From The Cabinet To The White House: The Last Was Hoover, Not GHWBush

Part of last week's trivia question in the Political Junkie segment on Talk of the Nation was thus: name the last Cabinet member who was elected president.

The answer was Herbert Hoover, the Secretary of Commerce who was elected president in 1928.

Robert Murff begged to differ. He's with the RAF at the U.S. Air Force base in Alconbury, England.

He wrote that we forgot George H.W. Bush, who was in the Cabinet as CIA director under Nixon and who was later elected president. But the CIA director didn't have Cabinet status until William Casey (under Reagan, in 1981), so that eliminates Bush as the correct answer.

We are not always perfect, of course. Jeff Rundell of Seattle points out that I once said that the late Admiral James Stockdale won the Congressional Medal of Honor, when it was actually just the Medal of Honor. Alan Layne of Lyons, Ga., noticed that TOTN host Neal Conan incorrectly said the late Sen. Richard Russell was from Louisiana, when of course he was from Georgia. But we do work hard to make sure we are correct, and if we make mistakes, we'll tell you that too.

New trivia question in tomorrow's show.



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