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If you missed today's show, Dr. Julianne Malveaux offered some useful tips about making the most of your summer travel. And now each Monday during our economics segment, one of our expert contributors will answer your pressing questions about personal finance. So ask away!

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I take issue with Ms. Chideya allowing to be quoted an analogy that 'the Jews killed Christ' without at the least unttering an "untrue". As Ms. Chideya explores and educates us of the black experience she should not on the otherhand let that shredded old lie originated by the Catholic church against us jews pass without remark. By letting it slide through she is showing her agreement with it and/or her lack of knowledge on the matter.

Sent by Lee Henry | 4:14 AM | 7-10-2007

I have a question on financial planners.
How do you find one that works with expats?
I live in Japan and would like some help but finding a CFP that works with expats isn't easy, is some help but.....

Sent by Eric Jones | 1:04 AM | 7-12-2007

i have about $2K worth of credit card debt. should i pay that off first before putting money in a high yields savings account with 5% interest? or should i hedge my bets, paying off some of the debt while putting some in savings.

Sent by Kevin D'Antonio | 1:17 AM | 7-12-2007

Heard the show today and love Dr. Malveaux. Here's a question: I want to buy a house but I have a bad credit rating -- even though I am in the process of improving it. Are there ways I can get a good rate on a mortgage even with less than stellar credit?

Sent by Candice Jackson | 4:12 PM | 7-23-2007

I'm recent graduate from law school. I have Federal loans and private loans which amount to over 100k. I don't have any credit card debt, but I would like to know how to manage the federal loans vs. the private loans. Which it seems I'll be paying off until I die.

Sent by Kenisha Ringgold | 10:02 PM | 7-25-2007

Hi I'm Kenneth, and listen to the show every chance I get. My financial situation is this. I have no money. I've read every book, and tried it seemingly all. Something always comes up, and bam, I'm broke again. The problem is I have two properties. I manage them both, and work full time. I have a decent salary, and somehow am smothered in debt. The latest thing I've tried was Quicken 2007. I managed to actually load 90% of my financial data, then bam, be gone, bye-bye, c'you later, now here I set. From there, I need life insurance. I refuse to pay for life insurance once retired, so I'll only settle for whole life annuity, which after 15 years must be able to pay its own premium, and provide cash to me in case of emergency for the rest of my life. I figure I can get a $100,000 policy at age 42, for around $210 monthly, any advice here? Then I have a really bad loan I need to handle, I have a 04 envoy in good condition rapped in a 15% personal loan. The balance is around $22,000, and costing me $560 monthly for like the next 5 years. If I went for broke, I could pay $1000 toward all bills. Keep in mind I have around 4-5 credit cards, 403(b), pension (state pays 50% of salary at retirement, I'm doing 65k now with 13 years to go), 401(k), IRA-ROTH, 457(b), stock, and investment property. Do I need a financial planner, or adviser? Whatever the case, do I have to pay, and how much should I look to pay?

Sent by ken haywood | 12:21 AM | 7-26-2007

I must take aim at an omission that was not talked about, when the discussion about the high rate of unemployment with african American teens. The way that our teenagers dress and speak was not even broughtup. This problem is becoming an epidemic from the inner city to the suburbs.

Sent by Daren McDougal | 12:46 AM | 7-26-2007

Ken Haywood, talk to an advisor with a company that can handle all of your portfolio not just segments. For example you've mentioned a lot of different products (401k,403b,Roth IRA's,Annuity,Stock,Personal Loan,Personal Income Budgeting). You wojld benefit from meeting with an advisor who works for a company that can help you in all those areas. I would recommend MetLife, with 140 yrs. of experience they are one of the largest and oldest companies that do not just specialize in the securities side of what you need help with. A lot of the companies out there are trying to get into the insurance side but they end up just putting their clients into products from some small unknown insurance company, and focus on the investment (security) side of the business or vice versa. There are very few "complete companies" MetLife is one of them.

Sent by Rebecca Gorrell | 3:04 PM | 7-31-2007

This one is for Dr. Malveaux. I have read every money book out there and they all say I need to diversify the types of loans and credit cards I have in order to boost my FICO score. The problems is, my score is so low I don't qualify for the credit cards and loans needed to diversify and the bills I pay on time regularly (i.e. rent, cable, cell phone, car insurance) do nothing to boost my score. What can I do to get my FICO score higher?

Sent by Takiyah Nur Amin | 12:57 PM | 8-3-2007

Please do not post: I am almost immobilized by my debt. I recently moved to Florida, and finding a permanent job while trying to keep a roof over my head has really landed me in a lot of trouble. I need direction but I don't even know where to begin to ask for help. My issue is not credit card debt it is just about everything else. Can you contact me?

Sent by Nina L. Mc Duffie | 4:18 PM | 8-8-2007

I have a question about estate planning and living wills. How do I make sure my parents' assets are properly transferred upon their death?

I've heard horror stories from friends who have had to deal with the government, credit card companies and other third parties wiping out accounts.

And how do I broach the topic without sounding greedy and disrespectful?

Sent by Kim Pery | 6:40 PM | 8-17-2007

Well it is a free country. Let it be.

Sent by Alex | 9:04 AM | 12-9-2007


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