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What Did You Think of Michelle Obama's Speech?

Michelle Obama With Daughters / Credit: Getty Images

If you missed it last night, you can watch video of Michelle Obama's DNC address — along with a rolling transcript — care of the New York Times. Share your thoughts.



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Let me be the first to comment. I was moved to tears by the address of this graceful, eloquent and beautiful women. I was equally moved by the narration of her mother. For the first time in my adult life I envisioned a day in my country where I might one day see my african american daughter giving the acceptance speech at a national party convention. Finally we can tell our children they can be whatever they dream of being and deeply believe it ourselves.

Sent by greeney1 | 11:19 AM | 8-26-2008

I think Michelle's speech, especially the delivery was great. However, I think that she should have taken Roland Martin's suggestion and a lead for Joe Biden and talked a little about the Obamas' middle class "kitchen table" struggles-student loans to pay off not paid off until four years ago, two career family, etc.,

Sent by Glenda | 11:30 AM | 8-26-2008

This is first time that I have watched the entire opening proceedings of the Democrat convention in years, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Jessie Jr. Has definitely come into his own and it was great to Caroline and Ted Kennedy.

The video of Michelle and her speech were wonderful. I don't know how anyone could not see that both Michelle and Barrack come from very humbled beginnings. The fact that they both did not take their degrees and go for the high-powered corporate career says even more about who they are and how committed they have been to change at the grass roots level.

It is time for Barrack and the DNC to bring it. They need to focus the campaign directly on the economy (are you better today then you were 8 years ago), the War and his plans to make America and the world better for us and our children.

I agree with Glenda that if she had spoken about their struggles to payoff their student loans that would have been icing on the cake.

Malia and Sasha were great!

Sent by Iris Jenkins | 11:55 AM | 8-26-2008

It was excellent! I thought it was clearly laid and led to a crescendo of why her husband should be the next President of the United States or POTUS.

Sent by ernise | 12:13 PM | 8-26-2008

Beautiful, well-written speech. There were so very many wonderful, moving lines in it. Well delivered. Michelle looked lovely with a truly flattering hairstyle, simple sheath, and graceful demeanor. She was well prepared and brought it home for us. She painted her family as an American wonder from humble beginnings. I loved every minute of it.

Sent by Aisha | 1:53 PM | 8-26-2008

Outstanding! The deliverance of the Democratic convention opening caught my attention from beginning to end. I was spelled bound by it. I have never in forty-five years watched the opening from start to finish. I even called my girlfriends to tune in. For all Americans that believe in the American dream and cannot get passed the color of the Obama's skin I say close your eyes and truly hear the words of Mrs Obama's speak and picture yourself and your values, then make your decision base on what is truly at stake here the future our children. Let's truly be a nation that stands for equality for all people.

Sent by Regina Charlot | 2:30 PM | 8-26-2008

Michelle Obama's words were very powerful, warm and encouraging. She was everything charming--clearly articulate and intelligent. I was moved to tears. She will make an exceptional First Lady.

Sent by WENDY | 3:25 PM | 8-26-2008

She was great! I am so glad that my family and I alive to see this DNC convention!

Sent by James | 3:39 PM | 8-26-2008

I was so inspired! I held my 2 year old (who refused to go to bed last night) and felt really blessed that we were both watching a woman that my daughter thought looked like mommy (she also thinks Venus Williams & Oprah looks like mommy). And, a lady that I could immediately identify with. I also felt moved that the world got to see another image of black women that is rarely portrayed by the media. Strong, graceful, articulate, intelligient, I could go on and on.

I could not help but think that just this single appearance could change many people's perspective of black women.

Michelle thank you for representing us as mothers, daughters, wives and women.

Sent by Mrs. P.J. | 3:48 PM | 8-26-2008

IS this the Democratic Convention or the
Michelle Obama kodak moment.I would have
loved it if she spoke to issues her husband ignore.Like far advancement in technology, something the U.S. is behind on.But this would have blurred her kodak moment.

Sent by jerry myers | 4:02 PM | 8-26-2008

In her speech, Michelle Obama showed us what a substantive, graceful, accomplished and elegant first lady could look like. She is a role model for all women; of every race and ethnicity. It will be so wonderful to have a first lady who is highly educated, highly accomplished, committed to public service and unapologetic in prioritizing her family above all other values. I can't imagine anyone who would bring more dignity and integrity to the role of First Lady. Go Michelle!

Sent by Heather | 4:03 PM | 8-26-2008

I watched Michelle Obama's speech with tears in my eyes. I'm so proud of her. Her presentation was great and she looked wonderful. I cried because I identify so much with her family story. My father was a hard working man who loved and supported my brothers and I. He also talked about the value of giving back to our community and the kids in our neighborhood looked up to him and came to him for guidance. Her story was my story and I'm so glad that she had the opportunity to show America another side of our experience. My prayers and positive thoughts go out to Michelle and Barack Obama as they close the deal for all of America.

