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Reverend Jackson Called Absentee Dad

Relentlessly self-promoting ... I mean hard-working activist Najee Ali has handed the Rev. Jesse Jackson his fatherhood on a platter. Like revenge, it's a dish served cold.

Here's an excerpt of an open letter he released:

Living in Los Angeles I have watched your ten year old daughter Ashley Laverne Jackson grow up. Over the years I have had the pleasure to spend several holidays with your daughter including Christmas, her birthday parties and other milestones in her life. I will never turn my back on Ashley her mom and their family. It's about providing friendship, support and love to them while you have been missing in action.

Your daughter has never traveled or taken a trip with you, you have an annual birthday party in Beverly Hills every year where your entire family is welcome but your youngest child has only attended it once. She has had very little contact with her siblings and has never even met her big brother Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr, who apparently doesn't want anything to do with her. And allegedly (I believe it to be true), he was the one to leak the scandal to the media concerning your affair. Now don't get me wrong, Oba ma is not above reproach. He is a politician and is fair game to be fairly criticized by you or anyone else. But to personally attack Obama is crossing the line. Obama is not talking down to Black people; he wants you and other dead beat dads to spend time and care for your children properly. The destruction of the Black family and absentee fathers is a major problem in our community.

It's a problem that King spoke out and fought against. 40 years after King's murder I can see why King didn't trust you. If you can't and won't sincerely help Obama in this historic run then at least stop attacking him. Listen to Obama's message of being a responsible father and start taking care of your daughter Ashley.

Rev. Jackson's ten-year-old daughter is the result of an affair he had with an aide. Read the rest of the letter here.

So: do you think Najee Ali was over the line, or is this fair game?



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Geez! Hammer don't hurt'em....

I have nothing to add. This is the reason I check this blog at least twice daily. Where else can you get this type of info!!

Sent by Bill M | 9:07 PM | 7-11-2008

Maybe that's why Rev. Jackson took the statement so personally. The Black community is suffering terribly from the lack of Father's and men taking their rightful place in the home and community. I really wish that we would stop being our own worse enemy if Rev. Jackson is not sincere in his effort to get Obama elected President he needs to keep his mouth closed and disappear until the election is over. He knows that the media is looking for anything they can use to make Mr.Obama look bad. Maybe Rev. Jackson is a little upset because he did not achieve the Presidential Nomination.

Sent by etg | 12:21 AM | 7-12-2008

Fair game, no question about it. But I don't want the sensationalism of this event to obscure the deeper more significant issue: much of the suffering in the black community is the product of our own culture and beliefs.

Someone I'm grateful to once told me that I'd have to give up being black to be black. If you can get that, you're free.

To be powerful in this situation(being black in America) is to say that yes I am black and whatever I have or don't have is my responsibility and mine alone. If I'm not getting the results I want or living the life I dream about, then what is missing in my game that has it be that way.

I think Barak is right on to have us look at ourselves first before going down that familiar, but empty road of claiming victim status and clamoring about what American has done to us.

Sent by Mike H | 11:53 AM | 7-12-2008

Why is it now an issue that he isnt spending time with his child. She knew at the time of conception that this was a married man and that he had a family. Did she for once think that he was going to leave his family for her and her child. Think not. Did she think that after all of this that she was going to live a happily ever after life with her daughter and his family. Jessie Jackson Jr. doesnt accept her because she feels as if her and her mother tried to destroy their family unit. Why should he be forced to accept her just because he is her older brother. As long as the child is taken care of then what is the problem. She is getting what she wants and that is money for the childs well-being. What does she believe that she deserve some kind of compensation for sleeping with a married man. I DONT THINK SO!!! I dont agree with women who sleep with married men and know that they are married then expect to become the center of everything.

Sent by Quinda H. | 10:37 AM | 7-13-2008

Don't have a problem with his calling out Jesse; do have a problem with him including photos and publicly identifying the little girl. To my knowledge, her mother only used her first name in interviews regarding her daughter, but he has violated the child's right to privacy and even insinuated some things about other members of the Jackson family. Keep it strictly about Jesse and HIS actions.

Sent by C | 3:10 PM | 7-13-2008

Read this and then read the comments at

The damage he has done is immeasurable. Thanks Rev. Jackson. Thanks a lot.

