier, food will taste normal, you will get stronger.
All it takes is time, and that's what you have lots of, right now.
Stay strong,
Esther Blue

Sent by Esther Blue | 8:44 AM | 11-2-2007

Good Morning Leroy! I am so happy to hear that you are reaching out and accepting love and caring help as you journey along this new road to recovery . That very word "recovery" conjours up the meaning of what you said yesterday- to recover some sort of "normalacy" in your life. You seem to be doing just that. If you reverse the roles you will, and have done, the same thing for others. Even from your bed now, you are reaching out and encourageing so many. Have a better day than yesterday and look forward to tomorrow.

Sent by J C R | 8:46 AM | 11-2-2007

Dear Leroy,
We are all here, surrounding you with much love and all of our collective strength. You are so courageous and generous - Nancy

Sent by nancy | 8:54 AM | 11-2-2007

You have opened a door for me, Leroy, and I entered into a new community which I never felt I'd feel a part of, even at the beginning of reading your blog. We are here....

Sent by Becky | 8:54 AM | 11-2-2007

Isn't it amazing that when all the "fluff" of what we have and think we are is removed, we find that ALL of mankind is the same and we stand in need of a touch from someone. I'm glad that you have so many people reaching out to touch you.

Sent by susan | 8:56 AM | 11-2-2007

Not posting often, but thinking of you every day.

Sent by Jack Burrington | 8:56 AM | 11-2-2007


Every single person that reads this blog cares. We all check back in each morning eager to hear how you are feeling. So many people comment...but many do not...but they all still care deeply about you. I am a stage IV survivor and have followed your story for quite some time. My fiance has thankfully lead a very healthy and lucky life. She have never actually reads this blog and she uses the internet daily, but has not yet once called up this address. Not one day passes (weekends included!) when she asks, "How is Leroy doing?" as if we have been friends for a lifetime. She has laughed and cried, looks forward to your insight. The reason she makes a point to ask about you each day is simple, she cares. If there was more we could do, I am certain we would. We both wish there was something that we could do now, right help. More than the good wishes and positive energy, more than the strength from a distance....just more. When I sturggled most I found myself searching for Peace of honest and truthful Peace. That was the calming force and was the result of people showing me they cared. Do you best to hang in there Leroy, I care, my fiance cares, and every set of eyeballs and eardrums that is exposed to your little slice of life each day...cares.

Stay strong and know we care.

Your friend,

Sent by Steve F. | 8:57 AM | 11-2-2007

Sending you strength, prayers and smiles. You have helped me and my husband through some rough days and I hope that we all can return that goodness to you.

Sent by anne lumberger | 9:04 AM | 11-2-2007

Leroy, today is my birthday. I feel blessed to share this day with you. You've helped me realize how good life can be if you really appreciate it and make the most of it - as you do. You are still helping people, even as you are helped. My love and prayers are with you, my friend.

Sent by Mary Beth | 9:08 AM | 11-2-2007

You have no idea how much you inspire me. I look forward every morning to reading your words. Those words have a special power, and you have a special gift.
I have had those moments where it seems your dignity has been stripped away at the hospital, and then at home. I have had the up and down roller coaster of better, then worse, then better again.
I am not sure that you fully realize the number of people that you affect, and in turn, pray for you, and hope to send happiness your way when you need it.
I do not have cancer, only a debilitating chronic pain stemming from several surgeries while I was pregnant. (From that pregnancy- a beautiful 6 year old daughter who is perfect in every way).
Your eloquent words about pain have helped me in ways too numerous to count.
When the pain brings me to my knees, or to the floor, it can be your words to get me up again, and not quit.
I write today because I am one of those countless people that you don't hear about, hoping to send back just a little of what I receive from you.
With all of my heart, thank you.

Sent by Andrea Lee | 9:12 AM | 11-2-2007

I am humbled by your ability to share your emotions; raw, hurting, but still a willingness to let others help shoulder your pain and hope for better times.

Sent by Molly | 9:18 AM | 11-2-2007

You said that you wanted to give support and counsel. You wanted to be the one to help....but Leroy, you are helping others. Can you not see how you are supporting and counseling so many people now by writing to us each day? When you read our comments, you will know that each word you write is helping someone. You are OUR support Leroy. Thank you.

Sent by Susan Issolah | 9:19 AM | 11-2-2007

In your last blog you mentioned that having to check your drains, etc, was all pretty minor...but it's not. Everything you're going through is a big deal when your well-being is at stake, and it's okay to feel that way. How many of us get upset about being cut off in traffic or finding a mistake on the cell phone bill? Your health is obviously a much greater issue, and you manage your huge daily trials with a lot more grace than most people handle the trivialities of life. You have so much positive energy, and I hope that channels into helping you feel better soon.

Sent by Alissa | 9:20 AM | 11-2-2007

Leroy, you are continously in my thoughts and prayers. I feel like I have met your personally and am there if needed. I have friends that have been through cancer and tell them about your bravery. We are all pulling for you! Vick - Hudson, FL

Sent by Vicki Hull | 9:23 AM | 11-2-2007

Hi Leroy, Laurie and all:

All blessings on you as you move forward on the joourney that we are all -cancer survivors, wounded vets, folks with deadly diagnoses,AIDS and Darfurfur orphans and so many others are undertaking together, We SHALL Overcome.

Vaya con Dios,

John Shippee
Atlanta, Georgia

Sent by John Shippee | 9:24 AM | 11-2-2007

I've kept up with your blog, but I hadn't posted anything for weeks. Every time I read it, I would hope the best for you (in the form of a small prayer). I was touched by your post today. I know it'll probably be a while, but I will continue to hope for your speedy recovery. In the meanwhile, know you are in my prayers, as I'm sure you are in the prayers of everyone else who reads your blog.

Sent by Sandra | 9:24 AM | 11-2-2007

Leroy, It is we,who are thankful to have you in our lives. You are a buffer between our hopes, and the realities of this dreadful monster. Having you to "talk" with on a daily basis helps to get us through another day, without self pity. May you grow stronger each day-with less and less pain. God bless.

Sent by Peter in Colorado | 9:25 AM | 11-2-2007

Dear Leroy,
You give each of us courage and strength each day. That means more than you will ever know. Sit back and know that each of us are sending you all of our strength and courage to get you through this. You are a special kind of guy Leroy and all of us bloggers will give that a big "AMEN". You and Laurie have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the beautiful colors of fall. God Bless.

Sent by Teresa in WV | 9:29 AM | 11-2-2007

Your comment this morning makes me think of the old psychology "trust circles" when, with closed eyes, one falls backward toward one's peers who are standing around the faller in a circle. It is very scarey to trust that they are there and wonderful to find that they are AND are strong enough to stop one's fall.

You have a strong cyber circle surrounding you emotionally and amazing 3D friends who are there with you.

Lean back and rest; we won't let you hit the floor.


Sent by Peggy Miles | 9:31 AM | 11-2-2007

LeRoy, I'm sure you are in need of a good laugh. I was scheduled for my colonoscopy yesterday, which I don't look forward to as I've just gone into remission from colon cancer 2A. Two days before the test I came down with viral gastroenteretis. I didn't even realize this although I had diarrhea. I mentioned to a longtime friend of mine that I was having this problem in front of my test but I was going ahead with my test. She thought I had lost my mind! I was so focused on taking the test that my common sense was off duty about taking laxative rxs for the colonoscopy on top of this viral infection. Fortunately, her words penetrated and so I rescheduled the test. Talk about not being able to see the forest for the trees when you are already hung up about these cancer screenings! I'm glad I'm not in some emergency room, where I'm sure I would have made it but for my friend. Carol

Sent by carol irvin | 9:33 AM | 11-2-2007

Until I was diagnosed, I had (in hindsight) only a slight understanding of how much mankind needs mankind to go forward.

I feel fortunate to be able to send my best thoughts, wishes and prayers on your behalf, because I *do* know they make a difference. I know, because I'm here thanks to so many friends, relatives, acquaintances and strangers who did the same to me when I was told all was lost.

You take good care, and know that I, and so many others, are with you in spirit and in thought.

This blog was a brilliant idea. I thought about starting one, but couldn't connect to the idea of my being the center of it. I now realize it might have been of great use to others, if nothing more came of it than one person's realization that "I'm not the only one!!!"


Sent by Wendy Murphey | 9:34 AM | 11-2-2007

I think about you every day. And I wish that that connection were not so terribly abstract.

Sent by Nina | 9:35 AM | 11-2-2007

Dear LeRoy, I read your blog everyday. Sometimes it makes me cry, but it has added so much to my life to read it along with the posts of other cancer survivors and caregivers.
I am sending you every positive thought and good wish that I can. We are all here to support you.