Sent by marian | 4:43 PM | 8-26-2008

I think I was watching a different speech. I would give the speech a solid B. It was stilted, scripted...down to the body language (don't point Michelle) and self serving.

It is hard to believe that presidential candidates, all of them try so hard to pretend they are just "like us". If Barack's "funny name" was mentioned one more time, I was ready to scream.

Did I like any of it? Yes, I liked when Michelle talked about her mother and father. I also liked hearing the audio connected with Mrs. Robinson's slide show. Very nice comments about her daughter.

Overall, Michelle tried "too hard" to be something she is not. I think she would come across better as the outspoken advocate that she is instead of pretending to be the AA version of The Walton's.

Sent by R.M. Mendoza | 5:07 PM | 8-26-2008

Michelle Obama's speech was inspiring. I wanted to be her sister. I can imagine growing up together and being best friends. She will make a good role model for all women when she becomes first lady.

Sent by Grace Allison | 5:32 PM | 8-26-2008

Absolutely great! Even one of my family members who's known to be an early sleeper watched the speech live instead of relying on TiVo. He called me after Michelle Obama's speech to ask if I was watching and my reply was: "Are you kidding?"

And how about the adorable kids who stole the show! Again, thanks to Michelle for making plain that being American come in different shades.

Sent by Moji | 5:36 PM | 8-26-2008

I was praying for Michelle throughout her presentation. She represents me as a woman and a mother, although I am a couple of decades wiser and more mature. Motherhood has been my most important career, but I'm blessed to have had the opportunity to pursue other possibilities. I believe Michelle and Barack will lead the country out of the wilderness and into the promised land with grace, strength, intelligence and humility. I am proud to be counted among their followers and supporters. We must all follow Ted Kennedy's dream by joining with Barack Obama. Forward March!

Sent by Lynda Blake | 5:53 PM | 8-26-2008

A brilliant speech by a an intelligent, caring and loving woman. Michelle Obama is a powerful speaker...who gets right to the core of facts.

She will make a trustworthy First Lady for all American Citizens.

As a Canadian Citizen, I cannot donate to Barrack Obama's Campaign. But I spread his messages, his vision of a solid USA for ALL Citizens via emails and phone...urging those who are USA Citizens to get out and VOTE FOR OBAMA.

I am also a white woman...who firmly believes that with Obama as President. The USA will once again reclaim its place of Power as the NO. 1 Country both in economy and Foreign Policy. For the Country will be guided by a man of with intellectual, and diplomatic skills that only Barack Obama has displayed throughout this Campagn.


Eileen C. Tallon

Sent by Eileen C. Tallon | 6:22 PM | 8-26-2008

As a white middle class american I too stayed up to watch Michelle's speech.
She is a very eloquent LADY. Very well
spoken and highly educated. All the white middle class Americans I know are voting Obama..

Sent by maddiue | 6:26 PM | 8-26-2008

I love that Michelle Obama is a real person, without pretense. While she is insightful, straightforward and articulate, she is also tender and kind. She will work beside her husband to restore our nation's integrity. We need the Obamas in the White House!

Sent by Lucy Utt | 6:36 PM | 8-26-2008

Thank God for Michelle Obama.

Sent by M. McCauley | 7:15 PM | 8-26-2008

It's hard not to be inspired by her. Her speech was great, I just thought the little bit after was a little too 'produced'

Sent by David P. | 7:33 PM | 8-26-2008

The problem is that the Obamas are not ready to lead a nation of mostly ignorant people. They are too high class. McCain knows it. That's why his silly ads work.

Sent by sam | 7:59 PM | 8-26-2008

R.M. Mendoza
It is hard to believe that presidential candidates, all of them try so hard to pretend they are just "like us".

Well that's not on politicians, it's on the American people who demand that they be 'regular guys', ordinary folks...guy you can have a beer with, connects to us, shares our values.

They have to placate to the ultra-sensitive Americans who are not that comfortable with and don't trust, smarts...With Americans can't appear too elitist...get photographed windsurfing in Hawaii and instead of 'hey that looks fun' Americans, Budweiser in one hand and the remote in the other fall for the: see he isn't like you!

Americans are ready, locked & loaded with: 'uppity', 'arrogant' and a host of other daggers and disses directed at excellence & achievement. Frightened to death that the bar is going to be raised and someones going to ask something of us.

Sent by Jon J | 9:38 PM | 8-26-2008

Before you criticize the speech, remember most of us would have trouble spelling our own name in front of the entire nation. Even without the pressure of knowing that EVERY word is being scrutinized and one little slip can be crucial. Then as a woman (mainly because of other women) that extra little pressure of how does she looks, her hair, her dress, etc.

The speech was good and she can only get better at it. As first lady it'll be less about portraying a comforting image and more about getting to work, where she's probably in more of her element.

Sent by Jon J | 10:01 PM | 8-26-2008

Michelle Obama is brilliant. She surely is as annoyed as I am appalled by the many comments I've read that she "humanizes" her husband with her comments rendering him palatable to the voting public. (He doesn't pick up his socks etc...)

