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Headlines: More Sad Stats on Black America, AIDS

U.S. Blacks, If a Nation, Would Rank High on AIDS
The advocacy group Black AIDS Institute released a report, saying that if black America was its own country, it would be number 16 on the list of countries with the highest amount of people living with AIDS. 600,000 African Americans currently have AIDS, and as many as 30,000 are being infected each year.

AIDS-Related Deaths Decline 10% in 2007
The United Nations says the number of new AIDS infections, as well as the number of deaths has dropped significantly over the last year. There were 2.7 million new HIV cases in 2007, which is down from the 3 million in 2001. The UN has attributed this trend to increasing AIDS awareness, prevention tactics, and access to treatment.

McCain Charge Against Obama Lacks Evidence
John McCain has launched a renewed attempt to discredit Barack Obama's trip through Europe and the Middle East. McCain alleges Obama canceled a visit to a military hospital because he could not take reporters with him. Critics of the ad claim that there is "no evidence that the charge is true."

IOC Will Allow Iraq to Join the Games
The International Olympic Committee has decided to allow Iraq to participate in the 2008 Beijing Olympics after all. The decision was made after last-minute conversations between Iraq and the IOC, in which the country promised to allow for the independence of their national Olympics panel — the reason for their initial ban from the games.

Black Like Mommy, White Like Me
Monique Fields has a three-year-old daughter who believes she more closely resembles her white father than her black mother. Fields describes how she must help her daughter find her way through a race-conscious world, embracing both of sides of her family, and of herself.

Keeping Him Healthy
An increasing amount of research seems to support the theory that black men suffer from many more health risks than their white counterparts. In fact, black men are up to 50 percent more likely to die from heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, and cancer.

A Racist Next Door
Following the trend of movies such as Crash and L.A. Confidential, the upcoming thriller, Lakeview Terrace, draws attention to the Los Angeles Police Department and race relations. However this film has an added twist: the racist police officer is black. Samuel L. Jackson stars.



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Hello, my name is Leonard Francis Grundy and I'm running to be the President as a "Write-In" candidate.

I have watch Senators Obama and McCain talk and talk and talk, all I have heard is they are politicians promising things they know they can never give. Another words, no change will ever come from them, here's what I have to offer the American people.

I am no politician, I have no friends in Washington DC therefore I can ride their backs 24-7-365 till we have a DO-IT-ALL Congress.

At work have you ever had a boss hanging over your shoulder while your working, just waiting for you to mess up so he or she can pounce on you... Well, that's going to be me on the backs of every member of Congress till they "QUIT" or serve you like they said they would.

I am no angel, in fact I'm probably the worst person for the job as far as morals go, I have stolen, I cheated, never robed anyone though, I have done almost every drug, I quit school, got GED though, I had affairs with married women, got caught once, long story there, I have lived as a bum in NY-FLA on steam grates and the beach. I have been the worst father to my kids, I have done everything wrong that a person can do, but, I can and have changed so much about myself.

I have a Cuban wife "Olema" that's not a citizen but is the greatest thing in my life and the lives of two mentally challenged young women she cares for in our home in North Carolina.

We all know how bad things are, do we really? Guess what people, no they are not that bad, we have had some bad management that's it. Now I'm no "Rocket Scientist, but if you pick a date to start fixing things and then stay at it till there done we can fix all our problems.

I have been called the worst boss because I ride everyone too much, I'm not a bad boss, I just strive for perfection and settle for a good quality job. I would love wakening up every day knowing I have a house full of Congress men and women that need me to oversee their actions since they can't do anything on their own for the American people.

I would take the job as "President" like the people asked me to declare war on our government and take no prisoners. I would go down through every agency one by one and fix them and find the waisted money and stop it. I would end most of the high level job and make more low level people serving jobs from their salaries. I would teach every agency how to treat the American public with respect and dignity. Won't that be a first.

I served in the Army, quit, I'm sure the Army is better for it, I hate to follow orders, I love to give them only. I learned a lot in my time I served, and I know a different and more aggressive way to end these wars and as "President" I would have the wars over and our troops back home by August 2009, this is no guess, but a true blue plan of action that will force the wars to an end. I know how to make them beg for mercy and almost offer up their countries to us just so we will leave and let them live in peace with them promising to never threaten another country or their citizens ever again. It's not rocket science, just the worst thing that someone could ever go through it's something that would leave a lasting scar emotionally, but not physically. I hope it wouldn't come to that. I will save our soldiers lives by ending these wars.

I will force Congress to pass a new law that makes our gasoline companies produce only regular gas, since we get more gallons per barrel that way, thus cutting 1/20 our daily use right now off imported oil. I will mandate that every highway be annexed under the federal government for the growing of "Switch-Grass" a bio-fuel for our cars. Now every gas station has two free pumps for our bio-fuels available, see cost savings for our gas companies.

We will put up wind energy farms in the mid west and on the ocean to provide power to both the east coast and the west coast. We will tear down all nuclear power plants and destroy all the nuclear weapons. We will loan the money to our coal burning plants to install the scrubbers now, not do it in 20 years. We will start cutting Green House Gases.

Hear me everyone, there will be no more drilling for oil anywhere in the US ever again, our cars will be off oil by 2012. We can do it. We must do it. Lets do it.

I want to be the President that makes your life more enjoyable, more rewarding, more secure. We can solve all our problems if we will just do one thing together as a nation, that is elect me to the office of the President of the United States of America and let me kick some Washington DC butt 24-7-365 for you.

Sent by Leonard Francis Grundy | 11:27 PM | 7-30-2008