Sent by Mary Lou | 9:38 AM | 11-2-2007

Leroy, I would love to send you the strength in prayers, smiles and good wishes. They are all going your way. It is a small gesture in return for all the help that you have given me. I wish you well.

Sent by joane | 9:40 AM | 11-2-2007

Yes, Leroy, your "tubes" community is here! It's amazing the support that is out here when you ask for it. I get (and give) support to my other internet communities - one political, one involved in purebred cat rescue. One of our rescue ladies just brought in two females, found them fosters, and low and behold they had kittens! She came online and said I don't like to ask for help. And we said, surely, kittens are not a bad thing, let us help. Here's to all your "kittens" Leroy and Laurie.

Sent by Dianne (DC) | 9:42 AM | 11-2-2007


Hang in there. You are in my thoughts. Drains suck- I had them after a double mastectomy. They are gross and uncomfortable and inconvenient. But they will be gone eventually. I am sorry.

Sent by Mary | 9:42 AM | 11-2-2007

Leroy, I'm glad you feel the love that so many of us are sending you each day. We love you dear brother.

Sent by sheron | 9:42 AM | 11-2-2007

Sending you and yours strength to make it through another day, another that this too shall pass and faith that tomorrow will be better, love to cushion you and provide you with a safe place to land whenever you need it....and many many prayers and positive thoughts. May you find some peace and joy in the little things this weekend.

Sent by Karen | 9:43 AM | 11-2-2007

You are in my prayers, Leroy. We are all here to help you and each other.

Sent by S. S. | 9:44 AM | 11-2-2007

Leroy, what's important right now is that you take care of you. It is amazing the need for strength from others during a time like this. That, along with God's love will give you the strength to get through this.

God bless you.


Sent by Judy Voller | 9:46 AM | 11-2-2007

I can feel just how hard this must be for you. Please know and believe that we are all standing with you in heart and soul.

Sent by betsey kuzia | 9:49 AM | 11-2-2007

Dear Leroy,
I found it hard to be the one on the receiving end of all the help when I went through treatment. How I wished that all the flowers, etc. were not for me, even though I appreciated it!
I found that reading the book of Psalms was comforting. There are some written by David in deep distress that put into beautiful words just what I felt. I was comforted even though I didn't think that it was possible. You are in my prayers.

Sent by C. Eckert | 9:50 AM | 11-2-2007

Leroy -
You are in my thoughts and prayers. You have blessed so many of us with your inspiration and I only wish I could do more to return the favor. I, too, have learned how to just say thank you and take the help. Remember - people really want to help. God Bless you!

Sent by Patti B. | 9:57 AM | 11-2-2007

Leroy, I have lit a candle for you here at my desk, sending strength and healing your way. You will be in my prayers--

Sent by Pamela | 9:58 AM | 11-2-2007

Hang in there, Leroy. We have your back. Peace,NHL in Wyoming

Sent by Forest Irons | 10:08 AM | 11-2-2007

Send you and everyone here the best possible wishes from a beautifully cool - and amazingly non humid! - day in NOLA. Peace.

Sent by Jen | 10:08 AM | 11-2-2007

Dear Leroy, my heart goes out to you. You are so strong and have encouraged all of us cancer survivors. I hope and pray things get better for you soon.

Sent by Pam Cassidy | 10:09 AM | 11-2-2007

Before the sun rises on this cold Idaho morning, I send you warm wishes for a better day. All of us that are members of your blog family love, respect and admire you and now more than ever, want so very much for you to feel better. We all are pulling for you and have faith that you will see brighter days ahead. We are here for you today and always.

Sent by Penny Coeur d'Alene, Idaho | 10:10 AM | 11-2-2007

Many thanks Leroy and my prayers for healing and peace. You have shown me not to take my life for granted, to enjoy the small and the big and to seek my place in the world. Thank you

Sent by Jack | 10:13 AM | 11-2-2007

It is with the greatest pleaure to be here for you and your family. There have many so many days that you have helped me in sorting through and traveling along this journey of the Cancer World. Thank you. As they say "we get by with a little help from our friends (of course & our friends). Love and prayers your way...

Sent by Kay | 10:15 AM | 11-2-2007

Leroy Sending you prayers and positive energy.Even when I can't post I thing of you and Lauri.
Like everyone here..You have made a big difference in the life of many. I feel like I need to bring some warm food or do something more. But then I realize from reading that you are well cared for and those around you care deeply.
I to feel very fortunate, to part of this community that lifts us all up when we are in need.
Walking beside you.
Be good to you.

Sent by Kerry | 10:16 AM | 11-2-2007

Hi Leroy,

Your rawness and courage and honesty, bring tears to my heart and eyes. You are a phenomenal human being and I feel blessed to share this window into your journey through your illness. I'm glad you are able to feel the cushion of good wishes and strength being sent your way everyday. It's truly amazing what the human community is capable of, in ways of health, healing, compassion, and love. I've said it before, but here's one more time: Thank you for doing this blog. Thank you for showing up here all the days you are able, and thank you to Laurie for showing up when you are not able, as well as Ms. McGowan and Mr. Koppel. This loving, peaceful place brings healing, Leroy, to you, and to me. (I think it's true for many others as well.)

Thanks for the gift of your beingness.

Heartlight and peace,


Sent by Kim Blankenship | 10:19 AM | 11-2-2007

A first time posting. Feel the love, prayers and thoughts with you for a restful weekend. You are an amazing gentleman.

Sent by Robin | 10:20 AM | 11-2-2007

While it may feel like weakness, asking for help can be evidence of amazing growth and inner strength. When we understand what really matters, old fears fall away. I'm so glad that you feel our long-distance love and sure hope tomorrow's a better day.

Sent by Laura | 10:21 AM | 11-2-2007

Take care. Be gentle to your body and your mind.
When I did chemo my friends used to send me messages for when I was able to get to the PC. I really valued seeing the messages, knowing they had thought of me and cared enough to send me a note.
Your InBox must be overflowing with people who feel they know you so well. Even tho many of us have never met you we feel we know you and we care about you.

Sent by JJ | 10:24 AM | 11-2-2007

Allowing people to help you lets people show that they care, not that you can't do it all. Enjoy your weekend!

Sent by Jen | 10:35 AM | 11-2-2007

My heart goes out to you Leroy.It is hard to have to accept help from others and to realize that you need it.Take in all the strength you can from the love that is being sent your way.Most of us have been at that point some time or another and know how much the love and prayers of others helped us to recover.My thoughts and prayers are with you for a speedy recovery.Take time to rest.You have been through a real battle this year.

Sent by Dianne | 10:39 AM | 11-2-2007

Leroy -

You've been in my thoughts and prayers every day since I heard your story. Your strength, courage, and generosity are incredible and inspirational. If you feel an overwhelming outpouring of love from your community, you're only feeling a very small portion of what is actually coming your way. We're all here for you, as you are for us. Stay strong and know you are loved.

Sent by Jana | 10:39 AM | 11-2-2007

Hey, Leroy--whenever I read your words, I know in my gut that you are a force to reckon with. Bad grammar...oops!

I've told you in other comments that I had an intracerebral hemorrhage in the summer of 2000. It was the first time I had to be in a hospital longer than overnight--7 days, and then another week or so staying at my sister's house. My nephews were 13 and 17, and I had always been the one who took care of them. But that summer, they were the ones who took care of me.

They weren't the only helpers. I called dog trainer friends from the emergency room who drove across the county, picked up my two dogs and two cats and took them overnight, and then delivered them to my friends at the boarding kennel in the morning. And when I finally was able to go home, I walked into a clean house and a garden which had been thoroughly cleaned up and maintained. There was no trace of the disorganization in which I'd left my house, or the forever-wildness that can happen to a summer garden in July when no one is watering and weeding.

My oldest nephew drove me around (I gave him my pickup because I wasn't released to drive for several weeks.) It was his very first car, even if it was only for a while, and he detailed it completely while he had it.

But the helping didn't stop then...when I had my cancer surgeries in 2005 and 2006, friends took care of the dogs and cats, and every time I came home to another freshly cleaned house. I work with 150 people, and most of them offered at some point and in some way to help. My brother has a share in a three-bedroom apartment in NYC--the woman who has the apartment found out I'd need to come to the city for treatments for a few days every month, and she immediately invited me to stay there at no charge. I wouldn't have been able to afford the trips otherwise.

There are always people who will help, if we'll let them...and if the only way those of use who are far from you can help is to send you words that make you laugh, make it a bit easier to keep going, then we're here, man.

It's going to be a beautiful weekend...enjoy some time and be good to yourself, Leroy. Let us do some of the heavy lifting when we can.

Sent by Pat Steer | 10:42 AM | 11-2-2007

Leroy -

I have no doubt that you are going to come through this trial with flying colors. When I read your posts, I feel how hard you are fighting and your determination to win. Hang in there!


