Hillary Clinton on Sarah Palin

Hillary Clinton released the following statement on McCain's selection of Palin:

"We should all be proud of Governor Sarah Palin's historic nomination, and I congratulate her and Senator McCain. While their policies would take America in the wrong direction, Governor Palin will add an important new voice to the debate."



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classic sour grapes.

Sent by tpstuder | 4:58 PM | 8-29-2008

I respect and agree with Senator Clinton's statements about Governor Palin.
Tokunbo Joseph Olowookere

Sent by Tokunbo Joseph Olowookere | 5:01 PM | 8-29-2008

I bet Senator Obama would rather have Hillarys response than the one his spokesperson initially gave on Governor Palins nomination. I point out his second response to quickly quell any problems from the initial response from his camp. Hillary remains tactful and proper in spite of what she has been dealt. She has earned my respect and more.

Sent by Shawn | 5:08 PM | 8-29-2008

Well said Hillary!

Sent by Josh Youngblood | 5:11 PM | 8-29-2008

Am I to believe that there is a possibility (should 72 year-old McCain become unable to govern) that this inexperienced person could be President of the United States? We are in big trouble.

Sent by lCatherine Flynn | 5:26 PM | 8-29-2008

It's tough to be proud of something that is so obviously an attempt to manipulate women voters. I don't agree that just because she's a woman, it's an important voice. Palin doesn't seem to offer anything except to aid John McCain in his efforts to appeal to the far-right voters.

Sent by Amy Lamp | 5:26 PM | 8-29-2008

Hillary has to be diplomatic, but Republicans think women are stupid and just supported her because she is female, not because they identified with her ideals. So they name another woman with opposite ideals and think women will just "cow-like" follow the herd, vote for a woman, any woman and never, ever, think. WRONG!

Sent by Kate Quick | 5:32 PM | 8-29-2008

Talk about inexperience in Government ! A pretty face nomination in response to Sen. Obama's call for change in Washington. This reactionary move shows how powerful the Democrats' movement has become.

Sent by M. Poggensee | 5:32 PM | 8-29-2008

I'm very happy that McCain has locked up the Eskimo vote! Vote for Cynthia McKinney - Green Party!

Sent by greg cryns | 5:33 PM | 8-29-2008

Senator Clinton and the Democrats are trying to focus this election on the issues and not on personal points. The Senator's comment is gracious. My view is less so in that McCain has insulted women by chosing an unqualified woman over other choices, e.g. Carly Fiorina or Kay Bailey Hutchinson. In his personal and public life, McCain has a preference for young trophy women over proven qualified women.

Sent by marcy | 5:33 PM | 8-29-2008

All the "pro-life" Hillary Clinton supporters will now flock to the McCain-Palin ticket! What a brilliant move! Though, I'm not surprised that Tom Ridge turned McCain down. Palin has nothing to lose.

Sent by Charles E. Burnham, Ph.D. | 5:37 PM | 8-29-2008

Senator Clinton's statement was respectful and expressed her opinion. That doesn't make her a sour grape. I agree with Senator Clinton. While we need more women (as well as minorities) in politics because their participation is important in an inclusive democracy, Palin will do little to change the truth about McCain's candidacy. Senator McCain intends to keep the US where we are now rather than take us where we need to go. Unlike Obama, McCain is unable to lead the US back to prosperity for all and prominence in the world. Furthermore, McCain's advanced age and past health concerns means that his VP needs to be ready to step in should McCain become ill. Personally, I don't think Palin can.

Sent by Yen | 5:51 PM | 8-29-2008

This seems like such political pandering, to suggest that women will vote for a woman regardless of her record or intentions. Sarah Palin might be a very competent governor but a better VP than say, Tom Ridge? If I were a GOP woman, I'd be insulted.

Sent by Nancy | 5:54 PM | 8-29-2008

I can only hope that the electorate wakes up and understands that the goal of the conservative agenda is essentially to undo all the progress we have made in the last 60 years in the areas of social equality and justice. Conservatives wish to further expand executive power, assault the constitution and incrementally steal away our right to privacy under the thin disguise of national security.

Conservatives condemn liberals as "socialists" but social policies that benefit corporations and line the pockets of the wealthy are perfectly acceptable. They accuse the liberals on the Supreme Court of "legislating from the bench" but do the same by overturning 60 years of stare decisis.

Barack Obama for President, 2008!

Sent by Jessica | 6:01 PM | 8-29-2008

If it were not so very obvious, I am sure that the Demorcrats are trying their best to hide the wide grin (laugh), that is within them now that McCain has lost his mind and chosen a person that he knows cannot lead this nation, and that he tried so hard to talk about Sen. Obama's inexperience, what about the woman Palin. McCain is showing how out of touch, how InSain he really is.

Sent by Rev. Anthony Harrell | 6:06 PM | 8-29-2008

He might as well have asked Elisabeth Hasslebeck of The View to be his VP pick.

Good grief.

Looks like John "Cotton Hill" McCain has finally lost it.

Sent by Pink & Brown | 6:22 PM | 8-29-2008

I'm reserving serious judgement until I know more about Gov. Palin; still my first reaction to Senator McCain's pick was, "Who?" I don't consider myself to be particularly astute - politically speaking - and yet I do what I can to stay informed. Still, Sarah Palin? This is the first I've heard of her. Not a smart move on McCain's part. He has 66-67 days to introduce the GOP to the mettle of the Gov from Alaska; that seems to be pushing limits to say nothing of his luck.

Sent by Sean Robbins | 6:23 PM | 8-29-2008

Granted Carly & Kay B. Hutchinson might have been a better 'experience' choice but I don't think he chose Palin because he needed experience. He chose her for history (the firts Republican VP) and to try to woe the Hillary vote. Also it is my belief that he couldn't muster a solid running mate because everyone on the short list saw the futility of the run. John will be beat no matter who his team put on the field and more savy politicos saw the writing on the wall. They want to gear up for 2012.

Sent by Rick Skillen | 6:28 PM | 8-29-2008

when did Hilary become a Republican? Important voice? Hogwash! Hilary needs to rally her supporters to Obama - not say that those picked - Palin - to get the women vote for the Repubs - have an important voice - I am very disappointed.

Sent by llani O'Connor | 6:48 PM | 8-29-2008

Palin may get extra votes for the Republicans but I don't think they will be from Hillary supporters. Hillary's folk didn't support her simply because she is a woman. They supported her because of her experience, her achievements, her intelligence, her political positions, her goals for the country.

Sent by Barbara | 7:21 PM | 8-29-2008

I cannot help but think of Shirley Chisholm during this presidential campaing. Her spirit lives on in my political heart.

Let's remember her words during this election:

"I stand before you today as a candidate for the Democratic nomination for the Presidency of the United States. I am not the candidate of black America, although I am black and proud. I am not the candidate of the women's movement of this country, although I am a woman, and I am equally proud of that. I am not the candidate of any political bosses or special interests. I am the candidate of the people." January, 25, 1972

Sent by Vivianna Valiente | 7:26 PM | 8-29-2008

As an Azrizona native and a woman of 62 years, I personally, I think Senator McCain has lost his marbles.....she would be one heart beat away from the Oval office and NO experience except in a state with a population smaller than Metro Phoenix....She is certinaly attractive and I suspect as the working mother of 5 good at multi-tasking...but aren't we all if we have had children and careers. I for one would hope that the American people look at this for what it attempt to manipulate women....Shame on you had better female choices if a female is what you wanted as VP ..and those women had serious executive experience gained over many years.This is just silly

Sent by Beth Baker | 7:27 PM | 8-29-2008

Unfortunatley, Palin cannot hold a candle to Hilary Clinton and it is a joke if they think Palin should ever become Commander and Chief- she appears to be a lovely mom and deserves much respect but never the VP or President of the USA. Sorry Obama blew it not chosing Hilary-- seems it may not be worth my using our high priced gasoline to drive to the polls for this one- I have never missed voting in over 40+ years and our country is in such a sad state yet these candidates just don't offer what we really need.

Sent by Mari Solom | 8:07 PM | 8-29-2008

Thank you, Barbara Boxer, for speaking the words the Democratic Party would like to have heard from Hillary today:

"The Vice President is a heartbeat away from becoming President, so to choose someone with not one hour's worth of experience on national issues is a dangerous choice.

"If John McCain thought that choosing Sarah Palin would attract Hillary Clinton voters, he is badly mistaken.

"The only similarity between her and Hillary Clinton is that they are both women. On the issues, they could not be further apart.

"Senator McCain had so many other options if he wanted to put a women on his ticket, such as Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison or Senator Olympia Snowe - they would have been an appropriate choice compared to this dangerous choice.

"In addition, Sarah Palin is under investigation by the Alaska state legislature which makes this more incomprehensible."

Why so tepid a response, Hillary (especially in light of your solid endorsement during the Convention)? Hillary is the one voice with the greatest influence over her disgruntled primary voters, and the Democratic Party will need more than labeling the Palin pick as 'an important new voice' for victory in November.

Sent by Steve Scott | 8:33 PM | 8-29-2008

This nomination is like a female Dan Quayle, but with even less experience...and to paraphrase Lloyd Bentsen from his famous debate with Quayle, Palin is no Hillary Clinton.

Sent by Julie Wash | 8:40 PM | 8-29-2008

Who is McCain getting advice from? Must be the same old Republican establishment--- Act...... React. Act............ React. Act................oh yeah--React! No vision from these guys. What was it Ronald Reagan said? "(sigh) There you go again..!"

Sent by Marilee | 9:29 PM | 8-29-2008

Have read many thoughtful and profound comments. My own thoughts are very jumbled and feelings very intense...

I'm a pro- choice Hillary supporter - who falls into the first of 3 categories (learned this on the news) of Hillary supporters - I'm one of the ones who went, broken heart and all, over to Obama right away. I loved the past 3 days - saw so much positive and strong at the convention. And...

I am stunned at this turn of events. Hearing about it was one thing - but watching now - that's another.

They said that this would bring the 'pro-life' Hillary supporters over to McCain! Could a person who is anti-abortion really support Hillary? I don't know how - and I wonder how many there are?

Could any other Hillary supporter - no matter how angry or disappointed by the primary result - really vote for McCain? To me, it would be so disrespectful to what Hillary stands for -he is the anthesis of what she is fighting for. so could any other Hillary supporter go for the ticket now that he's added an anti-abortion/pro creationism candidate?

Watching this is very scary - but what a PR coup - she really brings energy to the Mccain campaign - and bonus:shock value as this was timed to take SO much attention away from the Dem Convention - so soon after the event ended. It was amazing, thrilling, powerful, motivating, heartbreaking - and suddenly all that is pushed aside by this announcement.

