You Gotta Play to Win ... and This Kid Won $35 Million

A 19-year-old construction worker is South Carolina's newest millionaire — 35 times over. Jonathan Vargas picked the winning numbers in last weekend's $35.3 million Powerball jackpot.

Here's more from AOL Black Voices:

Vargas said he plans to buy his mother a house and quit work.

"Right now, there's no really big plans in the works," he said. The first thing he plans to do is get a lawyer and a financial consultant. He said he already has an accountant — his aunt.

... Vargas, who admitted he's still a little scared by the prospect of being a millionaire at his young age, said the money is "a blessing from God."

"You never ask the Lord why you are blessed," he said. "I'm not going to ask the Lord why he put it in my hands."

What would you do with $35 million?



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Nice to see something good happen to an intelligent young black male.

Sent by JC | 11:57 AM | 5-22-2008

It was Thursday May 26 1994 when as usual I bought a NJ lotto ticket. I always bought $1 each day in NYState on Wednesdays and Saturdays and since I could walk to NJ I also bought $1 each day in NJ on Monday and Thursday. That Thursday I bought the ticket in a paper store in Passaic N.J. and didn't pick my own numbers. When I looked at it, two of the numbers from the machine pick were the same as I usually played.
The following year I read in the NJRecord that the ticket worth $24.5 million dollars hadn't been claimed yet. I serached the house real quickly and then realized that I had moved anyway. So the 20 years of praying went out the window somehow somewhere. Fortunately hope keeps me going.
However if I had collected the money I probably would have shared it with my family and bought myself a couple of properties and then write songs and commentary. I still do, but not as forcefully. Mainly it's taken too much of a toll except to live in an adult home but I still have enough money to get a diet cola every morning and everyone knows that a diet cola is the real breakfast of champions.

dePaul Consiglio

Sent by dePaul Consiglio | 5:42 PM | 5-22-2008

Move to Africa...

Sent by alexander | 7:47 PM | 5-22-2008

sage wisdom says-sound money management would be to purchase you mother a home and then set her up an annuity to cover insurance and living expenses... barring that...i recommend some school time in accounting, investment and wealth management courses.

also, hauling a nice chuck offshore post the first uncle sam dip in the coin purse.

time to hit the books before someone comes along and spirits this little bit need to know what works for you in making the money make money and not let those who wish to manage it on your behalf drain you dry for afterall..if they were so good at their investment work why would they need to help you? think about...? now hit the books.. bruh!

and get in your grannies ear for some common black sense.

Sent by K Mjumbe | 3:30 PM | 5-23-2008

oops! pardon me this was suppose to be about what i would do?

35 million aint a whole lot but let me see...

Post first taxing, it the rest would be spirited offshore and so would i.

next step up a foundation whose mandate would be to make malaria in africa and portions of central/southern americas and asia history and/or work more with RBM-WHO to get every nation with malaria growing its own artemisia plants for tea for malaria prevention.

Barring that i would up my annual foreign nation trip schedule by a factor of five times -living at 34000 feet on a flat bed might be entertaining for six months whilst i house shop... and no i am not ready for that a380 whale in the sky with my own cabin thank you no...

certain african nations [you know who you are] would get direct assistance with local clinics and school supplies and books as well as fees and uniforms...and a couple of well compensated instructors local to boost education similar to Ms. O's project but more grassroots...

and finally, i would get in my granny's earhole for some more common sense infusion. i figured she has made it beyond the odds through some great wisdom unspoken so i need to dip the laddle in and have a good sipping dose one more time...

Sent by K Mjumbe | 2:22 PM | 5-28-2008