Michelle knew Barack had all the human virtues (and faults) of a good man, loving partner, father, provider and leader when she met him. Otherwise she would not have married him.

Barack would never be the Democratic nominee for president without her.

America might well be ready for a black or female president, but clearly is at least a generation away from sending a man who does not have the imprimatur of a woman to the White House. Without Michell's endorsement (confirmation of his heterosexuality) Barack would not be electable.

Hillary's supporters are so privileged and out-of-touch that they do not realize that women have ALWAYS decided who could be president. Even before women's suffrage was granted 88 years ago women's absolute control over socialization ("the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world") assured that only candidates approved by women could be elected.

I will exult with the Obama family and millions of others who have hitherto been excluded from leadership when he takes the oath of office on January 20th.

Perhaps my grandchildren will live to see the day when a single man, or a man with a male companion is elected president.

Today any man without a woman is a pariah. Look at the former governor of New Jersey.

Sent by Alfred Bernheim | 1:06 AM | 8-27-2008

She was not Real at all completely scripted,,,,and her image of her self proves that the Obama Family are Elitis,, have no clue about middle america

Sent by Paul V | 12:17 PM | 8-27-2008

Alfred good points.

We hear all the time about the problem with the idea of a woman needing a man to define her. Never is the opposite considered so thanks for offering that bit of reality that often gets lost.

AND, Barack knew Michelle had all the human virtues too...otherwise he would not have pursued and married her either...let's not forget as people do when it comes to relationships, that he had decision to make too.

Chances are both would have been ok without the other but probably not where they are now.

Sent by Jon J | 1:33 PM | 8-27-2008

Paul V,

Is a Yale grad, scull & bones member 'elitist'? How about Wesleyan grad or Rhodes Scholar?

I know you're just electioneering but the phrase is a know-nothing phrase which only reflects envy and isn't the stuff that will help middle America.

It's middle America that has no clue about the world. Middle America needs to get with the program, not sit back and wait for someone to come to you as though you're the center of it all, has it all figured out. After all, what held middle America up all these years, it's industrial base, has been dwindling for over 40yrs right under your nose.

Middle American label is so worn out...The world DOES NOT center around middle America.

In fact, ALL throughout history in EVERY culture since the history of time, those who push the envelope, drive culture, innovation and progress have ALWAYS migrated to the coast...ALWAYS.

Sent by Jon J | 1:51 PM | 8-27-2008

Paul V (immediate previous comment) everyone at this level is "completely scripted". It's nature of live television and an integral part of the formula for both Democrats and Republicans (and any number of awards shows etc). And anyone who grew up in the cramped quarters she did - in spite of having worked hard enough to go to one of the elite schools - is far from elitist. If you really want an example of elitist - look at the C-student who is our current leader and who avoided showing up for military service duties without being court martialed largely because of his family ties.

Sent by Whole9 | 2:59 PM | 8-27-2008

Real. Brilliant. Elegant. Eloquent. Michelle Obama makes me proud to be called woman, mother, sister, daughter. Like Barack, she has succeeded against the odds. What a role model for our girls (and boys)!!!

Sent by Nia I. Abuwi | 3:04 PM | 8-27-2008

i think i just threw up.

Sent by mccain | 5:54 PM | 8-27-2008

So much of this sounds like idolatry. When did we start worshiping our leaders instead of expecting leadership of them? I am no more interested in the personal aspects of the Obama family than they are in mine. They both seem quite respectable and I will take them at face value.

I do wish the Senator had mentioned Michelle's father's story when he gave his "father's day" speech to African Americans instead of spotlighting the dead beat Da, absent father stereotype. That would have been some tribute. Michelle's father's story is very similar to my father's and, I suspect, many others, black and white. The Obamas get no badge for being like the rest of us.

Sent by Bee | 10:55 PM | 8-27-2008

Bee, you said, "So much of this sounds like idolatry. When did we start worshiping our leaders instead of expecting leadership of them?. . . The Obamas get no badge for being like the rest of us."

I don't recall the Obamas asking for a "badge," but for your vote. To respect and honor dignitaries is not idolatry or worshiping, it is simply giving honor to whom honor is due, as is written in Scripture. And in some cases, double honor (1 Timothy 5:17).

You also expressed that you wished to have heard about Michelle's father during Barack's father's day speech, yet claimed you were "no more interested in the personal aspects of the Obama family than they are in mine."
(your quote, verbatim).

So, which is it? Are you interested in the Obamas or not, Bee?

Sent by WENDY | 11:13 AM | 8-28-2008

Michelle Obama not only represented herself, but every woman in the United States of America, in an exceptional manner. Her speech was awesome and she delivered it in an astounding manner! I'm looking forward to seeing her as America's first lady! Senator Obama has earned the right to be President which will make her our first lady! Need I say any more! "No way, No how, No McCain!

Sent by Avid Obama Supporter | 11:06 PM | 8-28-2008