So, gotta hand it to them - they get to promote - and possibly get to be - the first to break the glass ceiling that Hillary got so close to - now they have the potential to be the party 'for change and history' as well... amazing...and oh so slimey... I hope and believe Barak is energized and ready for the tough fight - it looks like the gloves just came off.

I wonder if Hillary is just shaking her "what the f... just happened?" I know I would be...

Sent by Robin Bass | 9:39 PM | 8-29-2008

I'm so disapointed in Hilary's comment today:( If Hilary really cared about our country, she would of slammed McCain's choice for VP. Hilary needs to convince her supporters there is so much at stake by voting for McCain-Palin! If people think our country has been scary under Bush, it's going to be even scarier with McCain-Palin! Think the gap between rich and poor got wider under Bush? It's going to get even wider under McCain-Palin. Does anyone seriously think Palin will be able to run our country if McCain should be unable to? Handle foreign affairs? Do you really think McCain picked Palin for VP because he really thinks she'll be a good VP or because her and her husband will help McCain get richer?Hilary you and your supporters should be so offended by McCain picking Palin. Palin doesn't even come close to what Hilary accomplished nor as intelligent. Not to mention the fact that she is against abortion, even if rape or incest or the health of the mother are mitigating circumstances.

Sent by Randi Renninger | 9:47 PM | 8-29-2008

"Sour grapes"? Sour grapes would be if Hilary said something like, "She's really cute, isn't she? But I've heard butter wouldn't even melt in her mouth". Puhleeease.

Hilary's statement was gracious and kind.

Now, I hope "whiny" Hilary goes after this gun-totin', "WHAT man-made pollution?", let-the-Polar-Bears-eat-cake, flip-flopping (the bridge to nowhere) momma with both barrels loaded and that big neat grin on her face, and enjoys every minute of it.

Sent by Sandy | 10:24 PM | 8-29-2008

I believe it was on North Dakota Public Radio where I heard a story about how "someone" has doctored/embellished Palin's Wikapedia site. I don't care if this is posted - but I think it is a story that should be heard on ALL public radio stations.

Sent by DMF | 10:25 PM | 8-29-2008

It is indeed humorous that the very same people decrying their perception of a lack of experience on the part of Gov. Palin have no objection choosing the junior Senator from Illinois to be President. Mr. Obama has accomplished nothing in the Senate and accomplished even less as on obscure State Senator. Mrs. Palin on the other hand has many accomplishments to her credit in her career thus far.

Sent by Jeremy Ruck | 10:26 PM | 8-29-2008

I agree with Katherine Flynn's comment posted earlier today regarding Palin as second in command....God forbid, if something did happend to McCain. I wonder how she would be able to balance her family obligations with the demands of the Vice Presidency or of the Presidency. Her husband must be a saint. God help us all...our country really needs it.

Sent by Valerie Hunter | 10:39 PM | 8-29-2008

I'm with you. However, I do intend to vote for as many democrats as I can for other counter the possible McCain win. I just can't vote for either of the presidential candidates. That would have been different had Hilary been on the ticket. Obama has blown it all the way around. It'a just really sad. And I'm sick and tired of hearing what Hilary (and Bill) need to do to bring her voters in the Obama camp. Good grief, isn't he suppose to be doing something other than making speeches like he's a rock star?!!

Sent by MA | 10:50 PM | 8-29-2008

As a woman, it is insulting for McCain to offer Palin as a comparison to Hillary. Just being female is not enough. Palin's views are mirror opposites of Hillary's, as evidenced by the far right conservatives swelling to praise Palin.

Sent by Anita Savell | 11:02 PM | 8-29-2008

So, are we to believe that the only women that truly represent the woman's voice are those who only support abortion, who only support gay marriage, who are only aggressive lawyers? How narrow minded are women anyway? ---How does a man who has spent his whole life campaigning and accomplishing absolutely nothing for the good of the whole qualify to be the President of the United States. I stand corrected in that he did act to insure that babies born alive at a Chicago hospital had the right to die because they were supposed to die during the abortion process. Thank you Barack for protecting those babies' right! Congratulations on your monumental success as a leader for our great country!!!

Sent by Debbie Dykhouse | 12:31 AM | 8-30-2008

I am flummoxed by McCain pick for V.P. A Part-time mayor of a town of 8,000? Think of your local small town mayor seasoned with 18 months experience as governor of a state that's smaller than most large cities (48th in population), just 15% the size of Cook County Illinois. Give her a bachelors in journalism, no international experience, five kids to parent. Then put that person in the V.P. office, a breath away from the job of President of the United States at one of the most dangerous and troubled times in human history and you have McCain's decision making powers in action.

Sent by Lee Reeves | 12:39 AM | 8-30-2008

I amso thrilled about Palin as VP choice. I am certain as we learn more about her we will be very pleased McCainchose her. The more I have read about her today the better I feel about the future of this country. Finally a woman in politics willing to stand up for family, and pure great values that this country was founded on! I am proud to be an American and hopefully we will regain some feeling for the sacredness of life with McCain and Palin in office. It is heart wrenching to me to hear women state such sickness about "progress we have made" when they are detailing the killing of unbornchildren. We have spoken of these horrible things like it is just nothing. Sarah Palin may not have the "experience" of Hillary Clinton, thank heavens she doesn't as I look for leadership I look to women like Mrs. Palin who see clearly what is good and right. My famiy is behind her values. I ampraying she and McCain win!

Sent by Chris | 12:54 AM | 8-30-2008

why should i be impressed by this bizarre choice? like a parent dangling a sparkly toy before a baby, we're supposed to be in awe and forget our prior thought? the one where he's old and his attacks on obama are the primarily his celebrity and inexperience? but mccain is perfectly comfortable turning the country over to a beauty-pageant junior governor. look away, america, look at the sparkly pretty thing with boobs!

Sent by Mima | 1:16 AM | 8-30-2008

I am a 27 year old independent and was going to vote for Obama until I heard the news that Mccain's VP pick was Mrs. Palin. I first heard her debate while she was running for governor and I was fishing in alaska, she had a quality that sticks with you. Why is it you must be KNOWN in Washington DC to have a remote chance for the presidency. I believe Mrs. Palin is going to surprise many with her intelligence , determination, and charm.

Sent by Craig | 1:36 AM | 8-30-2008

As some have said, I will reserve my judgment on Palin. It is difficult however for me to understand how McCain can talk about the necessity of experience as a prerequisite to lead the country and then choose someone of whom seems to have so little.

Earlier in the campaign season (it seems months ago at least), McCain made a comment in regards to his VP choice. To paraphrase, he understood that decision for the individual whom he chose for vice presidential post took on a greater importance due to his age. Then he attacks his opponent for not having enough experience to be able to lead this country, going so far as to play negative campaign ads addressing this issue. To then follow by choosing a running mate that seems to share the same attribute, of which McCain has said is a negative?

Unfortunately, the initial aroma surrounding this stinks of politics as usual. I am willing to let political slips pass as being taken "out of context." But it is difficult not to have take a cynical look at the choice of running mates here.

Sent by Justin Baldwin-Bonney | 1:50 AM | 8-30-2008

Why do people feel that because McCain and Palin are Republican then it will be exactly the same as the past 4 or 8 yrs? Why do people feel that the President and VP have exclusive rights to change or not change our country? They are still governed themselves thru Wash.D.C. If we (as a country) feel that changes need to be made then maybe we should start on Capitol Hill and "clean house" completely!!!! The Democrats want someone to BE President who is YOUNG with NO experience. McCain is bringing someone along who may POSSIBLY be President someday!! At least with McCain we can finally have someone in office with a Military background and Palin herself has a son in the Service. They realize the importance of being "over seas" in conflict. Now everyone--put that crap aside and find a way to provide cheaper fuels that can keep us from being dependant on foreign countries AND then make the conversion financially economical enough for the common Joe to be able to afford. Then help stop people from losing their homes. I think we should AXE our Congress and Senate COMPLETELY then remember once again ALL who died on 9/11 so we keep sight of what we're fighting for!!!!!

Sent by Cyndi | 1:52 AM | 8-30-2008

Palin does not have more experience than Obama....If I hear that one more time, I am going to puke you lunatics on T.V. If they are elected, I am leaving America, leaving. That woman sounds and acts like a school teacher or pastor.

As much as we all want to say that only the top of the ticket counts, that is chosen by us, Americans, the people, and millions of votes.

Palin was chosen by one man who had only met with her once out of some sick ploy to energize the right wing and PUMAs. That is not country first, that is me first.

The VP is important. To make light of it is a huge mistake. If you were climbing a high mountain, would you take just one rope? No, you take two, maybe more.

Now, will your back up rope be less strong that your starter rope? Will you climb half way up then use that weaker rope if the other frays or breaks? Heck no, that is just ridiculous.

Don't give me that "Obama Isn't Ready" line either. Democracy chose him and he has built his career and made choices in a way that has prepared him to lead. Palin wasn't even expecting this and in her own words she even said Alaska needs her and that she wouldn't know what she would do if McCain offered. What is that? What if McCain did get sick, hence the need for someone to step in? .....That is the weak rope that will break and leave America plummeting into the dark ages.

See actual facts below
Palin: BA degree in journalism - U of Idaho
Wasilla, Alaska City Council- 1992-1996 (4 years)
Wasilla, Alaska Mayor-1996-2002
Ran for Lt. Gov- 2002- lost
Gov of Alaska- 2006-current 20 months
Mother of 5 children

Obama: Occidental College- 2 years
Columbia U- BA degree in Political Science with a specialization in International Relations
Worked at Business Internationl Corporation
Chicago Community Organizer- 3 years
Harvard Law School- Juris Doctor, president of Harvard Law Review (first year), Graduated Magna cum laude
Lawyer- Sidley & Austin Law firm, Chicago
U of Chicago law School- Constitutional law teacher 12 years,Lecturer for four years (1992--1996,Senior Lecturer for eight years (1996--2004).
Wrote 2 best selling books
Civil Rights Attorney- 1993-1996- Associate, of counsel- 1996-2004
Illinois State Senate: 1998-2004- 3 terms
US Senate- 2004- Current, Committees: Foreign Relations, Vet Affairs, Envir and Public works, European Affairs
presidential campaign 19 months- flawless
presidential nominee

and over 800 pieces of legislation that he's written, sponsored, co-sponsored and voted on.

IN 1992 Palin was a member of the Wasilla, AK Town Council, pop. 5600

IN 1992 Barack Obama was Teaching Constitutional Law at the U of Chicago Law School

In 1992 Joe Biden had been a US Senator for 20 years

Sent by Maria | 2:38 AM | 8-30-2008

Oh Hillary is thrilled! Her congratulatory messages to Sarah Palin is genuine and hopes all those 18 million humans with cracks will vote for Mccain. Only that way she will re run again for the presidency.

