Show Them Your Money

The Republican National Convention is expected to generate a whopping $148 million in revenue for Minneapolis/St. Paul, raising almost $10 million in tax money.

So how can you rip through some cash at the RNC? Here are a few of the highlights, c/o MinnPost's Doug Grow...

1) Zubaz Pants ($30)

Don't remember Zubaz pants? This photo should jog your memory. Popularized by former MN Governor Jesse "The Body" Ventura and buffed-out weight-lifters, the pants peaked in 1991 before succumbing to the grunge era fashion police. But this spring, the official retailer of the convention asked Zubaz if they would fire up the sewing machines again and produce a line of red, white, and blue pants exclusively for the convention. Jackpot! The pants were all the rage at an official pre-convention fashion show. A pair of the patriotic pants will set you back $30.

2) Scotch ($525/shot)

No joke. If you're looking to drop some serious coin, check out the St. Paul Grill. You can buy a shot of 55-year-old Macallan scotch for — gulp — $525. Turns out the owner bought four of the only 400 bottles in existence just for the convention crowds. Anyone who happens to get the last shot in a bottle gets to keep the $750 vessel (and then sell it on eBay a month later). If you like what you're drinking (or you're drunk), you might also consider buying a whole bottle... for a cool $12,500. But hop to it — Grill customers have already thrown back half the collection.

3) Bike ride with Mayor Rybak (free)

After waking up in your new Zubaz pants with a very expensive hangover, consider befriending Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak. He plans to lead attendees on a bike ride to the Xcel Center every day. A thousand donated bikes will be available free of charge. Rybak's office is also organizing a "triathlon", comprised of a jaunt along the river, a frolic in a local lake, and a run around another lake. "I'm going to make those Republicans sweat,'' says Rybak, who apparently enjoys the unofficial distinction of being "America's most fit mayor.''



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