Bill Cosby's Famous TV Sweaters Up for Auction

Bill Cosby

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Oh yes, you know you want one. A collection of Bill Cosby's, ahem, interesting sweaters from his sitcom days have been pulled out of mothballs and are headed for auction. A charity set up to honor Cosby's late son Ennis will benefit from the money raised. According to Yahoo News:

Never available to the public before, three of the iconic sweaters worn by Cosby's character, Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable, on the show in the 1980s and '90s will be sold on eBay's Giving Works charity listing arm from June 2-12. Opening bids will start at $5,000 per item on

OK, paying $5,000 for an ugly sweatera piece of TV memorabilia might be out of reach for most of us, but we urge anyone with the cash to make a bid. Who knows, by helping out a great cause you could end up with the best Halloween costume ever.



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I think we need to look past on how aesthetic the sweaters might be and look at the great meaning behind why he is auctioning the sweaters. His only son meant the world to him and he died so tragically. I personally loved the many artful sweaters he wore on the show...he was making a statement with the sweaters when he wore them on the show. I found it quite rude to subjectly critic the sweaters in a negative way which sort of diminishes the vision behind why he is auctioning them for such a worthy cause. The father and son relationship that was played on The Cosy show was inspired by his own son and I think whether we like how they like should be irrlevant to the bigger reason why he is auctioning him toward the legacy and in memory of son. NTL

Sent by Nadine | 2:08 PM | 5-30-2008

hahaha! This is a great cause and those sweaters are just too funny. Thanks for posting the information (and making me laugh).

Sent by Chandra | 2:17 PM | 5-30-2008

lawd why lawd why... william can put his arcylic paunch hiders back in the mothballs under the bed unless they are cashmere and silk and come with a nice set of live silkworms to fix the elbows... Really, did he not just author a tome blasting a portion of the community who are primarily defense-less against such printed media bludgeoning all in the name of grieving for his son, Ennis?

Naw, William you can do better healing by getting more directly involved with the community that you as a young boy grew up within and find a better methodology to achieve some peace and healing as this concept falls flat on its merits...

Besides, the only clothing i would bid for is: 1. PRN's macrame' jumper from his A. Hall show performance of "Gett Off" -loved the back door flap window!!! adn gold -happy b day purple boy" hit dem with the concord jams upside their earholes...i beat you by a few months but we are all dogs according to the chinese lunar calendar] and 2. the "Beat It" red jacket from Jack-O! that other dog in the 1958 running pack..

now, about those original Fat Albert animation acetate cells were are these? Dig in the vault and call me up with Sotheby's got them.

Sent by K MJUMBE | 1:11 AM | 6-1-2008

Bill Cosby did a Hurricane Hugo benefit at the University of South Carolina and I was asked to emcee so as to be "dressed appropriately" I bought a "Cosby-made-for-TV"" sweater by the Japanese (I believe)designer which was multi-colored and looked as if a cat had attacked it as threads hung down all over the thing. He shows in a suit. Bill must have many grey suits in his closet as he grabbed a coat that did not match his pants. Close but no cigar and noticeable. I still have that sweater and wear it only at very special and rather odd events. Expensive yes...odd...yes! However, I do hope the items will raise alot of money along with eyebrows. Cosby is a classic! Joe Pinner

Sent by Joe Pinner | 11:08 PM | 6-1-2008

This still doesn't tell me where Cosby purchased these sweaters. I really would like to know

Sent by sylvia k | 7:50 PM | 7-22-2008