Sent by juljul | 3:18 AM | 8-30-2008

I have left Democrat party a while ago. I'm an independent now but a Hillary supporter. I think McCain's pick is an interesting bet and creative. You never know because the last two presidential election that put Bush to the White House doesn't show voters really think. Voters are manipulated by all kinds of sophisticated dirty tricks.
For all the scream about how inexperienced McCain's VP choice is (at least McCain is experienced himself), let's look at the fact, the Democrats put up a weak presidential candidate: McCain policy is so close to Bush and Bush's is widely perceived as terrible, people do want change, but still a neck-to-neck in the poll between McCain and Obama! You would think the Democrats would bag the presidency by now. I have a lot more respect for McCain than Obama because of his achievement. Palin's pro-life stance doesn't go well with me but it might pick up "on-the-fence" conservative voters. This VP pick is a confirmed "no" from me for McCain beside the fact that I'm never fond of Republican policy, but I'm not so thrilled with the other choice either. The country is in a tough time and can't afford to take another risk.

Sent by Smith | 4:16 AM | 8-30-2008

Hilary Clinton deserved to be the next President, but this was taken away from her by a misogynist press. 18 months of hard campaigning, years of fighting the dirty politics and the smutty jokes and the far right has made her a warhorse worthy of every woman's admiration. I would like to see Sarah Palin go through the same trials - I don't think she would last a month. It would be a tragedy to have Sarah Palin reach the VP spot on Hilary's hard work, sweat and tears simply because Republicans have chosen her because they think they will win over Hilary's supporters. She is the anti-Hilary.

Sent by Debbie | 7:07 AM | 8-30-2008

How can anyone question Gov. Palin's experience when she has accomplished so much as an elected official and Barak Obama has accomplished Nothing At All. Talk about being afraid for someone to be a Heart-Beat away from the Presidency! And don't forget . . .even Hillary Clinton said that the only thing Obama could bring to the White House was a speach he made in 2002.

Look again at Gov. Palin's accomplishments. You can agree or disagree with her politics, but you can't disregard the fact that she has proven herself to govern quite effectively. Barak Obama on the other hand has proven nothing to anyone.

If you don't like her politics, don't vote for her . . . .but she shouldn't be dismissed as inexperienced . . . .that's just simply not true.

On the other hand, the more people keep stating these untruths about Gov. Palin, the more Barak Obama's ACTUAL inexperience is highlighted and the more people will begin to become afraid of him.

Think about it.

Sent by Lura | 7:07 AM | 8-30-2008

Perfectly put. Another reason so many Republicans and Independents I know say they would've voted for Hillary. And that the Dems blew it picking Obama. Obama's initial response of attacking Palin's qualifications --which far exceed his (including the few reforms and accomplishments for which he takes credit but didn't really do or was handed the ball forcibly removed from his colleagues on the two yard line and declared as his touchdown)-- was yet another in many examples of his attacks politics as usual, poor judgment, need to copy cat other Senators' positions, have every comment to the press prepared by his marketing machine, and his disdain for and underestimation of women. His second response congratulating Palin is another tiring example of his flip-flopping, have it both ways politics. McCain made a smart and good pick. And she appeals to many Americans. The best part is that having Palin in the mix re-emphasizes the differences between picking a rookie of no accomplishment and a maverick of proven and ongoing commitment to reform. Obama's insult and gaffe only underscored these differences. As did Palin's appealing acceptance speech. The fight's back on --and on policy matters and qualifications rather than personality for a change!

Sent by k | 7:49 AM | 8-30-2008

If Democrats are so concerned about the selection of Sarah Palin as Senator McCain's pick for V.P., they must think that she will strengthen the Republican ticket; otherwise, they would be celebrating!

As far as experience, Democrats can't have it both ways. If Obama represents change rather than experience, then ditto for Palin.

If Democrats think that Hillary supporters will not vote for the McCain/Palin ticket ask yourself this question: how many folks voted for Obama based on his African-American heritage first and his policies second? More than you may like to admit, I'm sure.

Sent by Barbara | 8:17 AM | 8-30-2008

The photos of her with the machine gun reminds me of Patti Hearst. Is this to show that she will be tough on the terrorists. What a relief! McCain's judgement MUST be seriously questioned with this choice. Rd

Sent by R. Heffernan | 8:21 AM | 8-30-2008

Am I the only one who remembers the 1984 election? Mondale might not have done well, but he had a woman, Geraldine Ferraro, as a running mate almost 25 years ago. Hilary must have known this, Ms. Ferraro was working in her campaign.

Sent by Bruce | 8:23 AM | 8-30-2008

I have two words to say to anyone who supported Hillary and is unsure of where to go at this time and they are: Supreme Court - the last two years decisions are so anti-common person decisions I can sometimes hardly believe it. Whether or not you are pro-choice or anti-choice (because pro-life is not what I would term it) there are OTHER issues to focus on - and a Constitution to defend from slaughter. The population of Alaska is 1.2 per square mile, the population of Delaware is 44+ per square mile. And the number of folks up there is equal as one person mentioned to metro Phoenix or Hartford - I am certain that Mayor Eddie Perez of Hartford wouldn't think himself qualified to run the USA. Hillary and Bill have done everything they were asked or could do at the convention to bring her delegates to Senator Obama. Here is my pledge- whoever wins the next election I will work my heart out for Hillary whether it be in 2012 or 2016 as my way of saying thank you. But vote from McCain/Palin??? Not a chance - I'm much smarter than that!

Sent by Keeping the CIVIL in Civil Discourse | 8:34 AM | 8-30-2008

So, let me get this right . . .

Criticism of Palin is that she's too green to be one hearbeat away from the presidency because she has no national political experience and SHE has no experience to be commander in chief.

None of the specifics below is to say that Palin isn't green. But she's head and shoulders over Obama in day-to-day government leadership chops and experience directly relevant to her role as VP (even president) than Obama is for being president.

And even if she weren't, a president in training on the bench and who might never be put in the game is way, way, way better than starting a lesser experienced person and outright rookie in the Oval Office . . don't you think??

OK. Obama is a first-term Senator who, as he did in his State Sen part-time job, has spent his time in DC not serving his office or constituents but rather campaigning for the next rung on his climb--the presidency.

Palin is commander in chief of the AK national guard and visisted them in Iraq more than a year ago. Obama has never been the go-to guy for any soldier.

Palin is a governor, who manages state operations and budget. Obama has never had to sign his name to any goverment budget or manage any government enterprise. Running a small town and then STATE is much better experience than 'organizing' a collective of church activists. And most modern presidents have been governors because they have the mangement experience Palin has.

Palin has, PERSONALLY, been a reformer at great political cost. What other politician can claim turning down $200 million in jobs and revenue to their state handed on a silver platter with no blame to be had because it was the right thing to do and because she is appalled by such blatant waste of public money? As a small town mayor she took on the state party establishment to expose graft. She has been active in passing a state ethics reform bill.

What has Obama, self-proclaimed agent of change done? Take credit for another IL state sentator's ethics reform fight of many years handed over to him just before it passed. And he voted 'present' on so many bills that had political risk. He barely showed up for and played partisan politics with the Senate's ethics reform bill that many others moved forward. Copied a speech without attribution--something for which Biden had to abandon his presidential bid years ago. Broke his FISA and public campaign financing pledges once he's secured the far left vote.

And let's not forget how painfully awkard Obama was and how poor his responses were in the first few Dem debates--before he began mimicing qualified senators like Clinton, Biden, Edwards.

Sure, Obama is qualified NOW to be in the national SPOTLIGHT when he can give prepared speeches and answers to submitted press questions. But that doesn't make him qualified for the job. Just look at his statements about Georgia and Northern Ireland in the last few weeks.

When they say 'national stage' they don't mean 'stage' literally.

Sent by k | 8:42 AM | 8-30-2008

Pro Union - Taking on big oil companies - You might want to see what Palin is all about, do the research, at first I felt the same way as many of the above post. Now, I want to know more!

Sent by Denise | 9:21 AM | 8-30-2008

Simply Stated-----Mccain is BRILLIANT

Sent by marie Berrios | 9:25 AM | 8-30-2008

Palin may have been chosen to energize the republican base, but her choice has fully energized this 60 year old woman to get back on the phone for Obama!

Sent by Rose Adele Arlitt | 9:41 AM | 8-30-2008

While Senator Clinton's gracious remarks are fine for an initial response to Governor Palin's selection as McCain's vice-presidential choice, I hope that Clinton leads a vigorous attack on Palin. Clinton should call attention to the issue of judgment--for an old man who worries voters because of his age, why did McCain pick someone so unqualified to step in as President?

Sent by Ida | 9:45 AM | 8-30-2008

Wow, Democrats are in a panic over this pick. McCain picked Palin because he is a true "maverick" and has found the same quality in Palin. Turns out she has more executive experience than McCain, Obama and Biden. We will see what she is made of in the days to come...but, this looks like a winner to me!

Sent by Spencer | 10:09 AM | 8-30-2008

I am neither Blue or Red. I am one of those independents that both camps are trying to woo. Friday morning I was less than thrilled with all of the "show boating" in Denver all week (I live in Colorado). Then Saturday morning John "Th Duke" McCain come out with both squirt guns drawn and announces Palin?! What are you thinking John? You justg made up my mind for me. I don't need to waste time on the debats or ths inane ads and more. My mind is made up!
To use one of the acronyms from the chat room crowd, the Dems are "ROTFLMAO"!

Sent by Gary | 10:10 AM | 8-30-2008

I am a die-hard Senator HRC supporter. Governor Palin cannot be seen as a token candidate with little experience in a year where the Democrats have forced an inexperienced, unqualified, zero to nothing in a suit on the top of our ticket.

The choice is clear-experience McCain versus abject lack of experience Obama or Soetero or Dunham or whatever alias he is now using since he moved back from Jakarta.

In addition, newsflash all women are not concerned with their uterus when we enter the polls. Many of us are concerned with: taxes, education, homeland security and most certainly not voting for the affirmative action candidate that has run amuck and set we African Americans back 200 years-Barack Obama.

I have spoken with more than 400 Senator HRC ladies and we are all voting for McCain and more of us are out there. Do not listen to the MSM, we HAVE defected the Democratic Party-well at least until 2012 when we can vote for Senator HRC for President.

Sent by Disaffected Senator HRC Supporter | 10:26 AM | 8-30-2008

Excellent answer and so true. She must be in great consternation at the moment. Wasn't this a TV program with Gina Davis?????? (a couple of years back)I have always been confused and our process of selecting the VP .It is like winning the lottery

Sent by Kris Rose | 10:35 AM | 8-30-2008

We as women are NOT that desperate and narrow-minded. Palin doesn't compare to Hillary in no way, shape, or form. I think it's a pretty desperate move on McCain's part to think that such women would support Palin just because she is a woman. I feel disrespected...Palin is a mother of five, one whom needs special attention and is going to need more love and dedication from her...I just don't see her stepping up to the plate when McCain obviously has health issues...I don't see our country in the right hands if McCain gets sick...COME ON PEOPLE...WE ARE SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT!