Sent by Diane W. | 10:43 AM | 11-2-2007

More good wishes coming your way, Leroy! Better times are ahead.

Sent by Art Ritter | 10:44 AM | 11-2-2007

You are an inspiration to all. I only recently watched Ted Koppel's "Living with Cancer." I too have Stage 4 colon cancer and have been fighting for 3 years now. And I will continue to fight. You have said and written so many things that I have felt, experienced, etc. You are my hero as I'm sure you are for many. My thoughts and prayers are with you while you recover. I'm sending good vibes your way.

Sent by Debbie Sladich | 10:46 AM | 11-2-2007

You are so appreciated and loved by thousands of individuals you have never met.I am happy pride is a non-issue and you feel free to ask for help. You have helped and inspired us all as you share your experiences with cancer You give hope to all of us who have found ourselves in this cancer journey. Thank-you for your starting this blog. Thank-You for continuing when most of us might not be able to get the strength to reach out to anyone.
"Inch by inch, it's a cinch. Yard by yard, it's too hard". I know nothing is a 'cinch" but this little expression my girl friend's father gave her helps me through days when I am overwhelmed.
Take-Care Leroy,

Sent by joyce stathopoulos | 10:46 AM | 11-2-2007

Keep feeling all the love coming your way. Things will get better. You are can you write such eloquent, piercingly insightful things while dealing with all the tubes, pain and difficulties. You have a gift and we are all so grateful that you have continued to share yourself with us. WE'RE HERE, WE'RE HERE. Just keep listening. I wish for you a weekend where every morning you wake up feeling just a bit stronger and closer to "normal".

Sent by Laura | 10:48 AM | 11-2-2007

Dear Leroy,
I am praying for the day all those drains and tubes can be removed. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us even when life is tough.
I have been very frustrated lately over all the things I can no longer do because of health issues and age. It is hard to give in and let people help you. Yesterday I was trying to carry something that was too heavy for me and a lovely young woman stepped up and carried it for me. I was very grateful.
I have had a PIC line and daily IVs since July 2006. Today they start me on Sandostatin to see if they can stop the abundance of "output". I hope all my cyber friends out there will say a little prayer that it works.
I hope you have a great weekend and that you feel all the love we have for you.
Charlotte in Temecula

Sent by Charlotte Kewish | 10:48 AM | 11-2-2007

You are the first person I check in with every morning when I hit the computer. I need to know how your day is going as I start mine. You are with all of us and part of our days. We're with you and for you. Be patient with your body. Rest and heal

Sent by Kathleen | 10:55 AM | 11-2-2007

Dear Leroy,
Being a cancer patient that has been diagnosed with incurable cancer I receive strength and peace from my personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I hope the following Bible scripture will comfort and strengthen you as it has me over these last few years: Do not fear, for I have redeemed you, I have called you by name; you are Mine! When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they will not overflow you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be scorched, Nor will the flame burn you. For I am the Lord your God, The Holy One of Israel, your Savior (Isaiah 43:1-3). As the Bible teaches when you acknowledge you are a sinner and accept what Christ did for you on the cross at Calvary then He promises to be with you in this life and promises you eternal life in Heaven with Him after your time on this earth is done. I pray you also will reach your to your Creator and take hold of the strength and peace that is available to you as I have. You continue to be in my prayers.

Sent by Linda Faulkner | 10:58 AM | 11-2-2007

When I was in a really dark place early in my treatments, I saw you on TV, and it was truly a turning point for me. Here was a man facing his cancer head on with honesty and courage. I needed to see that and to be given permission to express all the feelings I was having - good, bad and ugly. Then I started reading your blog, and once again found not only support from your words but from those of others who wrote in. Thank you for sharing yourself with us and making this blog possible. (These words are inadequate to describe what you have given.)
As they say, "What you give returns to you." I hope you will continue to receive even beyond what you have given to us.
Peace and Light,

Sent by Scarlett Harris | 11:04 AM | 11-2-2007

Wow! Powerful, beautiful words today. You are such a gift to all of us. I know of what you speak - the awesome feeling of being "carried" by God, family and friends. My first experience was when our 39-year old daughter died, then my husband's Alzheimer's diagnosis, then breast cancer. I would not have asked for any of these events but, because of them, I know I have become more compassionate, humble, loving and accepting. Again, thank you for sharing your inspiring message each day.

Sent by Marlene | 11:09 AM | 11-2-2007

Leroy, When I read your post this morning, this line from "The Lord of the Rings" came to mind. Bilbo Baggins admits his fatigue to his friend Gandalf. "I feel thin," says Bilbo, "sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread."

We know how Bilbo felt don't we?

God be with you - with all of you.

Sent by Vicky (NY) | 11:10 AM | 11-2-2007


If you ever get a handle on specific things we can do besides caring about you and wishing you well, please let us know! You like cookies?

Sent by Diana Kitch | 11:15 AM | 11-2-2007

Help is a 2-way street. That's something I'm learning - something difficult for a nurse and a caregiver. Like you Leroy, I prefer to give rather than receive help, especially if I have to ask for it. Helping people makes me feel useful; asking for help makes me feel vulnerable.

But, there's also something powerful to be learned in the asking and receiving.
Let people help you now. It helps them, too.

Sent by Marilyn | 11:17 AM | 11-2-2007

Leroy, I'm a psychotherapist. One of the questions I find I have to ask my "strong" patients is "Where do you go when you need strength...when you feel vulnerable and need to feel safe?" The saddest answer is when they say "Nowhere and to no one." We should all have that least one someone. I am sure there are many people who are within your "inner circle" who are more than willing, actually, feel privileged, to be there for you. And then there is this group you have created, that you have brought together with love and concern, with humor and words, and we are here. Every moment we are here. You are in the thoughts and prayers of more people than you can ever imagine. People from different walks of life. People of different ages. People in a myriad of situations and places. You have become vitally important to each of us. You may not know our names or faces but we hold you dear in our hearts. You have given us so much and, I think I speak for many of us in that, we wish there were more we could do for you. But, as you gave us your words, we give you ours. Look at this outpouring and feel it...really feel it.
You are not alone.

Sent by Sandi Li | 11:17 AM | 11-2-2007


when i arrive to work in the morning my office is full of sunlight. there is a squirrel that is burying treasures outside the sliding glass door that makes up one of my walls. i come in, lay out my work for the day, and take the time to think of you and get caught up on what you're doing. you've helped so many people throughout your cancer experience. it means the world to us. you'll be back at it. the time in-between is tough, but we are all thinking of you. i'll keep an eye out to see if the squirrel buries a cheesesteak. bad joke but the mental image is hilarious. hang in there.

Sent by ejd | 11:18 AM | 11-2-2007

I think that asking for, and accepting support is much more difficult than giving it.
This requires a certain degree of surrender for those of us who like to be the active, strong ones.
You are doing a great job coping, Leroy, and you have all of our ears AND hearts!

Sent by NancyGM | 11:20 AM | 11-2-2007

Hey Leroy, we love that you need us. The support and comfort is always a two way street and it works so well like that. I guess that is the life-giving nature and psychic energy of the blog, it is more than the sum of its parts, eh? Love and strength to you from Sherri in Texas, BC dx 4-06

Sent by Sherri Eggleston | 11:25 AM | 11-2-2007

Leroy here is my theme song that gets me through the rough times~

Ooh-oo child
Things are gonna get easier
Ooh-oo child
Things'll get brighter

Some day, yeah
We'll get it together and we'll get it all done
Some day
When your head is much lighter
Some day, yeah
We'll walk in the rays of a beautiful sun
Some day
When the world is much brighter

Ooh-oo child
Things are gonna be easier
Ooh-oo child
Things'll get brighter
Ooh-oo child
Things are gonna be easier
Ooh-oo child
Things'll get brighter

I just sang this to you, and while the dogs have come howlin' my many positive thoughts are with you!

Sent by lisa | 11:25 AM | 11-2-2007

Sending you the biggest, snow flake wrapped hug you can imagine from Alaska. You are in my prayers.

Deb C

Sent by Deb C | 11:26 AM | 11-2-2007

Your need is every cancer victim's need. For those of us who have waged our own war on cancer, it gives us satisfaction and solice to join in on another brother's fight. Our support for you is a selfish one, in that it also strenthens our own fight.
As the philoshper Red Green from the PBS show say on every episode, "I'm pulling for ya. We're all in this toghether"

Sent by Sid Frede | 11:33 AM | 11-2-2007

I read your blog every day, but I rarely comment. Nonetheless, you're always in my prayers. I hope you're back to your old, independent self soon

Sent by Gyla | 11:34 AM | 11-2-2007

May you rest on this cushion of support.
Warm energy and light coming your way.
Sondra from Montana

Sent by Sondra | 11:35 AM | 11-2-2007

Every day the web of support is strengthened...all the true, heartfelt comments, all the positive vibes, all the prayers...all merge together and create a magnificent, warm, safe haven. Ten years ago who would have thought that Cyberspace could be so intimate, real, and so beneficial? Not me. It's a blessing to be sure. And just think: Monday, it will be strengthened even more...Thanks, Leroy.

