John Hope Franklin Calls Obama Success "Amazing" has a must-see video of renowned historian John Hope Franklin sharing his thoughts on Barack Obama's presumptive nomination as the Democratic presidential candidate.

In short, he calls it "amazing." Watch the rest:

More: John Hope Franklin on an Obama Presidency



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On seeing the video of John Hope Franklin,made me realize, how Obama is giving our elder generation great hope; like "I never would have thought I would see this day", kind of sentiment.

I'm sure many of Mr. Franklin generation that still are with us, must feel like what ever they have been through, it was worth it to get to this place in history.

Just by Mr. Obama getting this far in running for the highist office of the land, has been like a balm to so many tried souls in our ommunity; this in & of it's self must feel like vindication to so many of our elders!

Sent by Robert H. | 9:36 PM | 6-20-2008

Dr. Franklin Made a significant comments regarding Obama's Candidacy for President. I too believe their will be stumbling blocks place in his path to the White House but the massive neglect of this country is far greater than any obstacle.

Sent by Faheem | 1:56 PM | 6-22-2008