GO OBAMA coming from a woman in OHIO!

Sent by Akerial | 10:54 AM | 8-30-2008

I am counting on Obama and Biden to keep the national conversation above the level of the National Enquirer and pray that this election is not decided on anatomy. Our country is not in good economic shape, has lost its standing as a world leader, and is not prepared to hand over a promising future to our children - including Palin's 5, one of which is 4 months old. I'm with all the others who have said expecting women to swoon over Palin because she is a woman is deeply, deeply insulting. I am voting for the intelligent, thoughtful, energetic voices I heard this past week. PS- I have 4 children. McCain's pick of Palin displays as much bad judgment as thinking you can go on the campaign trail with an infant. Yikes!

Sent by Patrice | 11:14 AM | 8-30-2008

It amazes me that you people have the nerve to make ridiculous statements like "Sarah Palin is "inexperienced" and a dangerous choice to be one step from the Presidency. Please remember your Presidential canidate "Obama" has less experience and if he succeeds will be the main cheese. You may think that I am a McCain supporter but during the debates this would have been the first time that I crossed my party and would have voted for "Hillary" Not because she is a women but because she has experience and grit. This can be said for Sarah Palin as well. She is a governor of her state. Look it up Governors are the "Presidents" of their state.....Veto powers and mobilization of the National Guard. She is the "Alaskan Commander and Chief"

Sent by Amazed | 11:16 AM | 8-30-2008

This is so Typical of Obamanation Voters,
Obama Campaign calling the kettle Black,,,
Sarah Palin has Has Just as much experiance as Barack Obama if not more so,, Obama has NO Experiance and riding on the Coat tiles of the black Nomination,, There is no way Thay can put her down,, Say she Not experiance because,,Then Barack Obama will have to say since he have 0 experiance what make him so special,
Attacking Her going to be like attacking him self,,

This is going to be good, We finally have a woman to vote for,, I voted for Hillary and like I said I voting for McCain, now that he picked a woman,, more woman voter are voting for her,,,
Sarah Palin will be a great VP,, anyone who says other wise, will have a lot of explaining to do,, Because,, Barack Has NO experiance and he thinks he could be President!!!!!

And Barack Speech was the same old speech he gives Everyone wants change Why don't someone tell Barack Time to get an Agenda, Time to change his speech's he been singing,, getting old,
But then again Only Barack thinks everyone should vote for him
No matter what criminals he had with him,, Ryzko , Who got barack his House,, and Like always,, barack bringing up McCain Houses, how dumb again, calling the kettle black again,, 2 people Rich People,,,1 worth 4 million and the other worth 400 million,, Gee to me and every other middle class in america Rich is rich,, so barack want to get into a pissing match over Houses,, instead of telling the people what he going to do,, He done Nothing every news Media knows he adopted Hillary campaign, Pelosi and Dean And Barack Obama are making Hillary Unite this party ,, Barack Obama won the Primary so why is it up to Hillary to unite this party,, Why are they asking Her,is this all she can do,, it not up to her,, Its up to Barack Obama,, What we have Here is Bush Tactics, they are going to do all they can to fraud and Hi-Jack this Campaign, and rig the election, like they did with Hillary,, they way they gave Obama florida and Michigan even tho Hillary won those fair and Square ,,no Barack wants half after the fact,,,

Well I am glad Hillary is not the vp for barack now she can run in 2012, against McCain ,,,and she can be the first Woman President, But right Now Sarah Palin going to be the First Woman Vice President, who has Just as much experiance as Barack Obama,, McCain Made a great choice,

I guess That greek temple of a joke stage barack made for his speech is the closest he going to get to the white house,,

He Really thinks He is already President, Well at least I did go out and started using barack obama energy Plan I bought a TiRE GUAGE, ,, wow we are saving money Now,
Don't FOR Get BarackObama Seal,, He Stole from commander & Chief Seal, The Man is an EGO Maniacs,,, I am a Proud Democrat, I will not blindly vote for a Man who will Hurt this Country, I will not do it, If Hitler was a democrat , I have to vote for him,, ,NO way No How NO OBAMA

Sent by PaulV | 11:24 AM | 8-30-2008

Palin's choice as VP is pathetic. Biden has done more for womens's issues. I agree McCain has lost it. Does he believe he can attract Hillary supporters and the super far right with the same person? Let's get back to an election focused on the real issues facing our nation, those Barack is willing to address.

Sent by Jan | 12:36 PM | 8-30-2008

McCain's a maverick, alright: you never know what bizarre and illogical thing he's going to do next. Obama doesn't need to make the case that McCain's out of touch and doesn't get it -- with this vice presidential pick, McCain just did it for him!

Sent by Anne | 1:06 PM | 8-30-2008

McCain choosing Palin as his VP is surprisingly short-sighted and clearly reactionary.

1. Women supported Clinton becase they identified with her as a person and a potential leader. Women shared Clinton's views on women's reproductive rights, as well as her position on other policies. Both Palin and McCain believe government should be given control over a woman's body.

2. McCain's choice to use a woman as a tool for advancing his political career is an insult to all women. It is especially disgusting when you consider McCain's record on women's issues and his choice of jokes when demonstrating his "authentic" self.

3. The Palin choice neutralizes McCain's most effective arguement against his opponent. McCain can no longer effectively tout Obama's inexperience without drawing attention to Palin's thin resume. This is a crippling strategic blunder.

4. Palin faces the difficult task of defining herself to American voters in only 2 months (Obama had 18 months to define himself and was still met significant challenges). Palin will be continuously scrutinized and will not have enough time to solidify her politcal identity. Also, Palin will have to address the perception she is only a political publicity stunt. Whether she is or isn't, the perception is there.

5. McCain runs the risk of alienating those on whom he relies for support within the Republican party. Why didn't he choose someone who wanted the job and knows what it entails (e.g. Huckabee, Romney, etc.)? In Palin's own admission, she is unsure of what a VP does.

6. Regarding inexperience, I can easliy imagine Obama and Biden working closely together. If anything happens to Obama, Biden becomes President. The Repubican ticket is an entirely diferent scenario. I cannot envision McCain working closely with Palin on decisions. If something happens to McCain (72 years old with cancer), Palin becomes Commander in chief??? I'm interested to hear what our military leaders think of McCain's choice without regard to gender.

7. The Palin decision does nothing to inspire voter confidence in McCain judgment. McCain was only recently aquainted with Palin. Did McCain "look into [her] eyes and see [her] soul?" This decision suggests significant problems within the McCain decision-making process.

Palin may be all the things Republicans say she is. But, the problem is found in what this decision says about McCain.

Sent by pthesmith | 1:08 PM | 8-30-2008

Reverse sexism - period.

Sent by Francine Katz | 1:32 PM | 8-30-2008

Very classy, just like she always is.

Sent by Obama For President | 2:03 PM | 8-30-2008

Tis a sad state of affairs when a potential president chooses his VP based on trying to aquire a specific sector of voters as opposed to their political policies. In all honesty, what does Palin really have to offer us during this crossroads we face as a nation? Personally, I am still trying to figure that out.

Sent by Cherie | 2:06 PM | 8-30-2008

I supported Senator Clinton during the primaries. But I am stunned by her statement on Gov. Sarah Palin. This woman stand for everything the Senator of New York opposes. How can one congratulate McCain or Palin simply because a woman is now on the Republican ticket.
For more on Palin's qualifications, see post at:

Sent by BrigN. | 2:07 PM | 8-30-2008

Yes, very nice, but we're all dying to know what Hillary really thinks!

Sent by gertrude | 2:11 PM | 8-30-2008

I didn't know there was another Anita Bryant left in this country!

Sent by Genie Joslin | 2:15 PM | 8-30-2008

I expected to see such comments from near sighted liberals regarding Sarah Palin.

Sent by Michael | 2:23 PM | 8-30-2008

McCain does not get it just like Obama said, he is actually thinking politics instead of thinking the well been of our selecting Palin he has said and told American how careless he can be...that is why I am going to vote for Obama...

Sent by mabel raid | 2:29 PM | 8-30-2008

To Disaffected: I'm so glad you are taking a wider view of the presidential candidates, including taxes, education, homeland security, etc. And based on these issues, what is it exactly that attracts you, as a HRC supporter, to now vote for McCain? Those must be some pretty strong convictions you've got.

I think we get a glimpse of how the Clintons blew HRC's nomination: flaming divisiveness in the Democratic Party tends to catch up with you eventually.

Sent by Steve | 2:37 PM | 8-30-2008

This man, Chris, said "pure great values that this country was founded on!" I'm so sick of people categorizing what they think is "pure" and what is not. What works for you sure may not work for someone else; especially on the subject of abortion, or same sex marriages. We need someone, a candidate to see this from a neutral perspective, and not some radical anti- abortion, anti- gay marriage old- fashion way of thinking. If your wife, girlfriend, mistress or whoever decides to keep her baby, she should also have access to an alternate decision. This country and the people in it are not "pure" based on any one person's standard. God forbids us ever knowing what people really do in the dark. I wish we would worry about our OWN families, our OWN country, and leave the more intimate issues with those who created them. I don't recall hearing anything about gay married couple threatening the country or driving planes in to the Twin Towers. Neither have I heard of a teen girl's decision to chose an abortion after being raped ever affecting Bob and Susie who lives across the country. McCain, Palin, get a life. Raising the economy, not having health care, and national security should be on the top of everyone's list republicans, democrats, green party, etc. Please keep your focus on North Korea, China, why we are in such a deficit and Iraq has a 79 billion dollar surplus, bringing my sister home after her second deployment to Iraq, finding a more affective way to bring international scientist along with our own to figure out a way to repair the Earth (the US doesn't live on this planet alone), finding a bio phage component for HIV and other diseases, AND STAY OUT OF MY UTERUS!

Thank you kindly

Sent by KJ | 2:49 PM | 8-30-2008

John McCain has just handed the election over to the Democrats. What a stupid move. I am not a Democrat nor a Republican,but an Independent.

Sent by Gordon G. Thomas | 4:12 PM | 8-30-2008

Sarah Palin isnt Hillary Clinton.

John McCain doesn't understand women.

Choosing a far right wing woman, who stands in stark contrast on every issue important to Hillary supporters won't win him a single state. Not even Alaska.

Learn the difference on the issues, and vote smart.

