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No Unrest, Uproar in Sean Bell Trial Fallout

Sean Bell Protest

Supporters of Sean Bell demonstrate in the streets of New York City after the verdict was announced in the Bell shooting trial. Spencer Platt, Getty Images hide caption

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The New York Times describes the response to the Sean Bell verdict this way:

"Unlike some previous verdicts in police shootings, the acquittals in the Bell case have so far been largely met with a muted response. Thousands of protesters did not fill the streets, no unrest ensued."

What was your reaction to the acquittals? To what do you attribute the reaction as mentioned above?

We took a closer look at this case — and the fallout — on today's bloggers' roundtable segment. Listen, and tell us what you think.

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It is a travesty, yet it doesn't surprise me of the verdict. That is how this country is, and the media has the gall to try and crucify Rev. Jeremiah Wright for speaking the truth, basically about injustices such as this. The more things change, the more they stay the same. I am praying that his family can get through this ordeal and have peace in their lives. This is ridiculous, however every government controlled organization will take care of their own to cover up crimes: CIA and Cointellpro, FBI, The President, The Governor, The Mayor, the military. All of these groups have corruption and until GOD is in the mix there will forever be people in postions getting away with heinous crimes. May GOD bless Seans soul and may he comfort his family.

Sent by Glenn | 3:25 PM | 4-28-2008

I am not suprised the Sean Bell verdict.Once I heard that the Officers wanted a "Bench Trial" instead of a Queens jury of African-Americans and Latinos it was a done deal that these officers would be totally exonerated just as in the Amadou Diallo case justice is never served. Where is the Senator Clinton's voice on this verdict as usual the Clintons want Black folks when they want a vote but when we need and require Justice you don't hear a mumblin' word, typical.

Sent by Charlene McKinney | 3:32 PM | 4-28-2008

Farai, I am a big fan who enjoys your show, but your bloggers roundtable on Monday was totally off based and the comments made by the bloggers concerning Sean Bell were either uninformed, ignorant or both. There are a lot of black men murdered around the nation every day by police and a lot of them are unarmed-this is racist and there is never any justification to shot someone 40-50 times. Seek out experts and people who study crime and race to talk about this instead of malinformed bloggers. I've followed the news a long time and I can not recall an incident of a white unarmed man being shot 40-50 times by police. This happens regularly in the black community and the public should be educated about this-not even an animal is shot 50 times.

Sent by malik | 3:45 PM | 4-28-2008

I was upset by the roundtable bloggers comment that "it wasn't that 50 shots were fired that it was the first shot that may have killed Sean Bell." I cannot believe he felt that 50 shots or unloading and then reloading was justified in any fashion. Whatever happened to maiming a suspect or shooting out the tires? Are these things taught in police training or am I just watching too much television? This case just showed again how some police feel they are above the law and becuase their job is stressful they can do what they want.

Didn't we all get upset at those Al Graib (sp?) guards for abusing their authority? Don't we hold soldiers accountable when they put themselves above the law in war time situations like Iraq & Afghanistan? Do we simply close our eyes to their actions becuase they are in a stressful situation. If that kind of concern is good enough for Iraqi's why isn't it good enough for American citizens?

Sent by Melle G | 4:10 PM | 4-29-2008

What the hell?This jerk tried to run over these officers TWICE.They had already I.D. themselves as officers.50 rounds or 100 rounds you shoot until the threat is neutralized.PERIOD.These idiots who foam at the mouth about an unjustified shooting have NEVER even come CLOSE to hostile action being taken against their own lives.

Sent by Joe Poeta | 4:13 PM | 4-29-2008