Sent by Karen Laven | 11:35 AM | 11-2-2007

Cancer makes a person an open book with an invitation for all to read. Your words today show a side that so many people try to takes a strong person to ask for help. I am glad you are strong today. God bless.

Sent by Kathie | 11:42 AM | 11-2-2007

I am sending all the support, love, caring and best wishes I am able. And gratitude for your courage and strength which gives me courage and strength.

Sent by Roxane | 11:43 AM | 11-2-2007

Here's one more voice added to the many ... I think about how you're doing every day. I think about how you have provided support and strength to so many of us in this community. And I hope that everything we give back to you through our good wishes, words of wisdom, jokes, rants, and love of life helps to cushion you (body and spirit) during this time. Take care of yourself, OK? You need start thinking about how you're going to do Halloween differently next year :). And hey, what's the one small goal that you want to achieve by Thanksgiving? Always good to be thinking ahead.

Sent by Peggy | 11:44 AM | 11-2-2007

Hi Leroy,
Your experience has educated and enlightened so many of us affected by cancer. It continues to amaze me how support can flow in so many directions through the sharing of one's experiences, hopes and fears. Hang in there, we're thinking of you.

Sent by Linda K | 11:47 AM | 11-2-2007


I am amazed at how well you sound with what you have gone through. You are just that type of person, who deals with what is given and just keeps plugging along. That is my way too, the only way I know how to live. I look forward to your posts everyday because even if I know you are having a bad day, you are never really 'down'. You give me strength and every day I hope you beat the beast. Best wishes and keep the humor!

Sent by Cindee | 11:49 AM | 11-2-2007

Leroy, you are my first stop in the AM to see how you are doing, I am sending this to you today. Pink sky giving away to brilliant blue as the Arizona sun comes up, bright and warm washing over your face. Doves are cooing, crickets humming. Great day to be alive. We are all here for you.

Sent by Jenene K | 11:55 AM | 11-2-2007

Peace being sent from a tiny town in southeast PA. Well actually it is being sent from work (I read you every morning from my work computer). God bless. ml

Sent by Mary Lynne Carlisle | 11:59 AM | 11-2-2007

Leroy - think of all of out here as your giant "mosh pit" of support. We're all here to catch you when you need us. And when you're all unhooked from the tubes and drains, we'll pass you around over our heads and give you the hero's welcome for the hope that you given all us as well.

Sent by Bob Maimone | 12:04 PM | 11-2-2007

I am grateful you and you blog are always here when I need it. I'm on your side, too, praying.

Sent by Michelle | 12:12 PM | 11-2-2007

When I speak about your struggle to family and friends, I refer to you as my friend, Leroy. My friend, I walk the walk with you holding your hand.

Sent by Dorothy from Vermont | 12:12 PM | 11-2-2007

I'm sorry you are having these problems, but I think you have getting really good care and your body is healing every day.

One foot in front of the other.

Those of us with our own serious cancer problems know at least psychologically what you are going through. There are ups and downs.

May your ups be greater in number than your downs.

Sent by Scott S. | 12:16 PM | 11-2-2007

Good Afternoon Leroy, Laurie and All,

Leroy, Mine is another prayer added to all the others here today. "As you accept the help that is needed to comfort and assist you with your healing, may you remember that you have helped so many others in their healing and times of need, as well." Leroy, the road has been long and the hurdles have been higher than expected. That makes this a very difficult journey, but we are with you every step of the way!

Laurie, Comfort to you, peace and rest.
With you by his side, Leroy is in the hands of the very best!

To All, The outpouring of support and prayers forms the strogest of circles. It has no beginning and no end, it is eternal! This is a community of eternal strength and support and membership in it is indeed a priviledge! God Bless.

Eileen Pruyne
Charlotte, NC.

Sent by Eileen Pruyne | 12:26 PM | 11-2-2007

Hi Leroy -- Lean back on these virtual cushions stuffed with prayers and wishes :-)

It's hard for us to learn to "freely receive," no strings attached, isn't it? That phrase from Acts, "it's more blessed to give than to receive," sure gets twisted funny. Most of us are much better givers than receivers. Maybe the grace is in not even noticing whether an action is a "give" or a "take."

Sent by M Wms | 12:31 PM | 11-2-2007

I know things are hard right now. But please keep fighting. For people like me, who are also Stage IV, it's important too us that you are in this fight. Your words help each of us in our own similar battles every day. The work you do in this blog is important to us.

Sent by brady richardson | 12:40 PM | 11-2-2007

Hi, Leroy,
I read your blog every day, both to check on how you're doing, but also to focus my own thoughts on what's truly important. It can be easy to let the fear and negativity of the cancer experience pile up around you and overwhelm you--thank you for giving us all a space to talk about what's really important, to focus our energies on helping each other out, and to remember that we're all in this together! Thinking of you every day.

Sent by Erin | 12:57 PM | 11-2-2007

Dear Leroy,
You give so much of yourself, and in turn we all return good thoughts to you. They say that in life you reap what you sow, you my dear friend have given so much, you deserve all the good that the world has to offer. Please keep your positive attitude and faith, you are a survivor.
Peace and love to you, Laurie and all who gather here. Martie

Sent by Martie | 1:06 PM | 11-2-2007

Hi Larry,

Thank you for sharing your wisdom and courage as you engage in the fight for your life. I am truly astounded by your strength and resilience. Thank you for the privilege of reading about this part of your life.

I was diagnosed and treated for early stage breast cancer in 2005. Your blog helps me draw meaning and purpose from my experience.

Sent by Jo Ann Nishimoto | 1:08 PM | 11-2-2007

Leroy, thanks for the post. I hope you and Laurie will have a quiet and restfull weekend. Thanks so much for the strength that you give to others. I so hope you can find strength from all of us in this community. I do hope you are able to find some enjoyment from all the fall colors that are so beautiful this time of year.

Sent by dorothy in oregon | 1:12 PM | 11-2-2007

Dear Leroy -- Your strength and humor inspire me daily (or at least Monday through Friday!) to appreciate this crazy experience here in Cancer World. Thank you for sharing your life with all of us. I believe that together, we can conquer whatever challenge we face but at times it may mean that we lean upon one another sharing our strength and supporting one another in times of weakness. It's my turn to be strong for you, my friend. Blessings on you and Laurie, Elaine W

Sent by Elaine Williamson | 1:17 PM | 11-2-2007

Prayers and good wishes go out to you, Leroy, in your hour of need.

"A Pastor's Cancer Diary"

Sent by Carl Wilton | 1:23 PM | 11-2-2007

We are all here for you - with prayers, hope, help, and only good thoughts. I will think of you often this weekend, and pray that each day finds you stronger and with less pain.

Sent by Kate | 1:26 PM | 11-2-2007

The help we may give you can never equal the support, the encouragement, the hope and the help you give us. Thank you.

Sent by Linda | 1:32 PM | 11-2-2007

Hi Leroy - have a hug, we're with you friend. One step at a time, breathe deeply and continue. Love and prayers.

Sent by Lisa Burt | 1:34 PM | 11-2-2007

It takes courage to live your life. You wrote those words and I have taken them to heart many times. Thank you for all that you have given me through your sharing.

Sent by Helen | 1:34 PM | 11-2-2007

Rest easy, my friend. We are here and with you.

Sent by Martha | 1:36 PM | 11-2-2007

Leroy, hopefully the sun is out and it is warm enough to bask outside in the sun's rays. The warmth of the sun hitting the face is so reassuring and peaceful.

We are all on this ride together - sometimes helping others and sometimes being helped. And even when you feel like you are only receiving, realize that your mere posting each day (or when you are up to it) is giving more to others than we can ever repay.

And sometimes it takes a hard kick in the backside to make us appreciate the support and life that we have. I know that was the case for me as I celebrate the 17 year anniversary of my new/extra life post anaphylatic shock.

We are all for you and for all who read this blog.

Much Love to all.

Sent by Marie | 1:37 PM | 11-2-2007

Leroy, you have been an inspriation to me.I read your blog every day and draw strength and compassion from you. I am a cancer survivor and you show me what it is to be a survivor

Thank you for letting me give you a little support. Letting me support you lets me give thanks to you for how you have given something to me.

