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Party Over Here!


Hey folks—I am so excited! I am excited about doing the show, and our new format, and—like just about everyone on the show—our new time.

What a lot of folks don't know is that we're a Los Angeles-based crew that has been doing our show live at 6 a.m. That meant we had to arrive at 4 a.m. That meant we were always sleepy.

Now that our show is live at 10 a.m. PDT (1 p.m. EDT)—we're able to hit more of the day's headlines AND function on a full night's sleep. Call it a win-win.

A big shout-out to all the people who stream and podcast us around the world. We just got a letter from Kuwait and another from Mexico City.

We've got a lot of excitement coming up, including our Sex and Sexuality series this month. Stay tuned for more. And thanks!

P.S.—if you're wondering what the pix is, it's a countdown to our new time... every day we'd mark our progress. That's how thrilled we were.



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I'm happy you're happy but it may take me awhile to be happy myself. The new time change means I can't listen to the show on my way to work. I have to wait until 10pm to try and download a podcast or two.
However, being from L.A. originally, I wouldn't wish getting out at 4am on anybody, so congratulations!!

By the way, will you ever address African Americans in classical music?

Sent by Aaron Flagg | 10:26 PM | 5-8-2007


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