Sent by Douglas Dunn | 9:47 AM | 7-14-2008

Karin S.Jesse's BM, told me (and others) that she had cervical cancer when she conceived their love child. If she were a younger woman at the time, she may have not seen the pregnancy to full term. She was older and sick and felt that this was perhaps the only chance that she would have to birth a child. This is true. I don't know Naji Ali, but I cannot imagine that he is as close to Karin and the child as he claims. If he were, wouldn't dignity and decorum dictate that he keep these things private? Isn't that what public people and their supporters do even when they know someone's draws may be dirty? Could you imagine a friend of Bill Cosby's alleged BM coming out in public criticizing him for hyporcritically crtiticizing Black culture when he himself engaged in a lifestyle that became scandalous in the media--through the girl (last name Jackson) who claimed to be HIS love child--coming out with "inside" info WITHOUT permission from said BM? Did Karin AUTHORIZE Najee's letter? If not, could he be as close as he claims? If so, then NAJEE is taking the heat for what KARIN wanted to get out. Jesse is mad cause Obama--once agian--is exposing his contradictions.

Sent by massai | 10:09 AM | 7-14-2008

My comment is directed to the contributor named Quinda H. There is no arguing with the fact that the woman knew what she was getting into, but where's the part about Jesse accepting the responsibility of fathering the child. So what if he was married. He impregnated the woman and I'm sure no one twisted his arm to have sex with her. Whether it's in or outside of his marriage, there is absolutely no excuse for any man not taking care of his own child. A good man is accountable for his child in every way, no matter the circumstance of conception.

Sent by Proud Black Parent | 11:51 AM | 7-14-2008

Why do folks continue to refer to JJ as "the Reverend?" By both word and deed, he abdicated that position long ago. He is foulmouthed, hypocritical and vindictive and needs to have the same thing he said he would do to BHO done to him. More power to Ali (whoever he is.)

Sent by snoolie | 2:03 PM | 7-14-2008

You people are foolish to attack the Reverend Jackson for the record, Rev. Jackson five very successful and hardworking children by his wife of of over 40 years.And I am quire confident Reverend Jackson is providing financial support for his illigitamate child. I dont believe Obama was talking about Jackson because Jackson did a great job in raising his first family. Stop hating on Jesse Jacksonl. And Obama's attack on black man has more to do with his trying to appease white conservative and working class voters.

Sent by Brenten Johnson | 3:57 PM | 7-14-2008

I have only one problem with Najee Ali's article and that is the publication of the child's name. This child is not at fault and should not have to deal with any of this. For the rest of it, I'm not surprised. I figured Sen. Obama had hit too close to home for the Reverand's comfort.

Sent by Anna Luc | 4:08 PM | 7-14-2008

I just skimmed the excerpt you have posted here.
PLEASE, remove the child's name from your post. She does not deserve this exposure. Yes Ali did it, but YOU don't have to help publicly humiliate a ten-year-old child. Come on!

Sent by Anna Luc | 4:17 PM | 7-14-2008

"do you think Najee Ali was over the line, or is this fair game?"

Can I say a qualified "yes" on both counts? Okay, maybe a definitely "yes" to the former and a qualified "yes" to the latter.

On the first point, we're talking about a little girl here. Had she not been fathered by a political figure, she'd be another child of a single mother: another count in a sad statistic. Ali dragged her private life out for all the world to see, and I feel sorry for her.

That said, since we live in a world where every political figure's family is put out on the display, her relationship with her father --or lack thereof-- is fair game. As I've said before, I wish this weren't the case. I wish we the public and they the journalists would treat politician's private lives as "nunya damned business." This, however, is what the tabloid-hungry public craves, and, again, I feel sorry for the girl. She did nothing to deserve this.

Sent by Matthew C. Scallon | 5:13 PM | 7-14-2008

Amen. Obama stepped on Jesse's toes. I didn't know that Jesse had a ten year old out of wedlock. Also, he's jealous because his campaign wasn't successful.

Sent by cdb | 6:21 PM | 7-14-2008

It couldn't have been said better, Najee Ali, you hit the nail right on the head. Jesse Jackson has been an embarrassment for our people too long, it is time for him to sit back, and learn from a well educated black man, that you can't dig up any dirt on !

Sent by Kerry Jones | 4:02 PM | 7-15-2008

Point one: Be careful of what you say about anyone to anyone else because you may not be aware of who knows who. If you can't say anything decent, don't say anything at all.

Point two: Be careful of divide and conquer tactics handed down to the black community. By that I mean, the great work over the past several decades by Rev(?) Jackson in the area of civil and human rights justice all over the world is overwhelming. But you hear very little about that. Even this article doesn't acknowledge that. And now the negative personal comment from him that leaked has us hatin' this brother over another brother...and taking sides. That's the media's divide and conquer tactic. Everybody has said something indecent about someone one time or another. Be it your neighbor, your boss, that person at the checkout counter, that parking meter attendant, that person behind us in church, etc. Remember all the sh*t that redneck Jesse Helms said...and not privately, but publicly I might add...over the several decades before he met his maker last week can't come close to Rev(?) Jackson's comment. And that Klansman was heralded as one of the country's greatest senators! A joke! His passing and Obama's rise couldn't be a better sign of the changing times!