You are an incredibly strong individual and I admire you greatly. Thanks for sharing your journey.

Best regards,


Sent by Kevin Lenaghan | 1:47 PM | 11-2-2007

Dear Leroy, I have been following your blog, and including you in my thoughts and prayers for months now. You have provided such insight into the different aspects of the path of those living with cancer, and I thank you for this. Please accept the help you need at this time in your life, and have faith that you will be strong again. Many Blessings, Trudy

Sent by Trudy Sabihy | 1:47 PM | 11-2-2007


Please be assured that i have not stopped praying for you since your surgery. God bless.

Sent by helen | 1:48 PM | 11-2-2007

I hope you feel the stregth and support I send you everyday Leroy.

Sent by MEM | 1:51 PM | 11-2-2007

Good afternoon to you, Leroy, and to the community that you have created here

So much of the correspondence one sees posted to many news services contains such anger, intolerance, and ignorance that I sometimes fear for our world.

You, in contrast, have provided people an opportunity to express empathy and caring and decency. This community has been part of your gift to us. You are so very welcome to any comfort that you may draw from our thoughts and prayers. It is so much less than everything you have given to us.

Sent by Eve | 1:55 PM | 11-2-2007


I am sure you don't realize how much you are giving to all of us that are " living the life" you are now in one stage or another. Just your writng ( and Laurie's too) keeps us reminded how precious every second of life is even through the immense pain and difficulty of the things we all took for granted before.
Let them take care of you, I find that to be the hardest part!
Wendy in Texas

Sent by Wendy Narzem | 1:58 PM | 11-2-2007

Hello Leroy.. went to a dinner last evening given by a dear friend who has just finished her chemo and radiation treatments for breast cancer. She will now be waiting to hear if the beast has been beaten. The party was given by her for her small army of supporters. She cried as she tried to explain to us how much we all mean to her, and how our attention and caring has helped her through some pretty dark hours. We cried, but felt so good about what we did for our friend. It's good, this feeling. So, Leroy, we are your army of supporters. Unlike my friend, we can't bring you chocolate and things you love, but we can let you know, through this blog, how much we appreciate this chance you've given us to support you. Thank you.

Sent by Sharon | 2:00 PM | 11-2-2007

As a cancer patient myself, I understand the apprehension in asking and needing - but thankfully, friends and family are there for us in that time of need. I keep thinking that when I get on the other side of this, I too can give back to others in need. It keeps me going. You have given all of us so much - your candor, humor (which is great) and determination. Thank you. We're all out here rooting for you.

Sent by Diane | 2:18 PM | 11-2-2007

Leroy, you are my friend because you have given me so much. I went thru a transplant and was so was awful, but today i am with my grandson. some days it is one minute, one hour, one day at a time. Do what you need to do to take care of yourself and our cyberhugs and support are there for you every minute, every hour, everyday. You were and are there for us as well

Sent by cheryll | 2:21 PM | 11-2-2007

We are interdependent, Leroy -- in the same way that trees with entertwined root systems can help one another stand strong. Beaming you extra support and love and luminous good energy today. You are a gift to us all. And again: use your energy for your healing now, and only write if you can spare the effort. I am celebrating you with every single breath!

Sent by Sarah | 2:27 PM | 11-2-2007

You are SOOO LOVED, Leroy! Hang in there, kittycat. We all love you and are "pulling" for you. You are the epitome of AWESOME! (Don't forget that last Christmas you were not sure that you would be here for this Christmas. . . well, you are and we are THANKFUL!) You are inspiration to us all who choose to be connected.

Sent by Melissa | 2:32 PM | 11-2-2007

Dear Leroy and Friends,

Thank you for your graciousness in the face of negativity, and your constant inspiration. This blog is invaluable, and I'm in for the long haul.

Bless you All.

Sent by Connie E. | 2:38 PM | 11-2-2007

Dear Leroy,
On my lowest day, my husband crawled up in bed with me and said, "Let's make a plan for when this is over." I hope you'll have some comfortable moments when you and your wife can get some paper and write down the next fun thing you're going to do...Making it into the bathroom to poop does not count, though I would imagine your pain meds have made pooping a rare and welcome adventure!

Sent by Pat McRee | 2:45 PM | 11-2-2007

Leroy -
Rest assured help is here for you, waiting and more than willing. Take care

Sent by Jeff B | 2:46 PM | 11-2-2007

Our thoughts and best wishes are with you and yours...and we ought to take these feelings, and the lessons we have learned from you and these blog-readers' comments, and take some supportive action for someone near us...a physical action, not a virtual one. We can be for someone where we are, what all those around Larry are doing for/with him.

Sent by Bill | 2:50 PM | 11-2-2007

I hope the response to your appeal is comforting. We wish we could do more.
This blog is more than a chronicle of your experience with cancer. It has long ago become a forum and support group providing information, insight, empathy and a sounding board to a very diverse group of people engaged in very serious business. Who can know how many lives have been changed and even saved by what you and the posters have written here?
You have become important to us because your character and personality have struck a chord with this audience. Many of us are learning as we go and your example has helped guide and encourage us on this path.
Wishing you and Laurie some peace and the comfort of knowing a great many people are holding you in their thoughts.

Sent by Gene koeneman | 3:04 PM | 11-2-2007

Dear Leroy and friends,

I am so moved by all of your words today. My life is so much better knowing you are out there all over the world and connected with each other.

If I did not have cancer most likely I would not have the meaningful and beautiful experience of having all of you in my life.

Thank you all,


Sent by Laurel M. Jones | 3:06 PM | 11-2-2007

I wish I could offer more help, but you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Sent by Geoff | 3:12 PM | 11-2-2007

I listened to you on NPR radio while I was still trying to get a definitive diagnosis. I was diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer on August 31, 2006.

I have read all of your posts and all of your archives, as you have been my guiding light in how to deal with a life threatening disease on a daily basis.

You have been amazingly brave, open, honest and human. Thank you for the help you have given to so many of us.

You are in my thoughts daily. I wish you the very best each and every day. I hope your load gets lighter and easier to carry. I would gladly carry the load for you while you are in need, knowing someday, someone will need to do the same for me.

I don't know many people who feel comfortable asking for help. You have made it easier, by example, for each of us to do the same when in need.

Thank you for all you have done for so many.

Sent by Norma Greer | 3:21 PM | 11-2-2007

There are no words of comfort--just thoughts and prayers. Mine are with you today.

Sent by Miriam | 3:26 PM | 11-2-2007

We're with you all the way, and you don't need to ask. I am sending you positive energy and strength, support and resolve. Sometimes the road seems relentless, but you are not alone. Not even close.

Sent by Leah | 3:28 PM | 11-2-2007

Leroy, asking for help is still the hardest thing for me to do, and I don't do it very often, so I understand where you're coming from. But when I needed support, to help calm my fears before my reconstruction surgery, this blog family made me feel better than anything else (my sister was pretty awesome too!) As Bruce said yesterday, people who contribute to this blog have lived it, and understand in a way unlike the most well-meaning family member or friend. In addition to the many interesting, insightful, thought-provoking things you've written, I think the greatest gift you have given to us is each other. And now we are all here to help you as well. Hope you have a great weekend, and that the drains come out soon!

Sent by Gretchen Hoag | 3:29 PM | 11-2-2007

You have definitelygot all my good wishes--along with those of the hundreds of others reading here but sometimes the help one needs in the cancer war is more than good wishes can provide! I hope whatever it is, you find it in your life. It is hard to ask for help, and learning to do so when needed is one of the many lessons in humility that cancer provides.....

Sent by NR | 3:30 PM | 11-2-2007

Dear Leroy,

the world would be a much better place if we could all reach out to another person when they are in need. If we help someone "carry their burden" when our turn comes around we too will be carried and our burden will be lighter.

I am inspired by your courage.

peace & love,

susan california

Sent by susan d | 3:34 PM | 11-2-2007


There is no shame in asking for help if you need it. And all of us need it from time to time. Cancer engager or not.

And remember that for every one of us that posts, there are many, many more who you help every day that are silent but still here pulling for you.

We all help one another. This is how we get through cancer and this is how we get through life.

Sent by Marshall Spriggs | 3:35 PM | 11-2-2007

Yes, you have best wishes and hopeful thoughts for getting through this current trial. You and your blog are a daily reminder of what's important in life. Thank you, Leroy.

Sent by Nancy in Sacramento | 3:43 PM | 11-2-2007

STRENGTH...SUPPORT...ENERGY...GOOD WILL... I'm mentally sending all these things to you right now. Feel it? Feel the good vibes? I hope so! That little shivver was me! :o)

I like what another poster said about directing our physical actions to those around us in need. I couldn't agree more - let's take this compassion and do something with it. Now. Today.

All the best, always.