Sent by SPiHC | 4:21 PM | 8-30-2008

Hillary's somewhat tepid response to the choosing of Sara Palin as McCain's running mate should cause some concern among Democrats. I would have preferred it had Hillary decisively condemned it for what it is....a cynical and desperate ploy to divide and conquer women voters, especially those that are still "angry" at Obama' nomination. While she did the right thing at the Democratic National Convention, the Palin nomination is a further test as to how far she will, in fact, support Barack Obama for president. She can appeal to women voters not to be fooled by the Republicans or she can do next to nothing and risk them prevailing in November.

Sent by Daniel A. Brown | 4:27 PM | 8-30-2008

I do not want to vote for Obama, not because I do not like him, but the country cannot afford another risk. But Macain gives me no choice now.
If I were to choose a friend, I would choose Obama, MaCain, Palin, even Bush. But we are to choose our President!

Sent by ericr | 4:51 PM | 8-30-2008

Brilliant move Senator McCain, the thunder taken from the Devilcats made me ecstatic. God bless America and the Conservatives of our Land. semiretiredjoe

Sent by Joe | 5:06 PM | 8-30-2008

I find the Republican National Committee's and McCain's choice of Palin as the VP, to run against the Obama-Biden ticket in 2008; to be as weird and ill-considered as the state Republican choice of Alan Keyes to run against Obama for US Senator from IL in 2004. I can't help but think that they don't understand that women won't vote for McCain-Palin just because she is a woman, just as blacks did not vote for Keyes just because he was black. For Gov. Palin's sake, I hope that at least she is not as pathetic a candidate as Keyes was. Obama ran away with the 2004 IL senatorial election. I predict he will run away with thisthe presidential election this time, too, in spite of the polls. This choice of Palin, and now the revelation of the corruption investigation in Alaska, shows McCain's choice was purely a shallow political choice. This election IS about the candidate's judgment.

Sent by Traci | 5:14 PM | 8-30-2008

Daniel - I completely agree with you. Notice how Hillary's response pales in comparison to Barbara Boxer's. Why is HRC holding back?

Sent by Steve | 6:15 PM | 8-30-2008

Sarah Palin??? You've got to be kidding me!! Can you imagine her as Commander in Chief? It is certainly insulting that the Republicans think this woman can capture the "Hillary Clinton" vote.

Sent by June Schulte | 6:39 PM | 8-30-2008

It's very interesting and highly entertaining to see the spectrum of opinions here, especially the justifications for opinions that are highly subjective and at times most illogical. There also seems to be a high level of self-delusion, and--I regret--dishonesty.

This country went through the established process of choosing their candidates, and yet some HRC supporters are behaving as if the election was illegally stolen from her.

Why so ardent? Would Hilary have been the WonderPrez some of you expected she would be? Logically, no one can be that kind of Ultimate Savior, and HRC is no exception. Still clinging to this fantasy will not get her closer to the White House. Instead, let her step with great dignity into Ted Kennedy's shoes to become the second lion of the Senate where she can ensure that at least that branch of government will work to keep her ideals on track. Even my life-long Democrat husband, who would have sat the election out if Hilary had been chosen, would be fine with that position for her.

As for the rest, I shake my head when I think about the last two elections. I am Independent, voted only once for the elder Bush until he lost his way, then cringed at the thought of the younger Bush taking the highest office in the land. I've been horrified nearly every day since.

I used to have some respect for McCain, years ago, but no more. My greatest concern is that fear will rule over too many people's choices.

Conservatives wish for a "return" to some odd moral vision of the past and end up strangling the country's much needed social progress. But even the Stock Market doesn't do as well under their leadership. Go figure.

Progressives want to gallop ahead to a future where there actually is fairness and justice and a safety net so that no child will be cold, hungry, ignorant, and unable to develop his or her gifts for the betterment of our entire society. I don't know why, but this scares Conservatives. Perhaps it's because of some of the more strident members of the progressive movement, including but not limited to members of the Democratic Party, turn people off.

But change is inevitable. There are women leaders in other countries around the world. One day there will be one here as well, for better or worse, as is the case each time we go the the polls.

There are leaders with skins of different colors around the world as well. We are a nation of many ethnicities and colors, many even mixed. I suspect that too many people are rationalizing about why they won't support Sen. Obama, perhaps uncomfortable or ashamed about their fear or dislike of his color.

I don't know how some of you came to the conclusions you did, but I know I am inspired by this Democratic candidate for president. I will support Obama, because he is our best hope for working with and for EVERYONE. And I will support him because he gives me hope that our country can and will grow and thrive again in the world community.

Sent by Nic | 6:47 PM | 8-30-2008

John McCain made an excellent choice of Sarah Palin for his VP. This selection secures my vote for John McCain. My original candidate Hillary Clinton was treated unfairly by the media and by her very own democratic party.

Sent by Penny Phillips | 7:17 PM | 8-30-2008

Why dont yall all just give Palin a chance before you jump to assumptions that she is not worthy or qualified.

Sent by Lindsey Kennedy | 7:27 PM | 8-30-2008

Penny - please explain the similarities in McCain's views to HRC's that have caused you to switch your vote to him. Are you really willing to subject the country to four more years of Republican leadership because of your perceived ill treatment of HRC by the Democrats? Your view is as short-sighted as the selection of Palin as running mate, and just as logical.

Sent by Steve | 7:31 PM | 8-30-2008

To Penny Phillips:
Are you kidding me? on what premise would you swing to John McCain from being a Hillary supporter because of Sarah's appointment. Do you not know anything about her positions? Read up my dear. You got alot to learn. Just don't insult the rest of us.

Sent by weeza | 8:22 PM | 8-30-2008

Is Hillary on board or is it about her... still? In God's Name, our nations 'existence' is on the line and yet she has to toss compliments at this crazy woman. -HAS ANYONE seen Pal*in*comparisons photos of the huge stuffed crab on a center table, while she sits on top of a bear carcass?? I mean really. ALSO did ANYONE notice -and PLEASE take this in the right light- how one of other kids held their newborn son--->>>NOT her or the father... I DO find this disturbing.

Sent by Robin | 8:51 PM | 8-30-2008

All of you lefty-liberal freaks are the most hypocritical bunch of folks that I have ever seen. The republican ticket is exclaim how our v.p. candidate is so inexperienced and one heart beat away, and you dont even look and the "thug" on top of your ticket. Barack "Appollo" Hussein Obama. NO EXPERIENCE....NONE!!! Palin has 16 years exp. making executive decisions, she has GOVERNED a city and a STATE in OUR UNION!!! Appollo, the "messiah" has done nothing but surround himself with the most UN-AMERICAN people in the country. Go ahead all of you liberals, put your trust in the leadership of this country to a man who will tell you anything he can to get himself in power. Then GOD-FORBID whats really in his heart come out!! The McCain-Palin ticket is the breathe of fresh air we all need. Thank You.

Sent by jsblackwell | 10:15 PM | 8-30-2008

Penny - As a backer of Senator Clinton, maybe you should have a look at this before heading to the polls. The Democratic Party doesn't have a monopoly on treating the Clintons with disrespect:

Sent by Keating 1/5 | 10:53 PM | 8-30-2008

Voting member of the Polar Bears for Obama

Sent by Cathy | 1:51 AM | 8-31-2008

To be sure Sarah Palin has had an impressive rise in politics. And she is no doubt attractive and well spoken. But will these qualities distract enough Americans from the real issue? Is she prepared to step in as President of the United States as soon as 6 months from now?? I believe that when the glow and the hype dies down post convention, the gloves will come off and seriously question the judgment of John McCain with this, his first important decision as the potential next President. What surprises would he have in store for us with a McCain cabinet?

That Hillary 3 a.m. ad is going to come up somewhere in the next two months and I, for one, would not want Sarah Palin answering that call...

Sent by greg paradiso | 8:05 AM | 8-31-2008

I think everyone needs to check their facts instead of relying on stereotypes. The fact is that Palin has more chief executive experience as a governor than he does as a senator. The fact is Palin has more military command experience than Obama because as governor she commands the Alaska National Guard among other law enforcement agencies. Although I am a life member of the Democratic Party the sexism Obama has demonstrated during the primary election and by passing over HRC for even VP consideration prevents me from voting for him in November. I have since registered as an independent and will look for alternatives.

Sent by DK | 9:50 AM | 8-31-2008

It seems to me that people have the gist here. McCain's celebrity ad let us know what he thought was important to us as Americans. We'll see how superficial American's are when they vote. Hopefully people will go with issues and what is best for the common good of Americans.

Sent by G golly molly | 11:56 AM | 8-31-2008

I don't understand how Hillary supporters can vote for McCain. McCain and Palin are exactly what Hillary is fighting against. People need to STOP voting based on race, gender, and START voting based on policies! Vote for which policies will benefit you! I definitely wont be voting for McCain. We're still in a war that should of never been, and McCain's already releasing ads about how big of a threat Iran is. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? How many countries can we be fighting at once? We are in DEBT, we have a shortage of troops! If we go to war with Iran, there will be a DRAFT! And if McCain wins, I suggest republicans be the FIRST IN LINE TO BE DEPLOYED! Pfft!

Sent by RepublicanswillDRAFT | 2:56 PM | 8-31-2008

For a view of Governor Palin from the folks who know her best - Alaskans:

Sent by Keating 1/5 | 3:01 PM | 8-31-2008

I think that a lot of the comments on here are completely missing the point. John McCain is SEVENTY-TWO YEARS OLD! There is a very distinct possibility that he could die in office and then this WOMAN would be president. Is this something to ignore, demean, or downplay?

The idea that she would be president in her own right is something incredibly significant, given the age of McCain. I intend to vote a straight Democratic ticket, (I despise everything about Republicans under Bush), but I love McCain's boldness in this huge gamble. He can no longer play the "Obama is SO inexperienced" card, but he wins: (1) a re-energized right wing, (2) a LOT of pretty pictures of his vice-president, and all the news that goes with that, (3) an image of "cool old guy" rather than "loser old guy," (4) a demonstration of what his presidency would be like, i.e. iconoclastic, strategic, and bold to say the least, and (5) a young, independent voice by his side helping to shape his campaign. It is a BRILLIANT pick, and it might make him the next president.

Anyone who thinks that a woman with no experience can't run things needs to check out the book Elizabeth The Great, by Elizabeth Jenkins. (out of print, but well worth reading) It portrays Elizabeth I of England emerging as the most important monarch to ever rule England, thereby personally setting up the British Empire. She started reigning in her own right at the age of ... 22!

The trouble we are in right now does not result from George W. Bush's lack of experience. It comes from his lack of brains - the man is the dumbest person we have ever had as president.
I think that history will judge Sarah Palin - not on what she brings to the table now - but what she does with what she's given.

This is a fabulous choice and it completely refashions the Republicans from old fogies and party poopers to the only party that has someone who can go toe to toe with France on its own cultural terms. In other words, FINALLY we have a Jackie Kennedy back, and Carla Bruni will have a hard time taking her on. Any American woman or man who fails to see the significance of this is just not seeing the same picture I get when I look at how this choice has completely taken the Democrats off guard.

