Video of the Day: Sen. Craig's First Denial

Sen. Larry Craig, a three-term Republican senator from Idaho, insisted in a press conference today that he is "not gay" and that he "overreacted" when pleading guilty to a misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge after being arrested in an airport men's room.

During its wall-to-wall coverage today, CNN played this old ABC News report, featuring Craig — a congressman at the time — issuing a preemptive denial of involvement in a congressional sex and drug scandal.

The reporter: News & Notes commentator Carole Simpson, then a reporter for ABC News.



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Well that's interesting. What year was this?

Sent by Markus | 5:06 PM | 8-29-2007

How about a video or soundtrack of the time Craig called Bill Clinton a bad, bad, nasty boy!!
That would illuminate the amazing hypocrisy displayed by this Senator from Idaho. Or maybe just point out how he feels about men doing things like that with women.

Sent by Valerie | 11:55 AM | 9-1-2007