On the Road

Obama Vows to Help Small Biz, Summit 'Magic Mountain'

Lunch was also on the mind of Senator Barack Obama today. At a campaign stop in Davenport, Iowa he met with a group of about 250 at the local fairgrounds. The campaign said most of those who secured seats at the invitation-only event were Independent voters. There were also some Republicans in the audience.

Anyway, getting back to the food...when small business owner Cynthia Friedhof stood up to ask a question, she noted that she and her husband run a restaurant called Ross's. Obama interrupted to ask what their best dish is. Friedhof said it's the Magic Mountain. "Magic Mountain? What's a Magic Mountain?" the candidate asked.

Freidhof answered, "Texas toast grilled, Maid Rite 'loose meat' on top of that. Then Hash browns. French Fries. With Cheddar Cheese sauce poured over the top."

Obama: "Ohhhhhhh! And then you have the antacid following right up there?"

Friedhof: "You were supposed to come there one day but your plane was delayed."

Obama: "We are going to get there and I will order the Magic Mountain."

(And you thought the end of the Iowa State Fair meant the end of exotic campaign food...)

Friedhof then explained that her husband Ron is on the fence in the election. That he's worried about what an Obama presidency would mean for small businesses. Obama asked her to get Ron on the phone.

She did. A conversation ensued. We could only hear one side of it. But Obama assured him that the two could talk more later if Ron had questions.



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