Sent by Scott Albers | 3:17 PM | 8-31-2008

john mccain thinks that just because he has tapped a woman, all women who supported Hillary will just follow along??? Come on, Palin's beliefs are no where in line with Hillary's. She is against abortion in any situation, anti gay marriage- ultra conservative. John McCain collectively slapped Hillary's supporters with this choice. God forbid he should die of old age while in office- we would have an ill prepared beauty queen turned soccer mom as president. Sounds like a movie plot.

Sent by drakespeaks | 6:04 PM | 8-31-2008

There couldn't be a more supportive statement... She refers to Palin as an "important voice" and rightly so. Who better to speak for real Americans - a hard working Mother who knows what it means to juggle family,work, and fight the status quo. Good job Sen. McCain, thanks for giving us a real person to vote for...

Sent by ABrandt | 10:08 PM | 8-31-2008

Scott - Yes, the comments on this thread were 'completely missing the point'.

By the way, what was yours?

Sent by Keating 1/5 | 12:22 AM | 9-1-2008

WOW - it's amazin how many people vote based on emotion and not the ISSUES!So many of you sound like you are talking about some high school club instead of national politics. Doing as well as she did in a contest among Democrats does not mean that Hillary could win nationally amoung Dems, Repubs and Independents. A lot has to be taken into consideration when choosing a VP(somebody please tell that to John McCain)- choosing someone who will help win the election is high on the list. There was real concern about how Hillary would do. While it seemed that she "deserved" the #2 spot, they couldn't give it to her if they didn't think the ticket would win. I bet she'll get a pretty nice position in the Obama administration. She definitely deserves it.

Also, I'm tired of folks talking about how badly Hillary was treated during the primaries. There was plenty of bad treatment to go round. But I don't feel sorry for these folks - Clinton or Obama. They are politicians and they have both been in it long enough to know how the game is played!! As my grandad would say, if you can't run with the big dogs, don't get off the porch.

GO Democrats!!

Sent by Em&Lu's Mom | 1:21 AM | 9-1-2008

It amazes me how people complain that Hillary was mistreated during the primaries. Obama earned the democratic nomination with millions of votes from the American people. He worked for every single vote he earned. He just didn't place himself at the top of the ticket.The American people did. They did because they beleived in him and knew he would be a great leader.

As for Sarah Palin, John McCain hand picked her just for political gains. Mccain talks about country first, but in this case he puts his selfish interest first.

Sent by Change we believe in | 4:35 AM | 9-1-2008

I just can't believe how gullible the American people is. Our country is not a joke. Why don't you all put down your Starbucks coffee and magazine to take a trip to Iraq. I bet you will see a different reality. McCain's pick is irresponsible and all about him and his agenda, not the country. As someone who is currently deployed and a woman, I am offended and disturbed.

Sent by eve | 7:59 AM | 9-1-2008

Wow... Nice vetting there, John.

And what does it say about Gov. Palin as a mom to but her daughter through the hell she's about to endure?

Sent by Keating 1/5 | 1:00 PM | 9-1-2008

Is Sarah Palin less experienced than Obama?
Also, do you really think that all Hillary voters were pro Hillary? I know a number whose vote for Hillary was really an anti-Obama vote.
Hillary had better hope a number of her voters vote for McCain. If he wins, she'll have a shot at the nomination and Presidency in 4 years.

Sent by Cort | 5:24 PM | 9-1-2008

Liberals are all emotion, no substance. Obama is a great speaker, yet he says nothing. Obama is attractive, with no depth. Obama was elected to the Senate and began to run for the Presidency.

Palin actually accomplished something by moving from grass-roots politics, to mayor, governor and now Vice-Presidential nominee. Along the way, she actually 'changed' things in Alaska by addressing corruption in government.

Unlike Hillary Clinton, Governor Palin did not obtain her position by leap-frogging her husband's career. Liberals need to be careful attacking her daughter's pregnancy. 37% of all births in the US are the result of out-of-wedlock pregnancies. That's a lot of families that are going through the same thing the Palins are now facing. This a real, qualified candidate, who is also a woman. Not only should Hillary voters be drawn to her, they should recognize this is an improvement on the original!

Sent by Birzon | 9:27 AM | 9-2-2008

If Hillary is so experienced and more qualified for VP than Palin is ...why didn't Obama choose Clinton for his VP and unite the Democratic party? McCain chose an experienced , qualified, tough, smart Governor that just happens to be a woman and this bothers Democrats. What Hypocrites liberals are when the chips are down. McCain did what Obama was too inexperienced to do and that was make a good political and unifying decision for his party and for his country.

Sent by Darnell LemonJello Jackson | 5:45 PM | 9-2-2008


Sent by SUSANNE PORTER | 5:58 PM | 9-2-2008

The issue is NOT her daughter's pregnanacy; the issue is why Sarah Palin would parade this daughter and her newborn son on the campaign trail, exposing the poor daughter and THEN say oh, its the Media/Demsnot respecting the kids' privacy. HUH? What kind of mother/person would do that to a 17year old? This is NOT family values. THis is naked self-promotion and shameless. Who is taking care of the baby? Who will help the 17 year old. This is disfunctional. She knows she is unqualified to be VP; she knows her family will be fully exposed and commented on. And she does it---so McCain can use her gender in a blatent attempt to get female votes. And then she whines that a man would not be criticized for treating his family like this, as though she were a feminist icon. Are women so dumb???? Idon't think so.

The above "opinions" on Obama are garbage. He is an incredibly talented and amazing man. More than this country deserves that is for sure.

Sent by Begonia | 6:42 PM | 9-2-2008

Congratulate them for WHAT, an act of historic tokenism?
Obviously, regardless of who is on the Republican ticket, they (male or female) represent a party that continues to operate WITHOUT a conscience.

Sent by ns | 11:53 PM | 9-2-2008

This whole thing makes me think about how everything seems to revolve around Hillary Clinton - which it should since I believe she was cheated out of the Democratic nomination (although I am supporting Obama). Imagine, McCain chose Palin because she will attract the unhappy supporters of Hillary Clinton who haven't made their choice and McCain can't win without them and Obama didn't choose Hillary Clinton because she would have been too divisive and Obama couldn't win with her on the ticket. Huh? I bet Obama is regretting his VP choice right now. Of course, McCain probably wouldn't have chosen Palin if Obama had chosen Clinton. Could you imagine if it was HRC vs. Palin. Now, that would have been very interesting!

Sent by Al | 1:17 AM | 9-3-2008

Where is Hillary Clinton addressing Palin's rigid pro-life stance and her position against sex education in the public schools? If Palin was a man, Clinton would be all over her for these positions.

Sent by Ellen Cornely | 8:45 AM | 9-3-2008

Many of the comments on this page reaffirm my overall opinion of McCain's VP choice, as a lack of clear decision-making and a desperate attempt to appeal to female voters. However, I wouldn't underestimate the influence Palin could have in this election. It is estimated that about 50% of Hilary Clinton's voters were male and 30% were female, all of who agreed with her politics. The remaining 20% comprised of women voters who supported Hilary primarily for being female. Therefore, it is possible that this 20% could vote in support for McCain. I don't know if this percentage is enough to throw the election in their favor, but add in the devoted conservative vote, and a few closet voters who want confess their support until behind a closed curtain. We may be looking at another republican administration dictated by the GOP and not the GOD.

Sent by Brandie | 10:03 AM | 9-3-2008

I agree that Hillary has to be diplomatic. It is up to US to shake that up. Palin-the-inexperienced is simply a woman - any woman - for the GOP to use to try and grab Hillary supporters and working class whites (and if he wanted a woman, why DIDN"T he choose one with more experience? I'd say it has to do with her "like-ability."). She is heterosexist and "pro-life" when it comes to controlling women (if she was anti-death penalty, anti-war, anti-hunting and vegan, I'd say she was truly "pro-life"). From my understanding McCain is not the picture of health. The idea that 72 year old and ailing Grampy McCain could die and leave her President? God help us.

Sent by Kelly Childress | 10:19 AM | 9-3-2008

Sarah Palin has nothing in common with Hillary Clinton other than gender and being a mother. Any woman who thinks voting for Sarah Palin is the same as voting for Hillary should just become a Republican and get on with it. Sarah Palin is a Republican first, a woman second. That means she does not support a woman's right to choose, she'd rather force a woman to have a baby even if the woman was raped rather than allow the woman to abort the pregnancy. John McCain must think women are stupid and we'll only vote for someone based on their gender. I sure hope Democrats wake up and get out to vote this election. We really need to prevent further Republican damage to this country.

Sent by Priscilla | 4:26 PM | 9-3-2008

I am not even worried about this Sara Palin V.P. thing. Women are not ignorant. We will not vote for her just because she is a women.I know I speak for alot of intelligent women.
Sara Palin got her wonderful little state into a financial mess that left them 26 million dollars in debt, (the black). They had to hire a financial team to pull her out of the mess she made.
She is breast feeding her little baby and answering her phones.How will she do that as a V.P. While it was totaly her decision to keep her child as it should be; I highly doubt that she will be able to have time to care for her infant with special needs.
I think that is horrible. That lttle baby needs her and her baby having a baby needs her too. Where will she be when they have a problem?
She should be a better Mother and think of her kids.
In reading the little boy, Eli's blogg (the Father of the baby)you can realize that no way does he want to be a Father. I guess the NRA is really giving a real name to Shot Gun Wedding. Poor little child he will not be able to play with his friends anymore. The Palins should take care of the grandchild and not put the two kids togeter as man and wife. They are too young and divorce will almost inevitably follow. Come on people Mc Cain is an old man and he probably sits alone at night and laughs at the joke he has plaed on the American people
That is the worst thing we could let him do. I am appauled and really insulted that our politicians on the Republican side could beleive we are so stupid. No one really ever even heard of Mrs. Palin until now except for maybe some people in Alaska. I have never been a die hard Democrate but I will definately be voting for Obama. I will not let McCain pull this crap on me.

Sent by Cathie Hughes | 5:56 PM | 9-3-2008

obama showed no courage not picking hilary clinton for VP whats he going to do when we neede a real leader.

Sent by Arlene | 7:10 PM | 9-3-2008

To Keating:
My point is this: Whether you are Republican or Democrat, Pailn's run is really historic in that she actually could end up being President of the United States very soon (unlike VP wannabe Hillary Clinton and VP no chance Ferraro). Although I will probably vote a straight Democratic ticket, the significance of McCain choosing Palin is tremendous and completely changes the nature of the race itself. Her speech tonight could be one of the most important in American history, and possibly even world history.