Point three: Rev(?) Jackson is not the only person who's commented on Obama's criticism of certain aspects of Black men, which may be highly influenced by Obama's own personal experience. He had few, if any at all, Black men close to him in his personal life and he also comes out with these statements AFTER the votes are in his favor. Some question if this criticism of Black men is a political tactic by Obama to appease the White women (Hillary) voters. So it's not what's behind Jackson's criticism of Obama's church speeches that makes Jackson an azzhole, but how he said it. It could have been about any subject matter.

Last point: Every man has learned from the Lorena Bobbitt incident to keep his genitalia under close guard anyway, so good luck if you can get to 'em Rev.!!

Sent by Lo | 4:59 PM | 7-15-2008

A very cheap shot and a very personal attack! It is not relevant to the ongoing issue of the derogatory comments that Obama continually and exclusively spews against the African American community.

Sent by KCW | 9:18 AM | 7-16-2008

Are we really upset about Rev.Jackson's comments, Bill Cosby's comments, or more importantly the state of the black family in America. It seems no one wants to really talk about women freely engaging in pre-marital sex, absentee fathers, undereducated teens, black on black crime, and a host of other problems in our community. It's like "don't ask, don't tell". It is painful to talk about these realities, probably because each one of us has experienced aspect of these ills or another in our own families. Politically, a lot has changed in America, but very little has changed in the state of Black America today.
On finally, to all the Black young ladies out there, this little tidbit my grandmother used to say still holds true, "why buy the cow, when you can get the milk free!" Each person is the master of his own fate.

Sent by KGilmore | 9:28 AM | 7-16-2008

Lets not blame the child.She was not responsible for her conception.Anyone who is born is meant to be here.God is in control of all beings inhabiting the earth.
We now know why Jesse is so upset about the father's day speech by Mr.Obama.The mirror was looking right at him.If Jesse felt talk down to as a black person,it is because of his actions as absentee father.Handle your buisness OLD MAN,then you won't feel so offensive.And please please,don't say all black folks, just you.
Thanks you for the civil rights movement,if wasn't for you and your peers we wouldn't have THE MAN Mr.Obama running for the highest office of the land.
Now its time for you and your statesmen to take a backseat and SHUT YOUR BIG MOUTH,before you OLD DOGS ruined our chances of having this great man with terrific ideas to lead this country to where it needs to be.
Your time has come and gone.NOW IT'S OUR TIME.


Sent by MiMi en N.VA | 3:16 PM | 7-16-2008

My comment about Rev. Jackson youngest child: My parents had been married over 7-years before I was born, but when I was born my mother told my father that I was not his child. Of course, he was never apart of my life, because of that lie. The problem is children are the ones who suffer, because of there parents. Children don't ask to come into this cruel world. Now I had a lot of respect for Rev. Jesse Jackson, but now because of how he has abandoned his youngest child and the remarks he has made about one of our own; I see him naked just like Job's children saw him. They saw his true self (colors). Jesse is an old jealous A-- that can't stand to see someone else younger carry the flame. Why is it he doesn't see that he paved the way for Mr. Obama to be where he is now and be happy for him. If he has any problems with Mr. Obama talk to him in private. Don't let the world see you as one of the men Mr. Obama talks about when he says there are too many absentee fathers in the home. Now to the Congremen Jackson: Your half sister didn't ask to come here she was a product of your father and some other woman than your mother. Heal the pain and be a big brother to her. She might make you very proud one day. You are not turning your back on your mother for having a relationship with your half sister. Believe me I know how it feels to know you have a father and can't be with him. Again the child didn't ask to come here.

Peace and Blessings to all--Hilda Thomasine Wren, Author of A Plain Brown Wren, A Spiritual Journey of a Survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse.

Sent by Hilda Thomasine Wren, Author of A Plain Brown Wren | 2:25 PM | 7-17-2008

This is certainly fair game. Najee Ali has summarized the truth and nothing but the truth so eloquently but, I did read some where that it was Yuseff, another Jackson son, who leaked the info.

Sent by Maria | 12:46 PM | 7-20-2008

Why is Najee Ali so upset? This is what happens when 2 irresponsible people get together and decide to become illegitimate parents. Jesse Jackson knew better and the child's mother knew better. Ali shouldn't be upset with Jesse Jackson. He should be upset Karin Stanford for getting herself into this mess. If what Ali says about the way Jackson's family treats the child, I don't blame them. First of all, they don't owe the child ANYTHING. Second, if I was them I wouldn't want to be around the reminder of my dad's poor decisions either.

Sent by Kay J. | 2:59 PM | 7-22-2008