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To coincide with our series on hip-hop, we thought it fitting to dust off those old photo albums and search for the "back in the day" shots we'd much rather forget — back when everybody was rocking shell top Adidas, rope chains, Lee jeans and high-top fades.

We're extending the invitation for you to do the same. If you have photos hidden away — no matter how embarrassing — send it to us! If your entry is among the best, we'll post it for all to see and catapult you into "News & Views" infamy.

Here's how to do it:

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My old school gear pic cracks me up everytime I see it. Thanks guys for keeping old school alive!

Sent by Nakea | 7:43 PM | 6-15-2007

Dear News and Notes as a life long fan of of all kinds of hip-hop from Sugar Hill Gang to the Wu-Tang Clan; and the concept of hip-hop world is great. But honestly, I was dissapointed with our selection for hip-hop ambassador we could use a stronger more known MC with crazy skillz and a world-wide flair. (MOS-DEF anyone?)

Sent by Mr. Politics | 2:36 PM | 6-19-2007

man, i got dope shots that i have taken in the last few years. i am 34 years old and I am in a b-boy crew (League of Extraordinary Breakers STAND UP!)

so to me, this is not something I USED to do. i still do it.

and yes, i am married with babies!!!

Sent by Brother Omi | 7:34 PM | 6-19-2007

Alright Brother Omi.... Where are the pictures of you in this old school gear???

Sent by Nicole A. Childers | 12:29 AM | 6-20-2007