If she is able to super-charge the Republican Party and appeal to a demographics which McCain needs, she might personally save the presidency for the Republicans and go on to be President in her own right very soon. All this before the age of 45. Fantastic!

I think that we might be at the end of the American Republic and about to launch into a sustained American Empire under the aegis of (female) Sarah Palin. According to some sources, the City of Babylon was founded by a woman (Semiramis, Queen of Assyria), France was saved by a woman (Jeanne d'Arc), and the British Empire was created by a woman (Elizabeth I). Would it not be amazing that the emerging American Empire is given reality by Sarah Palin?

Sent by Scott Albers | 7:58 PM | 9-3-2008

Come on people. Why do you think the DNC treated Hillary they way they did? Because Bill crossed party lines and worked with the republicans. They didn't want Hillary doing the same thing so the media took care of that. Now they are trying to make Palin look bad. Its about being a woman. Palin is a good woman, she might not have the experience that Hillary does but she does have our interest at heart. She does care about the people and works for the people. That is why we need to support the McCain ticket. Hillary can't come out and say it because she'd be ruined. But you know deep inside she wants to see John McCain get in more than Obama. Obama did nothing but tell lies and take the high road. Now they are telling more lies about Palin. Are there not any women out there that are tired of being shit on... Don't you think its time for us to take charge now. We can get a woman elected.. Its up to us.

Sent by tami | 8:16 PM | 9-3-2008

I agree- it is not a move forward for the Republican to use a woman to get votes. They are still taking this nation in the wrong direction. I don't care if they put a woman who is a minority on the ticket- their ideas are just wrong. And to have an inexperienced governor be the possible next Pres- if something happens to McCain- is just plain scary!

Sent by Mare | 8:59 PM | 9-3-2008

Weak, Hillary! Palin is a lightweight and has shown questionable mothering skills, turning her infant son and her pregnant teenage daughter into arguments for pro-life and her son into a poster child for America's failing wars in the Middle East. Hillary should know that her comments affect gullible Hillary supporters who are blinded by Palin's gender, and should come up with a better response, so we don't end up with an inexperienced "hockey mom" and oil drilling promoter one heart attack from the White House.

Sent by Meg | 10:52 PM | 9-3-2008

I won't be writing in Hillary's name as I had originally thought I would...I am now a proud Independent Party member after 40 yrs of voting straight ticket Demo....I look forward to voting for McCain/Palin...the DNC, obama, and media will never dictate to me. Voting in obama would be like saying, "yes, media, you just TELL me who I am to vote for, and I will do it"...not going to happen with me...and as Ms. Ali stated in her article quickly removed from"there will be riots if obama is not elected"...I say...bring it on! Another proud veteran, hisanic, female, educated, and over 40!

Sent by Syl | 1:51 PM | 9-4-2008

I heard the speech of hers, it was all about trashing Obama. Not a single issue talked about except how Obama is wrong for the country. It was stupid of her to say that she has more experience than Obama. Uh False. Do you count hall monitor in 3rd grade or what. Obama tells different people in different parts of the country, well people have different issues to face. People in Cleveland face different issues that people in San Francisco. I guess we can't have a person that thoughtfully thinks about the complicated issues and makes the right decision. For GOP it is yes, no, right, wrong, but it is more complicated than that. Also, im a male, but I do believe in female rights, and I can clearly see this is a slap in the face to females. Just find female anywhere and say she represents the females of America even though she is against every single feminist issue. I didnt think the GOP would go this low to win an election, but then again I guess I havent seen the swift boat out yet.

Sent by Jimmy from California | 4:15 PM | 9-4-2008

My heart is breaking that these are the two major party candidates...of all the millions of citizens of our great country, this is the best we can come up with. America is better than this...why do we continuously f*** it up so badly? I am at a crossroads; i supported Hilary 100% for President, even before she ever announced running. I am sick of the Obama campaign promoting "change" with no REAL explanation of what this great "change" is to be, and i am sickened by McCain's backward views and especially by his choice for VP. The American people still have so little control over who our leaders will be...we are given the opportunity to choose between the lesser of two evils which are narrowed down for us essentially by big money and political influence...i find that very difficult to become excited about. I was excited about and proud of the possibility of Senator Clinton becoming President of the United i must settle for "whatever". I love and appreciate this country so very much--i am thankful everyday to have been born here and blessed with such freedom--especially as a's about time we had a leader who was good enough for the title of President of this great land--i want a leader i can be PROUD of. Oh, well, maybe in 2012.

Sent by stef | 5:24 PM | 9-4-2008

While reading through various blogs and listening to media, I'm getting the impression that Dems expect bitter responses from one another or they aren't loyal to the cause. Wow, I vote both parties, but sorry, Dems, you are coming across closed minded and hateful lately. When did this happen?

Sent by jean | 7:29 PM | 9-4-2008

Hillary fan I was... Palin fan I am!!! (No fault of Hillary)
I'm another Democrat voting for McCain-Palin!!!

Sent by Sandy | 11:27 PM | 9-4-2008

You people need to wake up ! Sarah Palin has more executive experience than Hillary, Obama and Biden combined ! Sarah Palin will succeed where Hillary Clinton has failed ! She's more of a fighter than Hillary !
Not to mention she's 44. She is the future of the Republican Party. Win or lose November...this woman will be President one day ! Watch !

Sent by Don Hughes | 12:10 AM | 9-5-2008

Please someone wake me when it's over! I can't handle the insult to injury. What an incomprehensible, offensive joke! Any woman who values her own human rights - rights Hillary has worked so hard to uphold should be outraged! Shame on you John McCain and shame on you Sarah Palin!

Sent by D.Martin | 12:19 AM | 9-5-2008

Hillary was graciously walking the fine line between admiring Palin's fighting spirit and warning the nation of the spectacular reversal in women's rights that would take place in Palin has ANY Power to do with it.

Sent by Darla | 10:09 AM | 9-5-2008

Are my sister's out there so deeply hurt that Hillary got Hi jacked by the party you refuses to see another women in the White House? Have you become Martyr's? I am shocked by all the negative remarks Of course John Mc Caine didn't do it because he thinks we are stupid. Except for the person who wrote it maybe you are to think that. I I think your mind doesn't work unless it is open similar to a parachute Once it is open we need to be flexible to the cause not the PARTY. Joe Lieberman was flexible to recognize truth. I THINK THE DEMOCRATES deserve to be ditched for what they did to HILLARY. SHE HAS SO MUCH MORE KNOWLEDGE than Obama I don't even know why she is so loyal except for the fact she will be faulted by the media who were no friend of her's anyway. Democartes made the mistake not choosing Hillary. Maybe Hillary shold be open minded and join Lieberman. It takes balls to stand up for yourself. Staying with the Demmies
after being Hi jAcked and back stabbed Your're martyr being victims WHY?

Sent by E.Cohen | 12:58 PM | 9-5-2008

I am a proud Hillary's supporters.I admire her,she is one smart remarkable woman.some peoples are quick to criticized the clintons,but they are good peoples.even though the media have been so unfair,and she lossed the nomination,I know it must be painful.she is doing everything to help put a democratic in the white house I love hillary clinton,some peoples may not love her,but this woman is simply the Best!!!!! Houston Texas

Sent by bertha doucet | 4:54 PM | 9-5-2008

I find it amazing that Obama thinks Palin isn't experienced enough to be vice-president but that he is experienced enough to be president.

Sent by Barbara Calina | 4:56 PM | 9-5-2008

Actually it will not matter who gets elected...b/c it is time for the democrats and because mainly all in Congress will be dems anyway...even if McCain wins and he tries to vote one of his far right wing republican ways it will get overturned by the Democratic Congress! So, like myself and all others who are aware of does not really matter who wins this election, things will turn democratic anyway...only b/c it is time. As with many of the budget points of order, it takes 60 votes to waive or make a decision. That is why Roe v. Wade Will Not Happen. We can also elect to be out of this war. Those are the reasons why People are Not afraid to go Republican this year...things will change regardless.

Sent by Alan | 5:21 PM | 9-5-2008

hillary shows her pathetic true colors again...not concerned about the country just her own ego..what a whimp

Sent by monica | 12:34 PM | 9-6-2008

I hate to point out an obvious fact, but Sarah Palin has more experience at governing than Hillary.

Sent by Penny Alfonso | 1:54 PM | 9-6-2008

McCain wasn't trying to get the Hillary voters. That is too transparent. He needed the evangelicals (and he got them) and he wanted to have some historical clout as well. No matter who wins, the outcome is historical.

Sent by Independent female | 2:26 PM | 9-6-2008

I'm amazed that people completely ignore Sarah Palin's accomplishments and just how tough and smart and capable she had to be. They're all about words, not actions. Heartbeat away from the Presidency? Obama has NO accomplishments. Running a successful campaign just doesn't substitute for doing things. He may be the first President of a Law Review of note who never published anything. He's an empty suit. A man who gets by on charm and then does nothing with his privileges.

Sent by peter heberling | 8:52 PM | 9-6-2008

The Democrats are screaming CHANGE and offer nothing but taxes and high spending.
Palin is change she is new and fresh and doesn't owe anybody any favors as all politicians do. We vote for them for they say the things we want to hear and then nothing...
Palin is us.. same problems same issues and she has dealt with them. People can relate to her for they feel we finally have a voice.
How many of us vote for our town people where we take a definate hit with realestate taxes and they turn out to be good people.
Think outside of the BOX!!

Sent by Debbie in Jersey | 12:40 AM | 9-7-2008

A republican Woman Speaks Out!!!

As a centrist republican woman, who has been loyal to the party for over 20 years, I am deeply offended at John McCain's choice for Vice President, I though John was a centrist in his views, but yet he picks an ultra republican extremist like Gov. Sarah Palin. How can you consider yourself a maverick when you buckle down to the extreme right wing of the party just for votes.

How can you pick someone in 1, 2 or 3 meetings!!!!
Now this shows an extremely lack of judgement!!!
There are tons of great Republican women who John McCain could have picked, who would have really attracted the independent / centrist and moderate women's vote.

John McCain is a hypocrite: so much for family values
No sex education for our kids, just keeps them dumb and stupid
Sarah Palin is a fraud: practice what you preach.

This year I will be voting for Obama / Biden

Sent by marcy ann | 12:49 PM | 9-7-2008

Sarah Palin never claimed to dodge bullets in Iraq and she won't dodge any from Obama either! I'm a democrat voting for McCain and Palin. Go Baracuda!!

Sent by MaryLou from PA | 3:01 PM | 9-7-2008

The deafening sound of Senator Clinton biting her tongue when she could have drilled Governor Palin is yet another demonstration of what a truly classy woman Hilary is. Hilary Clinton forgot lessons in life & politics that Ms. Palin has yet to imagine, let alone learn. I never look forward to seeing a woman fall flat on her face, but in Palin's case, after her 'barracuda' cutesy attack on Senator Obama, I'll happily make an exception!