Sent by Shelli | 3:50 PM | 11-2-2007

Please hand to us all of your darkest fears and anxieties. We will hold them for you so you can rest peacefully. Take care my friend.

Sent by Holly | 3:53 PM | 11-2-2007

Dear Leroy, Well, it just grinds away at us, doesn't it? I used to think my energy level was normal; now that it's compromised I realized it was very high. I took for granted all the stimulation my daily life provided, until it was diminished. I hope our emails supply stimulation and distraction for you. Your blog has been a source of comfort and solace for me every single day. Without knowing me you have contributed greatly to my life. Your stamina has inspired me. I've started writing about chronic illness, partly in response to my own situation but also as a result of your generosity in opening your inner life to all of us here on the net. So thank you very much, my dear. Salee

Sent by sajenkins | 3:56 PM | 11-2-2007

Keep fighting the good fight..........You're in my thoughts and prayers

Sent by Mike | 3:57 PM | 11-2-2007

I'm one of those readers that you've never heard from before now. It seems strange to say that because you are such a consistent part of my life. I check on you every day. I cheer for your victories. I sit quietly with you in the challenging moments. I always wish you the best. There are so many of us out here. You are surrounded by rings and rings and rings of people and we're all walking this journey with you. Best wishes:)

Sent by Diane | 4:16 PM | 11-2-2007

Leroy-- you are so special. Just remember- this will get better.You can do it- let's figure these are your darkest days.

Sent by linda hilsen | 4:23 PM | 11-2-2007

Leroy - My girlfriend emails me every morning once she has checked in on your latest entry. Our concern for you connects us everyday. And everyone on the blog connects with you and lifts you up.
I read someones entry above about your "inbox" and it made me think of the inbox in your heart and soul Leroy. Surely you must feel the prescence of all of us. We will hold you up. Ride the wave.
During my recovery it was all those friends that held me up. I never could have described it or would have ever thought it palatable. I hope you can feel us in your inbox Leroy.
Much love

Sent by Julie Pietras | 4:24 PM | 11-2-2007

Leroy, If it wasn't for your sharing on this blog and allowing others to write in I would feel lost. No other forum meets the quality and caring of this one. I'm glad you can accept our wishes for your well being. As a nurse I found it extremely difficult to accept what others wanted to do for me or to ask for help. Now I am able to do bosth and it is the grace that God has given us. After all you have done for others it is a blessing to them to do for you. When people wrote and talked about how cancer changed their life I didn't know what they were talking about. Now I do. It's finding how many people love YOU and want to help you and do help you in whatever way they can. I am so grateful for that.

Sent by Vicki (FL) | 4:47 PM | 11-2-2007

My son always ends his emails with: "every man is brave, but a hero is brave 5 seconds longer". I dont know where it came from but today it seems appropriate to share with you and everyone on this blog. Leroy, you are a hero to so many of us that are fighting or are caregivers. This blog gives us strength and courage to fight. We feel the love, concern and care in every word reach out to all of us! Thank you! God's Peace!

Sent by Laurie Hirth | 4:50 PM | 11-2-2007

I'm just going to add my voice to the crowd. Hang in there Leroy !
And I meant to write yesterday after you worte about all the annoyances (sp?) you are dealing with. Those are the very things that can make or break a good day, they are not petty. Right after I read your column, I went into my kitchen and had to go thru quite a minor - but intensely, powerfully, horribly annoying routine in order to bypass big backpain. I loudly as I could manage let out a great string of epithets. I thought of your comments about these annoying routines, and was going to write and recommend some good swears but then I figured you probably have your own!

Cheers, Nancy O

Sent by Nancy Oliveri | 4:55 PM | 11-2-2007

Fight strong Leroy...there are a ton of people who are sending wishes, thoughts, prayers, and strength.

Sent by Krupali Tejrua MD | 5:12 PM | 11-2-2007

I am thinking of you and hoping you feel better soon. My son, Andrew, is finding it difficult for me to help him. Cancer sure changes everything. You have been through a lot. Rest and know so many people care about you and appreciate you very much.

Sent by Maureen | 5:15 PM | 11-2-2007


Yes, you're right. The power of positive thinking and healing prayer are amazing and I am so happy that you feel it. I will continue to send some your way everyday.


Sent by Lynda | 5:22 PM | 11-2-2007


Remember, this too will pass. Hang in there. Kathy

Sent by Kathy Barney | 5:38 PM | 11-2-2007

You are an inspiration to a lot of people. We are blessed to have you share your story with us. Keep fighting and we'll keep cheering for you. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

Sent by Julie | 5:38 PM | 11-2-2007

I have to laugh - with joy, of course. I wish you knew how deeply you have touched the face of America. After watching the "cancer special" my entire family not only knows you, but follows your life through the blog. But, I digress from my real mission here - and that's to tell you to give yourself a break. The surgery you had, and following complications were very hard. Let your body relax and heal. You can stop fighting to survive for a little while - now you have to relax and heal. I know it's tough because it's not part of your nature, you're obviously a take charge person who orchestrates his entire life. You really are brave - when I read what surgery you were having - I thought "Wow! This guy is incredibly brave - that's a tough one!" The stroke and infection - lousy, but just another bump in the road. My thoughts and positive energy are headed your way - I don't need it today. I'll get it back when I do.

Sent by Anita | 6:23 PM | 11-2-2007

Dear Leroy, There is not a day that goes by, that I don't think of you. Please know that you are always in our prayers. Sending you thoughts for a speedy recovery. Take Care!!!

Sent by Roxi | 6:29 PM | 11-2-2007

I've started other posts responding to you that end up unsent in my own email. I guess it is a fear that my post might be overlooked or deemed not worthy of being placed here with so many other posts. That is a need of mine. Silly isn't it? Today will be different.

Mr. Sievers, it seems the hardest thing for many people (including me) is to allow others to help us with our needs whatever they may be. I have learned this in this first year of being a cancer survivor the hard way. When conditions brought on by the treatment complicate other body parts and functions, it leaves us (or maybe just me) gasping for air like a fish out of water. Help comes in a kind act, a kind word, or a helping hand from someone who honestly cares.

You have helped me with your daily postings to psychologically weather this bizarre cancer life we live each day. The even more bizarre things being done to our bodies that create needs that only other cancer patients can truly understand and even then each of our experiences are so varied.

Mr. Sievers, you've helped us, now please allow us to help you. There is no shame in needing another's helping hand physically, mentally, or spiritually. We are here for you.

You are in my thoughts and prayers even though I only know you from your writings. Thank you for giving me a chance to let you know that there is one other person added to the number that have responded to your posting today. Lean on our virtual shoulders.

Bobbie Hollis

Sent by Bobbie Hollis | 6:42 PM | 11-2-2007

((((Soft gentle hug)))) for you Leroy. Take good care of yourself. Hope your feeling much better soon and please know that your in my prayers, as always.

Hey Dude....we have the Christmas Season coming up. Please don't try to extend yourself too far but remember to enjoy the greatest gift ever given!!

PS...Can't remember from last year....if you are not Christian, please know that so many are keeping you in their thoughts and prayers this coming matter what your faith!! Toni

Sent by Toni | 6:58 PM | 11-2-2007

Dear Leroy...Sending you only good wishes...many thoughts and give so many hope and's hoping tomorrow will be a little better day for you...and Laurie...Fondly...Ann Pat...xoxoxo

Sent by Ann Patrice Sclafani-Forde | 7:08 PM | 11-2-2007

LeRoy, you have been an inspiration to all of us with your courage and your daily words. Please relax and heal, knowing that we are all sending our love and prayers to you.

Your blog has connected me to a larger cancer 'family' and it has been a help during my past six months of chemotherapy. Thank you for perserverance and courage.

Sent by Louis Loggi | 7:08 PM | 11-2-2007

Keep the "I can" feeling alive. So many are praying for you! You will feel better.

Sent by Linda | 7:23 PM | 11-2-2007

So glad that you are remaining so strong and most of all that you are able to go to the blog when you need that extra support and strength. We may not ever, more than like never, meet and you may not know who many of us are, but we know enough about eachother to provide support, love, faith, strength! It's funny how that works, you don't ever have to meet someone or talk to them, you can simply write to them on a daily basis and have a "friendship" like no other. A special bond that we all share that I feel is just what we all need.

I am so happy that right now we are helping to keep you strong and that we provide an avenue for you to go to when you need it.

You are a good man and I think I can speak for all when I say you help us out each and everday by doing what you do so it makes us happy that we can do the same in return!

Continue to keep your faith and STAY STRONG (are you sick of hearing that yet?!). It is so true though, you have to remain strong and positive!


Sent by Cristina Gonzalez Tampa, FL | 7:27 PM | 11-2-2007


May you continue to feel the "cushion" of good wishes and gain strength from our collective caring. You are held tenderly in the hearts of many.

