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Gag Gifting All the Way to the White House

Not long ago, the Republican National Committee passed out tire pressure gauges, mocking Barack Obama's suggestion that properly inflating tires could save more oil than offshore drilling would produce.

Today, the Democratic National Committee is firing back with a gag gift of its own: the "Exxon-McCain '08 Campaign Kit," complete with buttons, bumper stickers, and a squeezable stress ball in the shape of an oil barrel.

The gifts were distributed today to reporters covering John McCain. They're meant to suggest that McCain's plan for increased offshore oil drilling—along with his opposition to increased taxes on oil companies—puts him in the pocket of Big Oil.

(Maybe it's just a coincidence, but the hotel where McCain's press corps is staying in New Orleans today is also hosting a meeting of Noble Drilling Services, Inc.)



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Yes it is a just a coincidence...but as New Orleans is purhaps only second to Houston in terms of oil industry jobs it is likely that some oil industry related company meets in that hotel every day. I bet, if asked, the hotel would confirm this and that they are glad for the business...

Sent by John Breed | 3:39 PM | 8-19-2008