Sent by Ceil Greenwell | 7:32 PM | 9-7-2008

Sarah Palin will do the same thing Obama has done IF she has to be president- pick a VP who has more experience. However she has more than he does and she'll only be VP for sure, not the President like he will if he wins. He just chants "change " without defining what that change will be. He IS good at slogans. However, the country needs more than slogans. It needs someone who's not afraid to do what needs to be done and who is not a self centered egotist who's only truely adept at talking. It needs McCain/Palin. DESPERATELY!!

Sent by Gail Liles | 10:57 PM | 9-7-2008

Change! Change! Change! That's right, we do need a change. Change from those campaign ads that keep directing the focus on Bush. Bush is not your opponent! Bush is not running for president! In case you haven't's Senator John McCain and Govenor Sarah Palin. Democrat voting for McCain.

Sent by MaryLou from PA | 12:47 PM | 9-8-2008

As I read through these comments I am dismayed that some folks actually believe that Hillary Clinton should be taking on Sarah Palin...Newsflash...Hillary isn't the nominee, remember folks..the DNC and all the liberal Dems made sure that Barack Obama, the inexperienced, is the nominee..It is not Hillary's job to diss Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin has more experience than Barack Obama and is more suited to be the next President. The Dems not only blew it once, but twice and two times is enough to convince me to defect to the other side...GO McCain and Palin. Signed former Hillary Supporter, Democrat, Pro-choice, 60ish grandmother from Virginia.


Sent by Carolyn Hunter | 1:48 PM | 9-9-2008

After the treatment of Hillary by both Obama's camp and the media, many of us just don't trust either one of them. Many of the women I speak with are leaning more towards McCain/Palin. How the Obama camp and the media dismisses these women makes me think quite ill of Obama. He's not genuine and says one thing to one group and then turns around and says another to another group. A Democrat does not have to vote Democrat- not when we can relate to the Republican ticket more!

Sent by DAnnunziata | 8:53 PM | 9-9-2008

Even if Palin wins (which I hope to God she doesn't), she is in no way worthy of the accomplishment of "shattering the glass ceiling". Those cracks are Hillary's and all the other women before her that actually worked hard for it. Palin's new kid on the block and lucky she is where she is. She has nothing to show the USA for her present work, and those in Alaska don't seem that thrilled with her either.

I am curious to know when Hillary's going to start talking again. We need some strong women advocates to start facing Palin head on without the red tape of PC speak that men are now confined to.

Sent by Katie | 11:46 PM | 9-9-2008

I believe that had Obama chosen Hillary as a running mate, the baggage she brings with her would have contributed to an election day loss.

Obama's current ticket has a better than even chance of winning over McCain/Palin. When he wins, it is my hope he will appoint Hillary Attorney General.

After two successful terms as Attorney General, the country will be ready for Hillary as president.

Sent by Ted | 11:36 AM | 9-10-2008

I saw HC on the news this week. She looked like an Angry, Resentful Woman. Eyes bulging as she commented on Sarah. Nothing like a woman scorned, huh? I watched both conventions. Whatever the outcome of this election, Women have made great strides in both parties. We should be proud of both parties in that regard.

Sent by Annie Casanova, an Independent Voter | 1:02 PM | 9-10-2008

I believe that Karl Rove(or his understudys) must be advising McCain. Rover had somehow managed to get Bush elected twice, that is some accomplishment, considering where we are today. Now there is nary a mention of "W" or Chaney amongst the right. They have a new distraction, Sarah whoever, a FEMALE in the ring with the good ole boys. Now McCain will follow the instructions of the Rover election machine (which incidentally will probably include some faulty voting machines as in the past). All of a sudden you see ads putting down Obama as a tax and spend liberal, while thier own boy wonder has run the country into near bankruptcy. Today McCain tried to take a comment Obama made about McCain's policies (the lipstick on a pig comment), and act as if it were intended toward Ms. Palin. I am quite sure Barack Obama has the good sense and decency to not call the new woman VP nominee a "pig". It's disturbing because the Republicans have attracted some to their base who are clearly reactionary and not especially well educated. They may believe what McCain is saying. That is how they won the last two elections. They are counting on that group for support for pistol packing, preggers for life Sarah. I pray that somehow someone gets through to this group (evangelicals?) and open thier eyes to the fact that the Republicans do not have thier best interest at heart, and that they are being used by the rightm as has been documented in various articles and books written on the subject.

Sent by J. D. Pfaff | 12:58 AM | 9-11-2008

Since the addition of Palin, I have been utterly horrified and completely stumped as to what could possibly cause a Hillary supporter (or anyone who is not from the extreme religious right) to vote for McCain/Palin. Remember what Hillary said, that this is not about her, its about her ideology. Palin could not possibly be further from Hillary's ideology or goals for this country. What, you want to teach Obama a lesson by completely abandoning everything you believe in? Palin is reckless and dangerous and alarmingly without wisdom for what could potentially advance her into one of the most difficult and complex jobs in the human race. With the addition of Palin, a McCain vote is truly one of the most destructive things that an American could do for the future of our country. In the aftermath of the past eight years, how will we ever recover? The short amount of time we all have had to truly get to know her and understand the breadth of her wisdom in itself is enough to call a vote for her unimaginably foolish. And yet, that is calculated too. How dare 72-yr old McCain subject her to us by exercising this political ploy. His calculated understanding of how truly little the American people would consider in her, just in order to get elected at the expense of our country's future, is an example of his gross lack of judgement. He is preying upon our core weaknesses as a culture, and how dare our people not be savvy enough to see its naked obviousness. Wake up America. I am truly terrified.

Sent by A white Hillary turned Obama woman voter and mother, insulted to the core by Palin, Denver | 1:37 AM | 9-11-2008

Democrats out there keep talking women's issues and the party keeps letting you down. The republicans have done the right thing and us women now have the chance to put a woman in office. Women out there are you going to bicker and fight over the issues or just elect a woman and change the world! This is our chance. Or should we wait another 100 + years.

Sent by Kathy K | 2:05 AM | 9-11-2008

Well said by Hillary Clinton...However, it doesn't go quite far enough. Now is her time to step up to the plate and slam the Palin pitch over the right field wall, by being more forceful and persistent in her comments and opinions on Sarah Palin's policies and how they could potentially take our country down the wrong path...Only she can deflect Palin's attention away from Biden and Obama....and she should.

Sent by D. Warner | 5:56 PM | 9-11-2008

Hillary Clinton is the most un-popular woman in America. Despite that fact that some love her, a very equal and determined amount absolutely hate her.

The Democrats acted wisely in not having her as either President or Vice-President; after all, she could not and did not win election to either in a fair and open race.

The main questions now are: Is there anything she can do which would honestly help Obama? and Would she do it given her present frame of mind?

My guess is: (1) There is not much she can do to challenge Sarah Palin because they come at the human heart with entirely different methods and obtain entirely different results, and (2) Even if there was something she could do to help Obama, she is not the sort to do it if there's nothing in it for her.

Sent by Scott Albers | 9:04 PM | 9-13-2008

Obama for president--based on the ability to think clearly and communicate intelligently. Everyone else is pale in comparison...

Sent by J Houghtalen | 8:21 PM | 9-14-2008

Hillary Clinton should be ashamed of herself. Her hubris and overzealousness have turned her into the most dangerous person in this election. May the Democratic Party see her for her true colors and treat her like the pariah that she should be.

Is she actually willing to see this country continue to stay in Iraq, to abolish women's rights, to see the economy continue to slide, so that she can say "I told you so?"

Hillary Clinton is appalling. This isn't a game. This is the future of our lives and our children's lives. She was certainly capable of campaigning when it was her name; now, it seems, it's no longer important.

May every woman (and man) who rallied around her see her true colors now and regroup. There's simply too much at stake.

Sent by susan | 12:22 AM | 9-15-2008

Sarah Palin isn't Hillary Clinton.

The most important line in Senator Clinton's statement is the one most overlooked; "their policies would take America in the wrong direction."

Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton couldn't be farther apart on the issues.

Learn the difference, vote smart.

Sent by SPiHC | 12:45 PM | 9-16-2008

Even though I am a Republican, I have alwyas respected and admired Senator Clinton. Her comment about Gov. Plain only adds to my resect of her. She would have made a great president.... a dream I hope that she can one day fulfill.

Sent by Susan Ayala | 11:25 PM | 9-16-2008

I think Hillary should feel insulted to be compare w/ Sarah Palin.....Hillary its a real feminist (and by the way, very intelligent one) and the other (Sarah) its only a mockery of what feminist are...

Sent by Carmen | 8:59 AM | 9-17-2008

I am curious as to how many feminists feel that "a woman's right to choose" would be ended by a McCain-Palin presidency. I suspect that if McCain and Palin are elected Roe v. Wade will be overturned within two years of the election results. I think that the odds of this are at close to 100%. Does anyone here disagree?

The problem is that if THIS is the likely result of a McCain-Palin ticket, then the Republican Right Wing will be all over it from now to the election. So the left wouldn't want to encourage them.

On the other hand, if this ISN'T the likely result, then the left is likely to be more prissy and finicky about supporting Obama. For example, Mrs. de Rothschild has swung over to McCain, although she previously supported Hillary. In her opinion Obama was too arrogant and unconnected with women to be president.

I believe that this could be code, meaning: I want McCain to nuke Iran, and Obama won't, so away to the Republicans I go.

Everything For Israel and Anti-Abortion are on the right, while Slightly Less Than Everything For Israel and Roe v. Wade are on the left.

Interesting election.

Since the Israel-Firsters are going to go whole hog for McCain, maybe the Left could try: Drop Israel Politely and keep Roe v. Wade. It just might be sane enough to win, since there is nothing at all to gain this year by kissing AIPAC's ass in yet more presidential election.

Sent by Scott Albers | 10:16 AM | 9-17-2008

Obama made a fatal error in not selecting Hillary as his Vice-President, Obama's wife dislike of Hillary, and Obama's lack of respect torwards Hillary, and not trusting Bill Clinton clouded his judgment.

Sent by Anthony Lembo | 6:01 AM | 9-19-2008

I was a Clinton supporter, turned McCain/Palin supporter. I have reasons for each one, mostly to do with experience. I think Senator Clinton would have been a great president. What she had in class and experience, Obama could only dream of having. He screwed up by not adding her to the ticket. McCain will keep the country safe. Obama is an invitation to disaster: we can't afford on-the-job training for someone with almost zero experience like Obama.

I know that Palin has about the same amoutn of experience as Obama but she's not at the TOP of the ticket. Obama is at the top: he's a disaster.

Sent by Christina in NYC | 12:36 PM | 9-23-2008