Sent by Sandy | 7:48 PM | 11-2-2007

Hi Leroy:
Hang in there and keep fighting. With any luck brighter days are ahead. Your blogs are such an inspiration to us going through the cancer journey and this survivor appreciates your words every day. My thoughts and prayers are to Angels to help make you well again.

Sent by Fran | 7:59 PM | 11-2-2007

You are such an amazing man! Your humanity just ovewhelms me -- thanks for bringing us all together.

Sent by Kathy in Carlisle, PA | 8:08 PM | 11-2-2007

Dadgumit, Leroy, that's what makes cancer so unbearable and so bearable at the same time. We're helpless. And yet we can actually feel the support from others who are in the same shoes. We're lifting you up, Leroy....

Sent by Ruth McCarver | 8:10 PM | 11-2-2007

This will probably not be messaged because it is rather late. But I did not want to begin another, lonely, weekend without your words or without wishing you the best of days until we get together again. You are regaining your strength and hopefully this next couple of days will give you love, and joy. Yes, joy Leroy, because we love you and feel the vibes.

Sent by J C R | 8:23 PM | 11-2-2007

Dear Leroy,
This is the first time I am writing. I have been reading your blog daily since last spring. My thoughts and best wishes are with you through this difficult time. Your courage, perspective and insights are deeply inspiring. I wish you peace and a healthier future! Thank you for enriching my life.

Sent by Madeleine Carolan | 8:55 PM | 11-2-2007

Leroy, Each of us shares a bond with one another due to the "C". Whatever it takes, you have to help out. Glad we are helping. It helps me just knowing that. Stan

Sent by Stan Wozniak | 9:03 PM | 11-2-2007


I have only posted a time or two. I read you every day, though, and always hope to hear you are doing better. I'm really sorry you are struggling now. I know you will be ok, but it is a lot for you to have to deal with. You are an amazing friend and you have helped so many - even those of us who have never been through the kind of pain you are going through. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I'm sending a warm hug. Blessings...

Sent by Carol | 9:05 PM | 11-2-2007

One day at a time!!! I know it is easier said - but when my husband passed from lung cancer - those words were what I lived by. I still do in coping with the loss of him. My prayers for you to continue to heal and gather strength wherever you can draw it from!!! You have many friends on here pulling for you, and I am one of them.

Sent by Deb from Michigan | 9:07 PM | 11-2-2007

We've never met, but I know you. I'm one of your silent followers faithfully reading the daily blog, watching you on Ted Koppel's documentary, and drawing strength from your courage. I never wrote a comment in the past year and a half because I've never had cancer and didn't presume I had anything to offer. I'm writing now, though, because you asked for help. Even though I've never shared your disease, I have walked through the Valley more than once--and come out the other side.
I'm holding out my hand right now. Grab hold and I'll help you through this difficult time.

Sent by Dru | 10:07 PM | 11-2-2007

Dearest Leroy,
You have given me such strength, you will never know!! And I constantly send you my love, thoughts and prayers. Thank you, Leroy, for what you have done for every single person who has suffered with cancer or any disease that causes suffering and sadness. Again, my prayer:
The Light of God Surrounds You
The Love of God Enfolds You
The Power of God Protects You
The Presence of God Watches Over You
Wherever You Are, God Is.
Every night at 9:00 I will send this Love and Light your way.

Sent by Lyn Banghart | 10:24 PM | 11-2-2007

Leroy and Laurie--
We follow the blog everyday.
We want you to know that we think of you both so often.
We send you our love just as often.

Sent by Jane and Richard Tarkington | 10:54 PM | 11-2-2007

I'd like to come over to your house RIGHT NOW with something tasty for you to eat and something funny for you to read ! I'd also give you and your wife a huge big hug .

As I live in Canada and probably very far away from you , please accept this email as a "virtual" warm embrace. Leroy, your blog is absolutely wonderful , please keep writing , it means so very much. You are battling right now, but you are a strong man with a big heart . You have gone through so much ....the healing power of the body and mind is very strong and you have a will not only to survive but thrive . You can do it Leroy and I am sending you many, many positive thoughts and good wishes.

From your loyal reader


Sent by Moira Macdonald | 11:33 PM | 11-2-2007

Hi Leroy,

ANother among many letting you know that I am here for you. This low point will pass, and it will get better. Sending you positive energy, loving thoughts, and prayers for a faster
recovery. (I would say speedy, but it seems that it is not happening quickly enough already. I was hoping you would be further along by now.) Have a good weekend, and please hang in there. If you can use this time to get more sleep, sometimes sleeping through
discomfort is the best - for healing and just getting through it all.

Love, peace, hugs.

Sent by Lilly T. | 11:51 PM | 11-2-2007

Dear Leroy, I've "only" been reading your posts for a short time. I didn't want to be another person who had to read about someone else's disease, as if you were a reality show. And yet, dear man, your eloquence and humanity quickly grabbed me and I was compelled to go back to the beginning and catch up. My background is in nursing (I work in science education now), so I know the medical stuff. I also had the profound honor and life-changing privilege to be at the bedside of two dear friends - sisters -when they died of breast cancer within six months of each other, almost ten years ago. Leroy, your strength and will and wicked sense of humor (a tumor costume, indeed!) have carried you through hell. I'm sure you know the famous Churchill quote: When you find yourself going through hell...keep going. Thank you for letting me, for letting all of us, offer you support.

Sent by Terri | 11:59 PM | 11-2-2007

My thoughts are with you. You're right, it's hard to ask for help, but the people who surround you are most likely glad that you're asking. Hang in there!!

Sent by Donna | 12:24 AM | 11-3-2007

Just another supporter that prays for at night. We are all here for you.

Sent by Sherri Beadles | 12:33 AM | 11-3-2007

Dear Leroy,

I just came back from Temple and have been thinking about God and life a lot recently. A close friend has just been diagonosed with cancer. .her third bout in about 20 years. . the last one was only about 5 years ago. I'm rambling. . My thoughts and prayers are with you. If you want to dress up as a tumor for Halloween I hope you get your wish next year. Personally, I'd vote for your handing out treats at your door dressed up as a healthy person.. . but whatever pleases you. I wish you comfort, laughter, days free of pain and good health.


Sent by Andrea--Los Angeles | 12:51 AM | 11-3-2007

Dear Leroy,

Today my wife had her first mamo after a year plus of chemo and radiation and got the good news that she's "normal." If you could only get news like that, it would make my day. Best wishes for you and yours.

Maybe you could come up with suggests how I and others like me out here in cyberspace could - no matter how indirect - do something for you and others in your situation.


Sent by Mark Levine | 1:58 AM | 11-3-2007

Leroy, I hope you are getting enough rest. Don't be so eager to return to "normal" that you sabotage the process by pushing too hard.

Sent by tex | 2:05 AM | 11-3-2007

Dear Leroy,
As everyone has said, you have given so much to us, and there is nothing wrong with sitting back and taking a break and letting us give to you. You and Laurie have become members of our family now, and my prayers are with both of you always.

Love, Briana

Sent by Briana | 2:11 AM | 11-3-2007

Yes Leroy
It is hard being the one in need. The truth is we all need each other- I hope everyday you are feeling better. I've been very impressed with everyone on here. It's an amazing venue-there is no way we could send this many snail mails or phone calls to you-and yet it is just one way to connect-there are many. I noticed that I was pretty reactive to yesterdays comments-and really couldn't believe my reactiveness--but we've all been through our own personal war.

The most impressive thing is that I learned that so many of you have learned to take "the high road" and to take care of yourselves. I like the expression "ouch" when something hurts the heart. And also appreciated the recognition that Elizabeth (?) was ut...hum..."having a bad day"-yes we've all been in pain and fear and have lashed out. It does come down to fear and love I think--and I can only hope that love conquers. I applaud all of you including Leroy who have in fact been vulnerable to make ourselves and the disease public. I don't know any other way now then not to be vulnerable. I've also learned to be protective. It's all about balance. Thanks and take care,

Sent by Linda | 2:45 AM | 11-3-2007

When sleep doesn't come, your blog is my refuge. I may be the last to comment today, but far from the last to care. If only my arms could reach across the miles, you would have a big hug...watching out for all the drains, tubes, etc. of course.

Been rereading Harry Potter before I tackle the last book. Wish I could cast some wonderful curing spell tonight and you would walk out of the cancer world tomorrow.


Sent by Nikki | 5:42 AM | 11-3-2007

Imagine every one of us with cancer joining hands beneath you, forming
an infinite net of strength, warmth, care, and love. You're walking
down this path yourself, but YOU ARE NOT ALONE. We're all with you. We
won't let you fall until it's your time; and then, you'll fall gently,
as we all hold you.

