Obama's 'Maverick' Ad Riposte

The Obama campaign responds to "Original Mavericks":

On the lobbyist question, it should be noted that both campaigns have strict policies regarding active lobbying work. (And also that lobbyists on the whole aren't really the sinister bogeymen these guys sometimes make them out to be.) And don't forget that the Obama campaign has its own lobbyist ties, so it's a little disingenuous to go after McCain on that front. But the familiar 90% statistic and the bite-back on the McCain camp's Bridge to Nowhere claim are both factually legit.

Perhaps the most noteworthy aspect of this ad is the fact that Sarah Palin is in it at all. It seems as if the Obama folks must be taking the GOP base's enthusiasm for her pretty seriously. That can be read in one of two ways: one is that it's evidence of a lesson learned from the Kerry campaign's failure in 2004 — that you can't let the opposition's distortions slide because people might just believe them. The other is that it reveals the Obama camp is really worried about Palin, maybe even more so after McCain's post-convention polling bounce.

An open question: if the news cycle continues to be a referendum on the GOP VP nominee, which campaign does it help?



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I thought "Voter registration, The Struggle in Mississippi" was a far more interesting ad.
Maybe it's because I remember segregation and the way things used to be.
Many things have changed and improved but there's still so much to do.

Sent by Jim Carpenter | 7:32 PM | 9-8-2008

Good. It is about time the word "lie" is used. I regularly curse out loud politicians and news people who will not call a lie a lie. They get letters from me calling them liars when they lie or repeat lies without saying that what they just reported is a lie. Obama has disappointed me with his lies, but the McCain/Polin(Bush with lipstick) camp overflowed with lies written by a practiced Bush lie-smith. They should have been called on it while the world was still watching.

Sent by David | 12:36 AM | 9-9-2008

To answer your question Evie, I think the continued news coverage about Palin mostly helps McCain for the plain and simple fact that it's keeping the focus off the issues. McCain can't offer any good solutions for our problems, so as long as the media keeps focus on how fired up everyone is over Palin, the better it is for their ticket.

I, for one, can't wait for this whole Palin celebrity thing to blow over so we can get back to some discussion about how to get out of the mess we find ourselves in. I could care less about Palin's glasses or her 5 kids. I'm angry that I'm paying so much for gas. I'm angry that it took my mom 4 years to find a full time job and she still can barely afford groceries because everything is skyrocketing in cost. I'm angry that the country I love has become a laughingstock because we refuse to believe the adverse effect we're having on our planet, or because we unilaterally started an unnecessary war, or because we stood by while a whole city drowned after a hurricane. I'm angry that I missed the whole first year of my marriage because my husband left for Iraq 3 weeks after our wedding last September. The longer McCain can keep the focus off of his lack of solutions for those problems, the closer he gets to victory.

So... anyone want to talk about some issues?

Sent by SRB | 8:03 AM | 9-9-2008

The Rovian tactics of lying until the lie is truth (and this is probably giving that bloated idiot more credit than he is due) have kept the Republicans in power for way too long. I'm with David - call a lie a lie and quit pussyfooting around the issue.

Sent by RG, Tampa, FL | 8:19 AM | 9-9-2008

I don't think the democrats are concerned about Palin beyond making sure the record is straight. She and the Republicans want us to look beyond her limited record, limited education, curious articles of faith outside of mainstream Christian thought. By selecting this running mate, John McCain's judgment is rightly called into question.

Sent by Martin Smith | 8:38 AM | 9-9-2008

I agree that it is good to see the word "lie" used. Perhaps it is time for the American people to demand truth in political advertising. If a fact-check ticker ran across the screen with every TV ad, it could go a long way toward forcing all political campaigns to reign in the half-truths and out-and-out lies.
The MSM is also guilty of not challenging many of the Talking Heads on their spin.

Sent by Georgia | 9:04 AM | 9-9-2008

The media cannot allow the McCain campaign to rule it. People NEED to know the truth. I used to be an avid Republican and now I am sick to my stomach at their lying tactics that attempt to sway uneducated voters. I am not saying that every thing that comes out of the Obama campaign is 100% true but the repubs. have takin this to a whole new level. It is really scary!! If the Republicans win I am convinced that we will witness first hand democracy at its worst.

Sent by jen | 9:50 AM | 9-9-2008

This is what I think. Obama should stop campaigning in the small towns. It is a lost cause but he should return to his base, college age students and their parents;the middle class ( $60,000 and below) and those people on the east and west coast.
I have a school loan where the interest rate is 18.5%. Sallie Mae has stop its comsolidation program. I am paying $800.00 a month for my school loans. I only bring home $1,200. My rent not including utilities is $750.00 month.
I want to pay my school loans but I was sucered into the prime-lending school loan program.

Sent by Rose | 10:26 AM | 9-9-2008

Why can't we stick to the issues. I'm tired of character assassination politics. I'm sure that Mrs. Palin is a nice enough woman, but I don't think she's qualified for the office of vice-president. Obama isn't perfect either, but voting democratic this time, I believe, is the best hope for change. Enough about kids and glasses! Like a pervious post said..........Who cares!

Sent by Harriet mallon | 11:00 AM | 9-9-2008

As a Hillary supporter, who was willing to give McCain a chance, I have to say that his bizarre VP choice, the blatant lies coming from his campaign, Ms. Palin's hiding from the press, and the lack of any substantive commentary from McCain on the important issues we are facing, have turned me off.

Sent by Andrea | 2:25 PM | 9-9-2008

As an observer from a distant land, I am struck by the number of bloggers who use the same style and vocabulary that they castigate the candidates they don't like for using. Why can't political dialogue be civil, touched by humour, not so self-righteous?

Sent by Chandrasekhar | 3:01 PM | 9-9-2008

the media coverage helps obama/biden if the media does their job and calls out the lies palin's speech writers keep having her repeat. the media should be hammering anyone who lies, while also focusing on specific policy issues and details. if palin can't or won't start talking to the media, her star power should fall. if the media seems to be attacking palin on a more personal level, then this will help her ticket.

Sent by adam schaeffer | 5:41 PM | 9-9-2008

Tell me, someone, is McCain's Sara Palin nominee another one of the GOP's"Shock and Awe" tactics to distract us from the issues? Personally like like Condi Rice's style--"the Princess-Warrior". Now there is a lady!

Sent by Roxie Teague | 10:36 PM | 9-9-2008

Which campaign does it help? Only time will tell.

Sent by Seth | 12:12 AM | 9-10-2008

Rebuttal to McCain-Palin agents of change message:

[McCain's contention . . . ]

Eight years ago we had an election,
And during that election there was a certain Republican Governor running for President by the name of George Bush.
You remember him, don't you?
And during his campaign he made a certain claim--
"I'll be a uniter, not a divider."
You remember that, don't you?
I'm a uniter, not a divider.
That sounds pretty good.
That makes you feel great.
Well, eight years later we now know what the Republicans mean when they promise to "unite" the country.
And now we're hearing another Republican candidate running for President contend that they're the agent of change America needs.
Well, our country can't afford four more years of this kind of Republican uniting!
And our country can't afford four more years of this kind of Republican change!

Sent by Al Heldermon | 10:41 AM | 9-10-2008