Sent by PJ | 6:42 AM | 11-3-2007

I am trying to ask for things these days also. It's hard for me but I get great results. Rest assurd Leroy, you could probably have 20 of us at your side within a days notice.

Sent by Lisa | 7:08 AM | 11-3-2007

Isn't nice to know so many people care so much. I hope so.

Sent by Joan Kelly | 11:56 AM | 11-3-2007

Hi Leroy and Laurie,
There's not anything original that I can add to all of these wonderful posts. Just know that whatever you need, I'm one of the many who try to be "there" for you, as you have been for us.


Sent by Sheara | 12:05 PM | 11-3-2007

Leroy, I wish there was more than I could do to help you through this, I really do. I pray for you everyday, that's the best I can do. Bite the Bullet, Leroy, you'll be better soon.

Sent by Ruth White | 3:54 PM | 11-3-2007

To our teen grand daughter I described the feeling of having many people thinking positive thoughts for us & offering their prayers & good wishes as being cradled by the care & concern of a great web that is unseen but felt palpably, as you say Leroy. Straight ahead is the only direction to acknowledge & it's the only way we can go anyhow! Thanks for the Discovery show & the NPR essays, as well as the blog, from a 32 month survivor of Stage 4 colon cancer w/mets & riveted straight ahead..........

Sent by Jerry | 4:00 PM | 11-3-2007


Your honesty in writing is such a wonderful antidote to all the dishonest political stuff we are surround with. How can the heavens not reward the grace you exhibit. I hope today was less difficult than yesterday and there is the JND (just noticeable difference) tomorrow. We are all praying for you.

Sent by Elizabeth Barrett | 6:38 PM | 11-3-2007

Sending lots and lots of thoughts and positive energy your way.

Sent by Nikole | 7:55 PM | 11-3-2007

Dear Leroy,
Thank you so much for a very thought-provoking post today. I think of you every day, worrying about you and wishing you well as if we were members of the same family. And I guess we are, in a way. In my church, we talk about an "interdependent web of all existence." I didn't really grasp what that meant until we had a few serious problems. Somehow, it seems that surrendering or acknowledging one's need for others' help can lead to peace and compassion.

Sweet dreams, and may tomorrow be a better day.We're all with you in spirit.

Sent by Doris | 8:59 PM | 11-3-2007

Leroy, We are all so happy to have you back home and with us again. My husband has been fighting a nasty infection he picked up in surgery at Hopkins also. He is doing well now and you are on the road to recovery. WE have been thinking and praying for your recovery. You have been through so very much, and such an inspiration to us all. Get well soon and never, ever worry about asking for help. We are all here for you and Laurie.

Sent by Nancy Owen | 9:43 PM | 11-3-2007


Sent by DEIRDRE | 10:08 PM | 11-3-2007

I was one of many who watched your Nightline tribute, "The Fallen." That show was a comfort to me. The day after 9/11 was the day I found out I had ovarian cancer. From then on I felt a kind of kinship with soldiers. One day your life is great, and the next it's shot to hell.

You think of your silly superstitions--you weren't even aware you had any till you got sick. But you did kind of assume that if you were a "good person" you were somehow protected. Cancer came as a shock. As my (late) journalism professor James Tankard put it, "Oh yes, I'm too SPECIAL to get cancer."

Anyway, the night "The Fallen" aired, I watched the whole show. I only regretted it wasn't twice as long so I would have a chance to really see each face. I reminded myself that life has always been this way--some people are lucky, and some are not.

May you heal quickly and enjoy much more time with your loved ones.

Sent by Donna | 10:59 PM | 11-3-2007

Leroy, I share your feelings entirely, but my wife reminds me of the many years of giving that I lived, never expecting anything. Yet now that I am in the depths of treatment, those hundreds who benefited over the years are rising so generously to MY AID that it continues to bring tears to my eyes daily...
I still have a hidden desire to be able to somehow once again be the one who provides the AID and ASSISTANCE.

Sent by John Zizelmann | 12:36 AM | 11-4-2007

Thanks for sharing your life and this journey you are on! Big ( ( ( ( ( ( ( h u g s) ) ) ) ) ) ) !!!!!!

Sent by Linda | 1:48 AM | 11-4-2007

I was interviewed by NPR for a story on chronic illness and the Internet (11 Oct 07).

It didn't make the air but I mentioned your blog as one of the first resources that I encountered after my diagnosis.

At one of the darkest times of my life - you gave me hope. I only wish that I could return the favor.

There is a great deal of comfort in knowing that we are not alone in this battle.

I wish you well

Sent by Terry | 7:59 AM | 11-4-2007

Leroy - I started listening to your blog pretty much by accident, and since then you have become a part of my life. There are clearly so many people whose lives you have affected - made them think, made them understand, given them someone to identify with, given them solace, given them hope. By sharing yourself, you have touched thousands of strangers who now see you as a friend. If a god is listening, its quite a chorus s/he is being hit with. Heal soon.

Sent by Ariel | 9:29 AM | 11-4-2007

Hang in there Leroy,
things will get better and better, you are through the worst. Everyday you will heal more and more,
praying for your speedy healing

Sent by karen | 9:32 AM | 11-4-2007

Dear Leroy,
Worried because I haven't heard of you for so long via iTunes; my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Sent by Aisha | 10:45 AM | 11-4-2007

Leroy and Laurie - hope you're having a wonderful, quiet weekend and each and every day is getting better......
Like Lisa I listened to "Oh oh child, things are gonna get easier" while receiving chemo treatments, etc......and you know what - they have!!! and things will get easier for you too, just trust in all the love and prayers we're sending to you.....give yourself the time to heal, and keep up your beautiful spirit.......

Sent by Ruth Chermok | 11:12 AM | 11-4-2007

God bless you Leroy and keep you strong!!

Sent by Ann Adams | 3:20 PM | 11-4-2007

Leroy, All I can say is thank you for this blog. I had a little cancer and for now it is gone. You've helped me keep it all in focus and so thanks.

Sent by Mike | 6:32 PM | 11-4-2007

Sending you my love and strength. Please know your writings have given me the hope and sanity to be strong!

Sent by Sue | 7:13 PM | 11-4-2007

Keep on truckin' Leroy. Lots of love from the Woodlands, TX

Sent by Ellen Robinson | 8:50 PM | 11-4-2007

Thank you, so much, for the words you share.


Sent by Amy | 10:24 PM | 11-4-2007

The poet, Charles Swindoll, wrote these lines at the end of one of his poems. "I am convinced that life is 10% of what happens to me and 90% how I react to it. And so it is with you. We are in charge of our attitudes." LeRoy, you absolutely have the right attitude!!! Received the poem from fellow radiation patient

Sent by Judy | 1:08 AM | 11-5-2007

Hang in there! It will be worth the discomfort. My cancer surgery also came with a stubborn infection. Two months with a large tube stuck thru my left buttocks, a short cut to the internal infection. It hurt and annoyed every moment, but when it was finally removed--no more fever, no more pain, just healing--what we all pray for you. YOU ARE NOT ALONE--we're here for you.

Sent by Kevin | 4:25 AM | 11-5-2007

Dear Leroy:

I began reading your blog last summer when my husband was diagnosed with pancreatic/liver cancer. He passed away on 9/1 and on 11/1 I was diagnosed with lung cancer with the possibility of it having spread to my brain. Am having a biopsy on Weds. to find out for sure since I had something called "Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis" in 2001 which could be what's in my skull. I now find a great deal of courage reading this for me. Don't stop getting in touch with your feelings here and helping us get in touch with ours as well.

Sent by Crystal M. Hartley | 7:16 AM | 11-5-2007


I've been reading your journal for about 18 months and could never tell you how much it has helped me. My brother-in-law has lymphoma that re-ocurred this summer. What you write has helped me understand what he is going through and how I can best help him. Don't ever worry about asking for help. Keep doing your best and know that we are with you in spirit. I look forward to people's reactions whe you dress up as a tumor next Halloween!

Sent by Michael Last | 1:59 PM | 11-5-2007

Our cushion is big, soft, warm, and it CAN hold you--thank you for reaching out. We love you and send our strength and healing energies your way.

Sent by TeresaL | 2:43 PM | 11-5-2007

Dear Leroy, you give a voice to so many... including my husband. And a chance to better understand those who travel with them, including myself. And so I say, Dear.. Dear Leroy... know that as you pour out your blessings and strong point of view.. you are helping so many to heal and understand beyond our own physical & intelluctual limitations. Your gift of transcendancy is so valued and treasured. thank you for the insight you give and the vulnerability that you share... blessings and strength to you always.. and to your family.

Sent by Leslie | 11:04 AM | 11-6-2007